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Dexter's Laboratory (1996–2003)
27 January 2009
Please note that the following reviews encompasses the classic episodes solely.

Dexter's Laboratory was one of the few great cartoons of the '90s. While the standard of quality dropped significantly near the end of its run, it was imaginative and clever. Through homages to many classic films and media, Dexter's Laboratory managed to appeal to all audiences. Children and adults alike could appreciate different aspects of the humor, making it extremely watchable. With the apparent decline of quality in television today, it saddens me that Mr. Tartakovsky's work had to be tainted with the program's final seasons, which I refuse to accept as part of the series, similarly to Rugrats; they completely missed the point, and tried to change what did not need to be changed, including the animation.

Dexter's Laboratory is a series that this generation deserves to experience. Much like the title character, this program was genius.
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Ben 10: Alien Force (2008–2010)
Ben has grown up; So has the series.
8 November 2008
Ben 10: Alien Force, in my humble opinion, is entirely superior to the original. As the characters have matured, the story has followed. The series has grown much darker, and it fits in surprisingly well, considering the general lightheartedness of the original series.

The characters have not only aged, but they've developed quite well with their surroundings. The formerly goofy and energetic Ben is much more collected (aside from the many situations where his powers take over). The villains are much more sinister, but balanced, showing signs of weakness in many situations while remaining incredibly intimidating.

While the name puns are still rather weak, it's a staple in the series, and just feel in place.

Ben 10: Alien Force is one of those rare gems that shows that great effort is put into making every episode. A must watch if you liked the original, worth looking into even if you didn't.
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The Secret Saturdays (2008–2010)
A Huge Surprise amongst a lackluster new lineup
6 November 2008
It started with a viral ad campaign, which left me perplexed, yet intrigued. From the previews and ads, it appeared that Cartoon Network's new program "The Secret Saturdays" could be just what they needed. The subject matter of cryptozoology is rarely explored in children's cartoons, which is what intrigued me immediately. The art and animation seemed top-notch, and the voice work seemed at least decent.

Then it aired, and my expectations blown out of the water. While I noticed a few errors in cuts and continuity of the action sequences, there is obviously a lot of effort put into the animation. The voice acting is borderline superb; the characters are voiced expressively, and they just feel real. The humor isn't wasted, and almost all audiences should be able to enjoy the writing. On top of that, unlike many of the programs that are aired on Cartoon Network nowadays, there is definitely a plot; the pilot introduces all of the characters and the story well, without seeming too compressed, if you will.

So far, this new program is on par with the best action/adventure cartoons of the new millennium, and has potential to surpass them all.

9/10; definitely worth watching, but a few glaring animation flaws prevent me from giving it top marks.
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Total Drama (2007– )
A pleasant Surprise
6 November 2008
The introduction of an impressive array of stereotypical characters began this animated reality television show, the most brilliant and unexpected oxymoron I encountered as of late. There's a way to relate almost any of the characters to someone you've met at one point in your life. Each character is memorable in their own way, if only because of the brilliant stereotyping, or the sheer wackiness of some.

On the "reality" half, there is very little real about it, and yet, it actually feels real in ways. At times, it's a biting satire of many of the absurd reality TV programs aired in the past few years. At others, the relations and rivalries between characters feel very realistic. The only problem, really, is that some of the humor feels weak and forced. On the other hand, some of it works really well.

If only this show didn't spawn so much awful fan-fiction...

7/10, for a great concept and intelligent writing, if weak in the humor department at times.
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Worthy of regard as a stand-alone film.
22 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Please note that some of the content below could be considered spoilerish.

The 2004 version of "Dawn of the Dead" could definitely be a standalone from the original. The similarities I noted in this film to the original are as follows; 1. The Title 2. Zombies 3. Survivors stuck in a mall.

Not only is the movie unique from the original, but it's not close to bad. Many of the scenes become incredibly tense, and the cast of characters don't make terrible decisions that would get them killed, like in so many other modern horrors. The ending was a little bit of a stretch, but the characters felt very real, for the most part, and the dialog and acting were quite good.

Make sure to stay for the credits, too. There's not so much a secret scene after them, as there are a variety of scenes during, which were surprisingly disturbing.

