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Slaughter (I) (2009)
it's okay
14 August 2009
This movie is okay. It's not a gore fest, and it's not a heart-pounding thriller. However, it has some blood and violence in the end. It's kind of slow moving, though, and the ending, while climatic, doesn't keep the viewer on the edge of his/her seat. But, the ending does have an interesting twist.

The two lead actresses are okay. I give them a six out of ten for acting skills, but they get a ten out of ten for being gorgeous, which is pretty much mandatory in a horror movie. Both characters build a decent story for themselves which certainly helps the movie progress. Supporting actors don't provide much for story development, with the exception of the youngest brother. His acting/character is actually the best of all of them, in my opinion.

Camera work, lighting and sound are all okay, except for a couple parts in the slaughterhouse, when the lighting could've been a little better. Scenery doesn't offer much to look at, but there aren't any wide shots of the land, either. All of the shots are done on the farm property, in the city or in a building somewhere. There are some errors in continuity, but they aren't bad enough to interrupt the story development.

All in all, it's not a waste of time to watch this movie, but it won't be the best one you've ever seen.
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Hollow (2007)
it's a good one
30 March 2009
This is a good short-film. It contains the necessary "ingredients" that are required to make a suspense, thriller, or horror movie. I found it in the thriller category at ITunes, but it could go in horror, too. Anyways, whether it's thriller or horror doesn't matter because it's sure enough scary. The main ingredient that makes any movie of any genre a good one is the music, and the music in Hollow is timed perfectly to make anybody jump, and then, other times, it's just right to give you goosebumps and make you wonder what's coming in the next scene. Next, the lighting is done well, although at times I thought it might have been a little dark, but I soon realized the darkness was appropriate for the scene. The actors all do very well. Caulfield won an award for her role, Crawford did well in his supporting role, and Israel did very well in a role that I think challenges for the lead.

One slightly obscure part to the plot is the undeveloped storyline for the red door and for the scene in the dining room. However, the suspense around the door is a major factor in the movie. I'd just like for a good scary storyline to be written and made into a full-length movie. All in all, this is just a plain 'ole good scary film. No CGI, high-action effects or heavy gore. It's just good and scary. Similar in ways to full-length psychological thrillers like "Jacobs Ladder", "The Ring", etc.
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Drive Thru (2007)
fun slasher
29 January 2008
I found this movie in the free movie database on our digital t.v. service. This is just a fun slasher movie. The slash-metal music that accompanies the kills is different than other slasher movie music, and in a good way. It complements the brutality of the murders. The dialogue for the first scene of the movie was a little annoying, but it improved as the movie progressed. I enjoyed the amusing character played by Larry Joe Campbell, and of course the leading actress, Leighton Meester, was looking very hot. There was actually a pretty good plot line for the movie to build around, and some of the murders were original for this genre of movie. All in all, I give it an eight out of ten stars. Good music, plenty blood and gore, hot girls, descent acting by the front actors, a little humor, and a bad@ss clown make for an enjoyable slasher movie.
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Werewolf (1987–1988)
29 January 2008
After recently discovering a short-lived show called "Wolf Lake", I began reminiscing about the best werewolf show that I can remember as a series on television. I miss this show "Werewolf". I remember watching this show on USA on Friday or Saturday nights. It was either preceded by or followed by another great show called "The Hitchhiker". These two shows made for one heck of a night of television watching for not only a young teenage boy (me), but for anybody who enjoys supernatural monsters (i.e. werewolves) and thrilling tales of fantasy. I thought the werewolves on this show were the most vicious, coolest looking werewolves that I had seen yet. And while the pentagram on the palm doesn't go with traditional folklore, I like it. This is definitely a show that I yearn to see as reruns on cable t.v, or better yet, picked up by a network and continued where it left off.
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