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Cooper is super!!!
31 May 2008
First of all... If you're into super blockbuster flicks that take you into a world that you just don't want to leave... see this movie! This epic flick puts together all of the greatest genres (including porn)and should be ranked among the likes of the godfather and raiders of the lost ark!! The acting was incredible (especially by the girls if you catch my drift tehe) If you're into movies such as Star Wars, The terminator series, and Lord of the rings, this movie is for especially for you.

I recommend this movie too all ages. Not only because it is wholesome, but it is also filled with good morals, and can support a great childhood upbringing
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OMG how much better could it be?
22 April 2008
first things first... WOW what a movie!

Paris Hilton again amazes the audience with a truly masterful performance. she shows us why she has the determination and the talent to become one of Hollywood's finest actresses.

next, i'd like to congratulate tom Putnam for showing us that he has the leadership and skill to rise among the ranks of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

i can't remember the last time i laughed throughout the entirety of a film. this movie gets two big thumbs up for originality, and the best acting in 2008 so far. move aside Indiana Jones, make way for one of the all time greats in the movie industry.

cheers Paris
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Iron Man (2008)
Film That Lives Up To Its Hype And The Expectations Of Comic Readers
16 April 2008
As an avid reader of the Iron Man comics, I was excited but also very scared that this movie would flop.

While Robert Downey is not the biggest name in Hollywood, he plays the part perfectly and I was greatly impressed by how he portrayed Iron Man so well.

The humor works well for this film also. It's well-written and has a great cast.

What impressed me the most was the CGI! They're breath-taking, but aren't distracting enough to let you miss the finer points of this movie.

In conclusion, while not perfect, Iron Man lives up to its hype and my expectations as a reader of the comic.
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