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'The D' are indeed the greatest band on earth...
5 July 2002
Tenacious D recently has achieved a mainstream following through it's latest single 'Tribute' (receiving high rotations on MTV, and international stations such as Channel [V] in Australia), but what the everyday casual listener may not realise is the fact that the roots of Tenacious D were firmly planted long before the song graced international shores.

After some digging, I happened to come across a collection of episodes. Even though the CD was my introduction to the band, all fans need to see the shows to even grasp the genius the is 'the D'.

Of course, the show isn't just for fans. The series is a comedic delight in it's own right, outlining the very real struggle of an unsigned act, trying to make it big in the music industry and the struggles that come with it. New fans of the D who have heard the music will defiantly get a kick out of seeing the back stories behind some of the songs such as 'Lee' and 'Tribute'.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass are a great team, music wise and acting, perhaps because of the fact that they are playing themselves, and the elements of the Tenacious D story are autobiographical in nature.

Of course, Tenacious D aren't for every. Those who do not appreciate the comic stylings of the almighty Jack Black will probably not enjoy the show or the music. With that said, almost everyone with a sense of humour should be able to get a kick out of 'the D' in some way, whether through their music or acting.

The series is a must-see if not only for musicians, but also comedy lovers as well, and of course, new fans of the D.
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