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Drumline (2002)
Captures the Typical High School Graduate's Ego
21 September 2004
Thi movie gave a good presentation of the way every high school graduate feels as they leave one phase of their life to enter another. Every high school graduate, particularly one who has excelled at some endeavor be it extracurricular or academic, has a certain ego about themselves, and that ego has taken over their personna. Drumline captures the feeling of on youth as he must deal with the fact that his ego has now gotten in the way of being able to be part of something larger than himself. Even though he individually excels, he must understand humility, and learn how to be part of an organization. This is a life lesson that he learns while being part of this band and finally understands that his goals and the goals of the band are the same. This movie could be set in any environment, but the fact that it depicts an African-American youth coming from urban life I think heightens this theme, plus the fact that he is surrounded by other African-American students and professors lets him see that success in life is color blind, if one has the guts to go for it.

I think this is one of the better character studies I've seen in a while, and the marching band and drumline setting make the movie that much more entertaining. By the end of the movie, this man, this school and this drumline have all become heroes and you actually can take in the excitement of the moment. Probably not since Breaking Away, have I seen a movie that has captured the human experience so well.
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The Karen Carpenter Story (1989 TV Movie)
A wonderful look back at a great talent
12 June 2004
I've never usually been emotional at movies, but this one requires a box of Kleenex standing by. It is not hard to be carried back to the time when the Carpenters' were at the top of their profession, cranking out hit after hit like a music factory. They had a perfect combination, Richard's tremendous musical genius and Karen's angelic voice. As I watched the story unfold, I found myself remembering this wonderful time and the thought crossed my mind, how many people fell in love listening to the Carpenters' music. How many prom-nights was "close to you" danced to cheek to cheek, and how many wedding ceremonies used "We've only Just Begun" as the wedding dance? That was a special time, even at a time when hard rock and heavy metal were beginning to make a big splash on the music scene, The Carpenters' did not suffer for there share of the music market in the 70's was nothing less than staggering. Anyway, the movie touches on all the technical plus gives you their personal side of the lives of these two icons, and the demons they dealt with, Richard successfully, Karen, tragically. At least, Karen will always be immortal through the legacy of music left behind, and as I've seen it written at her graveside, "A star on earth, A star in heaven."
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Ike: The War Years (1979– )
DuVall got it just right
3 September 2003
After haveing studied General/President Eisenhower for sometime in several venues, all I can say is that Robert DuVall played the part just right. During 4 hours of this film, Robert DuVall was Eisenhower.

I wish this title was available in some video format today, it is a tremendous look at the history of the ERA. The viewer must cut through the love story of Kay Summersby and Ike. Based on all accounts of those who were there, this was a completely one sided love affair. While Ike depended on Kay in many ways, there was no affair on his part.

Once past that, the history is right on point.
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