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An utter failure
28 January 2008
The first live action Astérix film was terrible, an atrocity of mammoth proportions. The second one was a marked improvement with Jamel Debbouze's comic timing and the exotic locale. It still paled in comparison to Albert Goscinny & René Uderzo's classic comic books, but an improvement nonetheless. Hopefully the upward trend would have carried on, right? No, it doesn't because Astérix at the Oympic games which the third in the series doesn't even measure up to the crappy standards of the first one.

The new Astérix actor is hopelessly out of touch with the comic book Astérix. Gérard Depardieu is on the button as usual, but it takes two hands to clap. The celebrity cameos are worthless and only make the whole thing more tedious. The humor is very childish and in-your-face rather than subtle. Even with the huge budget, the special effects don't live up to the hype. I just hope they stop making these substandard live-action films and stop ruining the legacy of Astérix.
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