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Still The Best
8 December 2003
Once again, Prince proves himself to be the best performer and

the best live performer. In "Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas", Prince

has many fans jammin' to the tunes "Pop Life" and other classics.

This isn't "Sign 'O' The Times" but Prince still can party like it's

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Space Jam (1996)
MJ and Bugs slam dunk in "Space Jam"
26 October 2003
I saw "Space Jam" the first day it was released in November of '96. I was eight years old, and of course like any child, I loved it. I thought Michael Jordan's acting was great and the film was a masterpiece. Fast forward to 2003, and I still love it. Jordan's acting ain't that great but nonetheless I can still sit down and watch the whole movie, and love every minute of it. What upsets me about this movie is that it is hard to find on DVD. I've been trying to look for it for years, but I just heard that it will be released on a special edition DVD. When I get it, I'll probably watch it everyday.

This is a must for children and those Jordan freaks (like myself)

*** out of ****
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Scary Movie 3 (2003)
The third is a charm...yeah right
25 October 2003
Where should I start? First of all, I lost interest for the movie when I heard that the Wayans brothers were not involved in the film. Then I saw the PG-13 rating, and that totally threw me off. I figured I would go check it out just to see how it was. I saw the previous "Scary Movie", it should be good like the others right? Wrong ! Instead I saw a highly anticipated film fall flat from the start. The film lacked the raunchy humor that the Wayans brothers started with "Scary Movie" and "Scary Movie 2". There were only two funny scenes but after that, everything went downward. The advertisements constantly playing the Michael Jackson scene made the scene so corney. I sat in a jam packed theater for ninety minutes just to be bored silly. And I wasn't the only one in theater thinking that way. when the film finished, everyone wanted their money back. This was a big disappointment.

0 out of ****
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Really good
19 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is horror at it's best. It is by far, one of the best movies I've seen this year. For those who enjoyed the original, this one might fall flat for you. But I am a 15 year old, and us teens love movies like this. The film starts off with a newsreel showing the detectives investigating the murders in Texas. In the next scene, you are introduced to the teen characters on their way to a Lynrd Sknyrd concert. They bump into a girl walking on the road. She looks pale and distraught. She begins crying and kills herself in their van. They go looking for the sheriff and the directions leads to the house where Leatherface awaits his victims. The characters in the film are sick and twisted. The one of the best scenes in the film is where we see Leatherface for the first time. It is a very dark film and gruesome. Although the real horror movie fans may despise this film, I had fun watching it and I strongly recommend for all the people like me who wants to see as much gore and bloodshed as possible.

3 out 4 stars ***/****
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14 October 2003
This movie caught me by surprise. I didn't really expect it to be that good. I really enjoyed it and thought that it was fun. It was a great send up to those kung fu flicks. I am not a big Quentin Tarantino fan, I am more of a Spike Lee person, so I don't understand his style but he did a good job. I would recommend this film to the men, cause the women wouldn't be able to handle the violence and bloodshed.

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Pure Fun
20 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Freddy vs. Jason brings together two of Hollywood's fright

masters with a young cast (that includes Kelly Rowland from the

Grammy Award winning trio Destiny's Child). Basically, Freddy and

Jason are in hell. Freddy hasn't killed in a long time and the

people in the town has forgotten about him. The fact that no one fears him anymore makes him weaker. So

he has counted on Jason to kill off some of his victims. At one

point, Freddy gets stronger and Jason gets carried away and

begins to kill too many people. Freddy gets jealous and begins to

battle Jason. Suprisingly, the script really worked for the film. In the film, it is

revealed that Jason has been sleeping for years (which could

mean that Jason X was just a dream, thank god). The film was

also hilarious, Freddy's smart remarks was well needed. There is

a scene in the film where Freddy is choosing to kill either two white

teens or the black female he chooses the black female by saying

"ahh the dark meat". Overall, the film was packed with blood, gore and humor. The

script was good and the ending had the whole theater auditorium

shocked in awe to discover that... wait a minute I am not telling you

the ending. Go see it, it's worth your dollar.

