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Law & Order: Teenage Wasteland (2001)
Season 11, Episode 12
Law & Order: Teenage Wasteland
9 August 2009
I liked the part when atty. Edmund defending the boy from prison time. And when the judge denied the boy sentence, thats when the atty. asked the lawyer's for help to reduce his time in prison. They made a deal out of court. thats one of my favorite shows on Law & Order. I hope I can watch it again very soon, the atty. made the show very interesting to watch, by standing up for that teenage boy that he believe in, who he had confidence in as a defender. I miss watching it, I would like to watch more of it again, if possible instead of watching the same thing. I want to watch some more because, it makes the show more exciting. I like the way the atty handle the case in court and how he talk the lawyer to reduce his sentence term, and the boy agree to drop his sentence to the maximum.
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Homicide: Life on the Street: Crosetti (1994)
Season 3, Episode 6
29 July 2009
I remember the part when crosetti drowned in the lake. And munch and his partner had help pulling him out. They almost could not recognize him without his badge, when they got back to the department thats when Lewis got the news that his partner had been dead. They wanted to know was his death a suicide or was it a homicide. At first Det. lewis didn't want to believe that his partner died accidentally or a suicidal. But he did not take it very well. So lewis gather all of his belonging and put it to the side for his family member to have for keep sakes. his daughter had arrive and the other detective were asking the daughter about her father, then thats when Det. Lewis came to the car by the department building asking her a lot of questions about her father. Lt.Giardello wanted to salute crosetti with honor and respect, for the dedication he deserve to the department. Thats when he had asked the col. Barnfather thats what he wanted to do, and the col. had said no because his death looked like a suicide. and he said that he wanted somebody to find his body like that in the water. To look like a suicide, that was floating for three to four days.
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The Corner: Fran's Blues (2000)
Season 1, Episode 3
The Corner: Fran's Blues
17 July 2009
I just got the movie and it's a good movie to watch. Especially with Scrooge playing in it, and the rest of the characters. That's one of my favorite episodes on the DVD, because it shows Scrooge performing for Frans on her last day doing drugs, before she goes to rehabilitation center. and sitting in Scrooge car playing his car radio. I really enjoy the movie and going to keep on watching it, until I get tired watching it. I received two of the movies on DVD. which I could've gotten another movies for the same price, next time I get two different movies like the wire or Homicide. The movie put me in the mind of the ghetto, instead they calls it the corner. I've read the book on the corner, now I know who are the characters behind the scene in the movie.
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who killed Deana Watson's
14 April 2009
Thanks for the updates on the real story behind the victim. Because it had no closure on the child's killer, only the suspects, I had my suspicious who might have done it. Which was the last suspect at the end. In the three men Adriena. Now that I know about the episode, of the book that were explained to from by the episode, and not wondering what's missing,I don't have to figure out who might have molested this little girl. I understand Bayliss wanted to closed the Deanna Watson's case so he can prove something to his Lt. That he can handle it by working on it as a primary for the case. It can be hard, not giving up on it to the matter is solved. But the story in the book,is a true story,and they haven't found the real killer yet either.
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Homicide: Life on the Street: Self Defense (1999)
Season 7, Episode 18
Self Defense Homicide: Life on the street
2 April 2009
I really enjoyed the movie with both characters in it. Col. Barnfather and Giardello. That's one of my favorites, one of the finest actor. I can watch it over and over again, because they both are good characters together. It would've been better if Lt. took that offer col. had made about taking that position to be a captain. That could've made a hit. Col. Barnfather is one of the Briallian actor, even though, he does the footage in some of the scene and "Gee" Giardello is there in every episodes. I would liked if I see more of Lt. Giardello and Col. Barnfather more in the future. Giardello maybe called the shouts, but the col. Barnfather have the last words.
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