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Favorite Live-Action Scooby Movie
14 September 2009
I must admit, out of the three live-action Scooby movies so far, this one has proved to be the best for me. I thought the script was much better done this time around and the throwbacks and inside jokes were kept to a minimum.

Ten minutes into the film, I stopped noticing that Fred didn't have blonde hair and Velma was Asian so I didn't find those choices distracting. Shaggy's voice was okay, but it had a lower register that wasn't quite there and occasionally DID distract me from the movie as I tried to envision how it SHOULD have sounded. Still, the kid did a great job and any criticism should be taken constructively. The remaining cast all did bang-up jobs with their roles and were pretty much as good, or better than their adult counterparts in the first two live-action movies.

I would have preferred to see a little more Scooby and his interactions with Shaggy. There seemed to be less of him than the animated shows and less involvement with the other cast. I wanted to see more scenes where Scooby and Shaggy making 10-foot long Dagwood's, or disguising themselves when running away from a monster.

The only caution I would give is that the movie seems a little scary for a very young boy/girl. It has followed the other live-action models (storywise) and there are certainly some parts that might be a little scary for a child under about 9, but that's just my honest opinion. Other than that, I give it a hearty thumbs up and would recommend the movie to any Scooby fan as a fun reboot of the original.
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Scooby-Doo (2002)
Just like the cartoon
18 June 2002 qualifications: I have been watching Scooby now for over 20 years. I am afraid I'm not quite old enough to have been around when it first debuted. My friends say I am a fanatic and I keep enough Scooby paraphenalia around my desk that people say it's closer to a shrine.

The reason why it's important to remember all of this is because I write this review more than a little biased. However, I can say in all honesty that I LOVED the movie. I thought everyone involved did a pretty good job at keeping it true to its roots, and that's what I liked the most. Personally, I think that producing a Scooby-Doo movie puts someone at odds between making a movie that mimics a Scooby cartoon, or making a movie that will appeal to a wide audience. The two are just not the same.

If you look at what most people feel is 'classic' Scooby-Doo, you get cartoons are that corny, low-production, and have a very thin plot. They are for the most part, mindless romps into a world of men in masks, and teenagers with their talking dog, gallivanting across the world solving the same old mysteries. The locales and names may change, but it's pretty much the same old story. What we love about them, and why a 28 year old man still stops flipping channels when I find Scooby, is that simply put, we love that dog and his fellow cohorts. We like watching Scoob and Shag munch down an entire pizza in two seconds, or seeing Scooby steal the soda from the rest of the gang. And most importantly, we love Scooby for all the corniness, lame jokes and disguises. This is a dog everyone would love to own, just don't put your sandwich down in front of him.

That really doesn't translate to a Hollywood blockbuster. My most important consideration for the Scooby-Doo movie was whether or not they would keep that good, clean, wholesome image, and in all honesty, they do. There are a few adult jokes, but this is a family movie and if you put too much into adult themes, complex story lines, and character development, you would definitely disappoint the real Scooby fans, who will continue to watch the movies and cartoons long after this movie has had its run.

If I take out my bias of Scooby, I must admit that I don't think this movie would stand on its own. It's a fun eighty-seven minute flick, but it's kind of shallow and there are too many inside jokes to truly enjoy it. The bottom line is, if you like classic Scooby-Doo, you'll probably love the film, however if you didn't like the Scooby-Doo cartoon, you won't like the movie. It still gets a 10 in my book, but it's a 10 based on my interpretation of Scooby, without him, it's only about a 5.
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