Freddy vs. Jason- ***/****
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Rave un2 the Year 2000 (2000 Video)
Good but cant match Sign O the Times
16 July 2003
I ordered this on pay per view, and I was fine with the show but I expected it to be more like Sign O' the Times. It just cant match the energy of Sign O' the Times. Other than that, it was a really good concert.
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2nd Good Film of 2003
7 July 2003
Along side The Matrix Reloaded, T3 is the second best film of 2003. I enjoyed every bit of the film. Arnold Schwarzenegger was incredible, revisiting his role as T-800 and the girl that played the Terminatrix was both sexy and mean. I liked her character as well. The action was great, and unlike The Hulk, this film gave me everything I anticipated. Oh, and it was worth the 11 year wait.
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Pretty good
6 July 2003
I have to agree with someone that submitted a review for Undercover Brother. The person said that the commercials made it look corney. Yes, I didn't go see Undercover Brother because of that reason, but I rented it and I found the film to be entertaining. Dave Chapelle was hilarious as the militant Conspiracy Brother. It was a suprisingly good movie. Eddie Griffin was also good although I wanted to see the real raw talent of Griffin. Believe me, rent the film at your local Blockbuster or just watch it on Starz!.
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Using Aaliyah's memory for the wrong thing
27 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
** some spoilers**

Queen of the Damned was a disappointing film. I saw it in anticipation to see Aaliyah's last appearance in a film. I also thought the story of a vampire becoming a rock star was interesting. Aaliyah's character, Akasha, had a few appearances as a cold marble statue. But to see Aaliyah in action, you would have to wait until most of the movie unfolds. When Aaliyah actually appears, she gets only 2 minutes in the friggin' movie. The scene where she goes into the vampire hang out spot and kills every vampire in the joint was pure entertainment. It actually gave the movie a boost but before you know it the movie is ending and Aaliyah's character is killed off. Here's some advice, if you are naming a movie after the alias of the character, give her some time in the film. Lestat (Stuart Townsend) gets much more time. They are busy showing how he became a vampire and his success has a rock star. Aaliyah is a good actress, she actually had high hopes after her appearance in Romeo Must Die. In Queen of the Damned, Aaliyah's name is basically used to bring in the dollars and her acting is wasted. This was a poor choice by Warner Brothers and the Village Roadshow production company.
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2 Corny
26 June 2003
My review for 2 Fast 2 Furious will be short and sweet.

I was, once again, wasting my time and my money watching a another installment in the Fast and the Furious series. If Vin Diesel couldn't save the first one, what in the hell makes you think that Tyrese could save this one?!? John Singleton disappointed me the most after making such good films such as Boyz N The Hood and Higher Learning. The sexy Eva Mendes earned the film a star.

* out of ****
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Hulk (2003)
Disappointing film of 2003 (so far)
26 June 2003
OK, I admit. I saw the Hulk on my computer. It was a pretty good bootleg. I sat there expecting to see the type of super hero flick just like Spider Man or Daredevil. But I sat in front of the computer for 2 hours and saw a film with such a great story, drag before my very eyes. The Hulk had a great story and the direction of Ang Lee was perfect. I wanted to see more action. You don't advertise a film with such eye candy. You are going to get the dollars but you will have the audience disappointed. The point is that the Hulk had no real action what so ever. The scenes with the Hulk in the commercial, are the only scenes you see the Hulk at his prime. The Hulk isn't the only movie to succumb to lack of entertainment. Men in Black 2 was supposed to be my favorite summer of 2002. MIB 2 turned to be corny. Queen of the Damned made money because of Aaliyah's name, not the quality. She was only in 2 minutes of the friggin' movie!!!!!!!!!! But anyway, the Hulk gets one star for the direction of Ang Lee and a star and a half for the interesting story.

**1/2 out of ****
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A very good movie
9 March 2003
Hands down, Antwone Fisher is one of the years best movies. Of course, no other movie can touch Spike Lee's 25th Hour (I meant that in a good way). I felt that this movie (as well as 25th Hour) was snubbed in the Oscar nominations. Antwone Fisher was an amazing film. Every American citizen that saw this movie had to be touched in some way. It is a very emotional movie, and made me wake up and realize that life is no joke. Derek Luke and Denzel Washington should've gotten some nominations for this film. Derek Luke was fantastic for a first time actor and Denzel Washington was phenomenal as a actor (of course) and a director. Of all things, Denzel Washington shocked me. I didn't think he would pull it off as a director. The point of this is, I enjoyed Antwone Fisher and I want it to be recognized to the Academy.
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25th Hour (2002)
Fine piece of cinema
8 March 2003
I have said things to people I know and the IMDB users like, "Bamboozled is Spike's finest film" or "Malcolm X is Spike's greatest film". I wanna set things straight right now! 25th Hour is Spike's finest piece of cinema since Malcolm X, Do The Right Thing or Bamboozled. If you people have seen my other comments on this website U know I am a New Yorker. I was born in the Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx.I left the Bronx moving into New Jersey with New York in my heart.Since 9/11, I had a gritty view of New York. New York ,to me, looked like a post apocalyptic city. The days weren't the same, the streets weren't the same, nothing was the same. I just like any other Spike Lee fan was estatic when I saw the trailer for 25th Hour for the first time.I had to mark down the calendar for the release date.When it was released, it was released only in New York and Los Angeles. I saw the film, and I was blown away. I had to see two hours plus of great cinema that night.This was a great combination for a movie.

