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Zapped Again! (1990 Video)
Simplistic entertainment at its best.
30 June 2002
This is your brain. This is your brain on prune juice. A lot of people hate this movie, but it offers entertainment of the mindless kind! And it's good for that purpose. I saw it when I was teenager (I'm 24 now) and it has been a classic between my homies and I. Buddah help you if you don't like this film when I show it to you (GET OUT)!;-) I worry about people who dislike it so much. It means they are too serious. I suppose you need to be in the mind frame of a kid to really enjoy it, without jaded sexual expectations (and weirdoes, don't rent/buy this movie if you're just horny). Not the typical eighties sex fest. Rent it or buy it just to see the stupid mistakes (they are unreal) and the endless jokes you can get from it. Classic! It's genius. So bad it's good. For instance, when they have the super cheesy 13th annual penguin run, then they say the key club has held the title since the 40's or something, IT JUST DOESN'T ADD UP! and its GREAT! Or when they lock doors and three seconds later they just pop open. HILARIOUS, because it's not intentional!!! C'mon now! If you cant find humor here, you are DEAD or just too damn serious. Don't expect an award winning script, it's about prune juice and telekinesis!!!!!
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