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Hukkle (2002)
Environmental detail makes a fascinating film
1 September 2003
If you've read the other comments here you'll already be aware that Hukkle is about 75 mins long, visually arresting and that there is nothing spoken (except some overheard snatches of conversation here and there). May I also add that in addition it is also rather beautiful, somewhat brutal (some of the animal stuff bothered me a bit, especially the semi-paralysed cat - which I trust was faked somehow, I hope...) and just when you start slipping into the rhythm of the film the director keeps pulling out surprises to keep you on your toes, or awake depending on your stamina and tastes.

I can't quite see the oft-noted parallels to David Lynch so much as Donnie Darko which seems more like kinfolk to Hukkle. Some will not be able to take the pace and lack of conventional narrative, but if you like something different (and this IS something different) and don't want everything mapped out for you, this could be the ticket.
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Beautiful and fascinating documentary
27 July 2002
This is probably the only Quay Brothers film I have seen that is in any way conventional. I understand it was their segment used in a greater work about art styles. The Quay Brothers explore the technique of Anamorphosis (a type of visual trickery where a picture seen at certain angles can reveal a hidden image that is not noticeable when viewed front on).

As with all the Quay's work the film is beautiful and strange and utilises their trademark stop motion techniques and odd, dusty Victoriana , yet as mentioned, it's a little more conventional than usual. It comes with a charming narration and is an utterly engaging documentary on a fascinating and little known subject.

As an introduction to the Quay's work it is hardly typical, but a good place for the timid to start. Then try In Absentia for something truly strange!
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