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Pound of Flesh (I) (2015)
Not what i have hoped for
6 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Another Barbarash/Van Damme movie. The third in a row. This time a big difference. It isn't shot in East Europe!! but in Hong Kong. To bad it doesn't show..

Van Damme loses his kidney after a rough night. He wakes up without a kidney.. the kidney he wanted to give to his niece.( but he decided to drown it with whiskey first) A odyssey starts to find his kidney back.

This movie has lots of good action but everything around it is extremely dull.

Van Damme seems motivated but looks terminal and is doubled even more then i could spot in Enemies Closer. There are also some really bad slow motion kicks that came straight from the 90's. The brother seems to have the best acting skills but he and Van Damme have no chemistry. The fight with Shalahvi are great but nothing better then The Shepherds end fight between Adkins and Van Damme.

It was actually a big bore. I already expected this after seeing the trailer. The sets are boring and dark and this movie has exactly the same depressing pace as Assassination Games and Six Bullets.I was glad to see no Van Damme family members this time..

I think Ernie has got the max out of JC these days. Time to move on
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6 Bullets (2012)
Standard but Good DTV
19 May 2012
To be honest, I didn't expect a lot when I was invited for the screening at Cannes. Another Van Damme movie shot in a East European country with the same director of Assassination Games (AG), a good and standard action movie with a cheap look and some solid but basic action.

And that is exactly what you get with Six Bullets but even more. This movie starts of interesting with a big actionscene with JCVD on a motorcycle..and the movie is filled with good directed fights. Joe Flanigan, who is basically the next big name in this movie, is great as Van Damme's co-star. The only thing that is annoying that the rest of the cast is filled with unknowns and Van Damme "talented" son Kristopher Varenberg. He plays, how surprising, the son of JCVD in the movie. Also some of the locations in the movie were recycled from AG. The openingsscene is shot at the same manor from AG ( the one were Scott Adkins kept his wife) It all feels very save (not mindblowing, but very watchable) and it is great to Van Damme doing some action again. Ernie Barbarash is developing as a solid director and seems to get the some good movies out off Van Damme, who seems to step of his basic moves and shows some new stuff. This movie was shot prior to The Expendables 2 and it shows. Van Damme seems to be very motivated. Not like he was in AG. Although his character has a dark secret and is kinda depressed.

Six Bullets is a fun movie. Overall people didn't like it that much. Lots of complaints about the cheapfactor in this one and comparing it to Van Damme's Cannes classic "JCVD". But Six Bullets is nothing like this movie.. It is your standard but good DTV.. Nothing more nothing less 6/10
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