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15 May 2010
While not the worst film ever, it was definitely not in the least bit thrilling. Maybe I'm jaded, but this sort of storybook 'romance' isn't realistic. Uma's character acting was horrible and for a woman supposedly torn, she didn't pull it off well. Much as I think the fireman is attractive, he went from wedding bells to angry enough to have this thing rigged (is that realistic?) to suddenly drooling over and being in love with Uma's character. Do real men with backbones even act like that? He was a weak character. Colin's acting wasn't too bad, though also fell into what I've seen him do time and again. The plot....was there a real plot? I think my daughter in high school writes better fiction and romance, and her stories aren't romantic.
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12 Rounds (2009)
Speed meets Die Hard, acting could use some work.
10 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
For $5 it wasn't too bad. An enjoyable romp with the family (not little kids) and even more fun afterward in making fun of it. John Cena wasn't too bad in the movie. Unfortunately, Ashley Scott as Molly was horrible. She had such stunning lines as 'he made me say that' and 'he has a gun!' like that was a surprise, Queen Obvious. Her lines were horrendous and useless. Couple of good lines for the others throughout the movie. The villain was fun and probably the best actor in the film. Brian J. White didn't do too badly til the end when he lost most of his solid personality.

In short, not so bad, but the acting sucks. The situations aren't that plausible and just to note, landing from that high up into the swimming pool? That's not a safe and fun swim landing.
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