Usually movies have a good story but bad script (Cradle 2 the Grave), a good set of actors but bad movie (Pearl Harbor). Suprisingly, I saw a good movie with incredible acting. That "F- You" scene alone can out do any great movie. Edward Norton was incredible. That was his greatest movie. Enough with the actors, all credit goes to the greatest director of all time Spike Lee. The scenes of the film all go back to my view of New York, gritty and post apocalyptic. 25th Hour gave the people who lives in the other 49 states a good look at New York. What I most liked about it was the conclusion because it was a typical Spike Lee tradition ,the movie goes one way, the conclusion goes the other. The movie had no real story and turned out to be brilliant anyway. When everything was said and done, all I can say was God bless Spike Lee.
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Grand Theft Auto III (2001 Video Game)
The Best in Game History!
24 August 2002
Grand Theft Auto 3's direction style and gritty streeet violence gives it a guaranteed spot in game history. GTA 3 impressed all of America with it's daring language and witty characters. In this game you are able to do anything but if you want to get from city to city you have to complete missions from gangsters (I did). With the advantage of receiving weapons turning Liberty City into mass hell this game is pure entertainment! Although poltics tried to take this game down, GTA still were selling copies and remained on top.
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xXx (2002)
Move over 007
11 August 2002
I went into the theater not really anticipating Triple X. Knowing

that Triple X was distributed by the same director and producers

as the overrated blockbuster The Fast and the Furious, I thought it

would've been another overrated blockbuster. I was proved wrong.

Vin Diesel was great as the sharp tounge American agent Xander

Cage.His great skills reminded of the X Games or something of

that matter. His ways with women was incredible and other than that the

action was mind blowing. The action scenes were incredibly shot.

I give Rob Cohen the credit for making this but The Fast and the

Furious left a deep scar.

Triple X doesn't exactly make the perfect 10 but it gets a 9 and a

spot in My Movies list.
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A Comedy Classic!
7 August 2002
Runteldat received a lot of horrible reviews from critics and the commercials don't really do a good job persuading people to see Runteldat. Me being a fan of Martin Lawrence I went to see Runteldat. If you saw You So Crazy a early concert film by Martin Lawrence Runteldat would be You So Crazy times two. Runteldat was a great comeback film for Martin Lawrence. After receiving bad press for films such as "Black Knight" and "What's the Worst That Could Happen?" he returns with a great stand up film.

He immediately tells the crowd how he feels about critics and gives some messages to people in trouble and then there is the comedy. Wheter it is about a woman giving birth, a drunk with high emotions or the 9 11 drama it will make you laugh. It has the whole package. This was a really good movie and to see Martin's comeback was even better.
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Halloween (1978)
The All Time Slasher Flick
5 August 2002
Note I didn't say the all time horror flick. I didn't want to exclude The Exorcist. Anyway, Halloween basically is the all time slasher flick.

This film still scares me. The score is incredible. John Carpenter really scared audiences with that Halloween theme. The sight of Michael Myers killing and walking down the street brings that chilling Halloween theme to your head. This film started the career of Jamie Lee Curtis (good job Jamie). The bad thing about this whole Halloween project was the franchise that later grew.

"Halloween 2", "Halloween 3" (Michael Myers didn't appear at all in this one), "Halloween the curse of Michael Myers". The only decent Halloween films were "Halloween H20" and "Halloween Ressurection". The first is always the best. Halloween gets a perfect 10.
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School Daze (1988)
One of Spike's best
4 August 2002
School Daze has to be one of Spike's best films. I really did like the message Spike tried to give to the audience and the cast. This film launched the careers for people such as Tisha Campbell (who later starred in the show Martin), Jasmine Guy and countless others. Spike did a good job setting this up to be a musical. The "Good or Bad Hair" piece gave the film a Broadway musical type feeling. The message played a huge part in the film. With much chaos going on with skin color and such, Laurence Fishburne set things straight and bolted out the words "WAKE UP!". That should be a memorable quote. School Daze is worth every minute of your time. It is a memorable black film.
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