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Fastlane (2002–2003)
This party is 'Off the Hook'
12 January 2003
This show is simply 'Off the Hook'. It rocks Big-Time. This show has it all. For guys or women, it has the hot chicks, the hot guys, the hot cars, the hot music and the hot dialogue between Facinelli, Bellamy and Thiesan who with each episode are becoming more and more comfortable with each other and really making them seem like a little family unit. Granted it may not have the storylines a show like 'CSI' would have, but it's not trying to be like those shows. It is what it is trying to be. An entertaining action show, to give the people in tv land, what is so badly needed. An hour where you can just sit down and have some fun. I loved this show from the beginning and it hasn't let me down yet. Anyone who does not like this show, simply does not know how to just enjoy themselves. And those people would probally nit-pick about every little thing in any show. Well there is no pleasing everyone.

If your looking for an exciting show to have some fun watching, than look no further. FASTLANE is "A #1"
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Absolutely horrible.
2 November 2002
How can anyone like this film? It's so horrible. The only redeeming quality is James Van Der Beek. And even his performance couldn't stop this movie from being crappy. Characters had little to no character development. Many characters were introduced with no real explanation or reason as to why we had to be introduced to them. Eric Stoltz's cameo was the worst cameo I have ever seen. What was the point? I'll tell ya. There was none. This movie tried so hard not to be another teen-angst movie about kids trying to find themselves and where they fit in in their generation and crap like that. But guess what? It turned out to be exactly that. I felt robbed of 2 hours of my life and the $6.00 I had to pay to see this garbage. If your looking to waste 2 hours of your life, then go ahead and watch this horrible film. But I'd rather watch a Paulie Shore movie than to see this film again. Nuff Said.
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Swimfan (2002)
Most enjoyable movie all summer.
7 September 2002
This movie Rocked. It is the story of a high school boy(Jesse Bradford) who has a wonderful girlfriend(Shiri Appleby), and who is the schools' best swimmer who is looking to get a swimming scholarship. But a chance meeting with the new girl(Erika Christensen) will soon begin to destroy his life.

Sure we have all seen these crazed lover/stalker movies before. But this one is better than most of the other ones that have been made. First off Erika Christensens performance is terrific. There were times when she was so crazy she reminded me of how I feel when I am watching one of the Friday the 13th movies. She is a great actress and we will be seeing lots of her in the future. Also to note, Jesse Bradford is a great up-and-coming actor as well. I recommend checking out Clockstoppers for another enjoyable(and highly under-rated movie) movie.

The dialogue in the movie is very accurate as to how people talk. I have heard many of the lines before and because of that it makes the movie even more easier to believe. The movie isn't that long. It's a fast roller-coaster ride that never lets up and keeps you wondering what this crazy girl is going to do next. Although not to spoil the movie(Warning), but there are 3 flaws that my friends and I noticed that could not be ignored and for that reason alone is why I have to give this movie 3 *** instead of 4 ****.

This movie is an excellent movie for a date or for a bunch of friends to get together and watch. And I honestly can say I enjoyed watching this movie more than any other summer movie that came out this year. This movie kept me wanting more and I can't wait for the DVD to come out. So go see this enjoyable movie.

And Please put my review of the film on the Swimfan page as the first review that people see about the film. B/C having a bad review of this film as the first thing everyone sees does not do justice to this film at all.

Your living legend, Y2J
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Martin (1977)
Over-rated Garbage
17 August 2002
Listen up Jericho-Holics. If you want to waste 90 minutes of your life then go ahead and watch this horrible Romero Film. I am a big fan of Romero and I was very disappointed with this film. I found myself fast forwarding at times b/c this film was too horrible to watch. This guy thinks he's a vampire and his name is Martin? First off Martin is not a name I would think of when it comes to Vampires. Secondly, the first thing I think of when I hear the name Martin, is that Martin is in need of a Y2J-Beating that he will Never...Evvver...Forget...Again! This has got to be one of the worst horror films that I have seen. If you want a good Vampire movie look no further than Lost Boys, Blade, Dracula(the one w/Gary Oldman), or any other Vampire movie that has ever been made.

Your one and only, Y2J.
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Under-rated Adventure Film
14 August 2002
This was a pretty good movie. It had sword fights, romance and plenty of action. And the main character Talon had this cool triple bladed sword. Not sure how it worked but it was still pretty cool. Too bad this movie has been discarded or forgotten. It was worth seeing and I really don't understand why nobody ever mentions this movie when they talk about good old adventure movies. Now we may never see the sequel that it promised us. But if enough Jericho-Holics start complaining then who knows.

I mean Mimic has spawned 2 sequels so anything is possible.