Far exceeded my expectations. 9/10
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Johnny Test (2005–2014)
Definitely for the kids.
20 September 2008
I had recently been watching Johnny Test in an attempt to find humor in it. I failed, horribly. Cartoon Network usually has a tendency to make their shows enjoyable by all audiences, but Johnny Test is "entertainment" in it's lowest form. The writing is incredibly predictable, and the running gags aren't much gags at all. Kids will love it, and that's about it.

Now, this isn't to say that it's all bad. The original opening theme was actually pretty catchy, but for some reason they took the skeleton of it and figuratively smashed it with a figurative aluminum bat. It's a shame, because that was really one of the best things it had going for it.

Some of the characters could be very interesting, in theory. With a little work, the characters could work well together, but they're too one-dimensional. Then again, this makes it easy for the kids to follow.

The pace is a bit too fast as well. The episodes are too busy, leaving little time for clever writing. This is a real shame, because there are so many interesting concepts that the show brings forth. On the upside, however, the fast pace will stop the kids from losing interest, and that's really the entirety of the target audience.

Overall, the show looks very good on paper, but just doesn't succeed in being funny or interesting. This is a show I want to like, but I'm incapable of it. There's just so much potential that isn't realized. Kids will enjoy it, but that's about it.
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Assy McGee (2006–2008)
14 April 2008
"Please, don't kill me! I'm just an actor!" "Can you play dead?" It's difficult to describe this show. It's like a crime dramedy. Where the bad cop is an ass. Literally. What's great about the show is some of Assy's perfectly awful one-liners. Cracking out such gems as "Adios, Blimp," Assy Mcgee provides some great laughs at points. Sadly at other times, the show seems to drag along at a slow pace, making it almost hard to watch. This is definitely the kind of show you'll love or hate, there's essentially no middleman. It's not the best show on {Adult Swim}, but it has some strong points. It's worth looking into just to see if you enjoy it. I know I did.
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Zoom (2006)
25 March 2008
From the back-story explained at the very beginning of the film, you could tell right away "this is going to be painful." Awful, awful film. This was definitely directed towards children, but I don't know what parent would sit through this with their child. The dialogue was awful. The story was unimaginative. It seems that this was supposed to be a comedy, but I had trouble telling. It was... ugh, there's no word to describe it. It's sad, really. I laughed a few times, I'll admit. Well, at the film itsself, not any of the jokes in it. The film itself was a joke. I can't even begin to describe it. I think my brain erased the majority of it from my memory. Avoid this "movie".
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Definitely one of the best films I've seen.
17 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Shaun of the Dead isn't so much a parody of the "Of the Dead" films as some would assume at first. The concept is essentially, "How would everyday people react when the zombie apocalypse happens?" There aren't any dark, mysterious pasts behind any of these characters. They're everyday people, dealing with everyday problems... ...with zombies.

What's fantastic about this film is the way it covers several genres, no matter how unorthodox in fashion. Of course, this is primarily a comedy, so almost every moment has some humor. When everything seems bleakest, there's always something to lighten the mood somewhat, whether it be a reference to something earlier in the film, or something as simple as Ed's "I got wood" T-shirt. There's always humor to it, no matter how subtle.

If you're a fan of the horror genre, this won't disappointed, as there are some generally uncomfortable moments. Still, fantastic overall. If you haven't seen it yet, please go out and rent it, or even better, buy it. You owe it to yourself.
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Unique, exceptional horror.
15 February 2008
This one is all about suspense. It's not part of the slasher genre that has become oh so popular in modern film. Kate Hudson did an excellent job, and in general, the acting was superior for the genre. The pace varies as the film progresses, but it's always fitting. The plot is relatively unique for the genre, though I won't go into the details. Some moments really scare, and even in the calmest moments, the tension doesn't let up entirely. It has only a few moments designed to make you jump, but it's always a bit uncomfortable, because you never know what's going to happen next, and by the time the film ends and everything is explained... well, everyone has a different reaction. I went GASP. I was really uncomfortable after seeing this film. It definitely works. I would recommend looking into this. 8/10
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