Another Y2J Beating has just been delivered.
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Boring and Slow.
13 August 2002
This movie was so boring. It went nowhere. There are often times where it just dragged. I am not even sure what category of film that this could be placed into. Maybe "Crap"? Anyway, if you really feel the need to waste 90 minutes of your life, go watch a Pauly Shore or Carrot Top movie. The only thing this movie is need of is a Y2J-Beating... that it will Never... Evvver...Forget...AGAIN!
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Power Pack (1991 TV Movie)
Not bad at all
2 August 2002
I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't 4 star quality, but it was enjoyable. As far as I remember they stuck pretty close to the premise of the Power Pack comic books. I think they did a good job. Considering they probally didn't have too big a budget and I really don't think there was a desire or a need in the Comic Book world for a Power Pack Movie to be made back then or now. But if you like Comic Book movies, then this is one that should be added to your collection. It was more enjoyable than some other comic book films such as Tank Girl and any Batman films Tim Burton didn't direct. Dare I say even better than Punisher with Dolph Lungdren. How they could mess up an easy story like the punisher is beyond me. But I won't get into that here.

Your Jericho-Holic has just delivered another Y2J-Beating.
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Adventures in Babysitting (1989 TV Short)
Pretty Good
2 August 2002
I watched this Pilot for the Un-Made series when it originally aired and I liked it then. Luckily I was smart enough to tape it so I watched it recently and I have to say I still think it was pretty good, for being a spin-off of an unforgettable movie starring Elizabeth Shue. It would have been a good television series in my opinion. Would have been better if Elizabeth Shue reprised her role. But oh well. If you like the movie, then you should like the TV Show Pilot.
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2 August 2002
Why does everyone trash this movie? Anyone who has read a Fantastic 4 comic book in their life would know that this movie stuck closer to the Origin and premise of the Comic Book than almost every other comic book film out there. And the costumes were perfect. The THING (Ben Grimm) has to be one of the best translations from the Comic Book page to Film that I have ever seen. And the actors all looked liked the Comic Book characters. Doom was pretty damn cool too. Although I will admit they could have done away with the blind girl(Lyja). That sub-plot just didn't work at all. But besides that, I think this was a pretty good movie. The only people who trash this movie are the people that can never be pleased no matter what is done to make the Comic Book movie as good as the Comic Book. For the budget they had and the whole reason behind which this movie was made(It was only made so Roger Corman could keep the Film rights to the F4), I would say this is one under-rated film. It's way better than alot of crappy Comic Book Films we have seen before. This would really be good on DVD in a nice Widescreen re-mastered presentation. Keep hopes alive.

Your Jericho-Holic has just delivered another Y2J Beating.
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Most over-rated film Evvvvvvvvvvver!!
16 July 2002
This film has got to be the most over-rated film I have seen. First off, this film is way too drawn out. Kubrick could have cut 30 or maybe even upwards of 50 minutes off this film and presented it as some short-film, at some sundance arts film festival or what-not.

What is everyone talking about? I am pretty open minded when it comes to viewing new and old movies, but I just couldn't stand to watch this movie.

True I did not grow up in that generation, at the time the movie came out, but I have asked people who have, and they say that it really wasn't that great. So I am not the only Jericho-Holic out there with this same opinion. This movie really has to be appreciated for what it really is. 2 hours and 11 minutes of your life, that you will NEVER, EVVVVVVVVVVER, GET BACK, AGAIN!!!
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Truly Underrated. A Great Horror Film.
15 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
By far, the best sequel to the Original TCM. This sequel is truly great. I think it is one of the last good horror movies to be made. And if anyone has seen the trailor, then you would agree that the it also had one of the best trailors made for a movie. It came out in 1990 but it sure felt like a good horror movie of the 80's. Not this lame stuff we get nowadays like Jeepers Creepers, Wishmaster, Soul Survivors or Scream 2 and 3. There are plenty more horrible horror movies as of late, but the list would be too long.


This movie shows us more about Leatherface than any of the other TCM films. It also has those scenes that make you squirm in your chair because you can't imagine how disturbing something like this would be if it were to really happen. But by far, this film had one of the most memorable lines I have heard in a horror movie. It occurs towards the end so I won't mention it. But it is good.


So I highly reccomend anyone who hasn't seen this movie to go out and get your hands on this great film. If you can, try to make sure you get the UNCUT VERSION. The UNCUT VERSION is how it should have been released in theatres. The only thing I can't understand is why this has not been put on DVD. But instead we get the HELLA-LAME, ULTRA-CRAPPY TCM4 on DVD? Makes no sense. This is the only one of the series that has yet to see the light of day on DVD. Hopefully we won't have to wait long.

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