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Stockholm - 75 (2003 TV Movie)
Interesting example of terrorism + terrorist are people too...
20 May 2007
Interesting movie about the 1975 attack on the West German Embassy in Stockholm by Kommando Holger Meins. Quite a relaxed and personal movie by David. it focuses on the experiences of one person, part of the "Kommando" and gets quite personal, but also tells the broader story.

Definitely worth a look. I haven't seen anything else about the same subject matter so it is a bit hard to compare to other documentaries on the subject. Compared to dramatizations of similar events this is a much more calm retelling and also contains something that is often do you go on with your life after participating in a such a deed?
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Woundings (1998)
Where they stoned
23 January 2005
This was just weird Maybe something got wrong when they transformed it from play to manuscript for this didn't work at all. Everybody just

acts weird, and I am not sure if it was the characters

that were stoned or the script writer/director...

crap 2/10

watched it once, giving away the DVD...

and Guy Pearce: What is he trying to do? A nerve damaged weirdo or a drug addict?

want 10 lines 10 lines of text I am singing in the rain just singing in the rain what do you want to use these crappy rules for ?

Short comments should be OK too, especially for crappy movies
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Still remember it too!
9 November 2004
Saw it twice as a kid and I remember it still. This movie is a wonderful animation from China about the Monkey king and his adventures.

The movie consists of several earthly and heavenly adventures as the monkey king tries to (save the world?) or just get along in life (It has been over 20 years...)

It just became available for purchasing in Sweden and I am gonna get it...

9/10 as I remember it, it may even get 10/10 as a children's movie, but also risk being downgraded (as I said, 20 years) to about 8, but not lower, never...
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February (2003)
Taking Thai Films Further...but somewhat flawed...
30 July 2004
This movie for me represents a trial to take Thai movies further from silly comedies and action movies. Other people are doing this too(some better - e.g., Pang Brothers), but this is at least an attempt to make something that is art as well as entertainment.

The story and editing is a bit confused though, and the story is not as moving as it could have been. Also some really bad supporting roles (by Farangs - westerners, maybe the producers or friends/ relatives?) and the fact that some characters speak English as if they were trying to teach the Thais English just lowers the quality of the movie.

We are still waiting for really good Drama from Thailand...(but it's going to come soon, I foresee it)
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Gnomes (1980 TV Movie)
Fantasy Comedy at its best...
10 November 2003
Brilliant comedy for most ages an extremely funny little film about Gnomes facing an invasion of Trolls when they are preparing a wedding. I have only experienced it with Swedish soundtrack, but it really fun...
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Xuan lian (1994)
Chinese Psycho-drama
28 September 2003
The story of a chinese mental patient Very slow and a bit of hard work to watch it I saw it on Gothenburg film festival as my 4th movie, that's about what i remember
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999-9999 (2002)
Decent Thai slasher
27 August 2003
Fun to see the Thai version of a slasher movie. It is very much a "teen" movie and a mix between The ring and Scream The acting rates from decent to awful, but it's fun to watch, OK entertainment.

There are better Thai movies, but it's fun to see them doing things in this genre
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Malèna (2000)
I am in Love...
1 August 2003
... with Monica and with this film.

A very sensitive drama about a boy growing up mixed with the life of the beautyful and envied (and thus hated etc.) MALENA.

Absolutely beautiful cinematography and heart-breakingly beautiful music. I personally tend to really like movies where the lead retells a story of something that happened long ago, like this one.

Wonderful acting by all actors, especially the boy, who totally crushes all the wised-up smart-ass US kiddy actors. Even the best US child actors get crushed here (e.g., . This is how to portray a real person. It has never been done better (He crushes almost all Swedish child actors as well, just to be fair to the US).

The movie also portrays very well how old time, backward (rural) societies treat people who are different (Malena), with gossiping, lies and betrayal.

This movie is superb and should just be inches behind Shawshank redemption and Green Mile and the other best movies...

9/10 and it's close to 10/10
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"F-ing" Scary... Maan"-best horror movie EVER
1 August 2003
This movie is scarier than the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, New York Ripper or the Hellraiser movies. At the same time it is blood and gore-less. It is the best horror movie ever (before Psycho and Texas...)

I guess it depends on your state of mind when you see it. If you really "enter" the movie and take it for real- it's the scariest movie ever (I could not walk up or a down a staircase for 2 months without getting flashbacks of the ending), if you for some reason do not, this movie sucks... Big Time.

I will not write anything more about it. Just see it and see it while being in the right mood. For me it's NOT a popcorn flick where you talk with your friends while watching it. That won't work. If that's what you wan't rent Jason, Freddie or Michael Myers movies instead.

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Wonderful, highly rated , but still underrated
1 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER FREE _ I won't tell you the story

I have not read the book, but I will. Steven King should write drama instead of horror, at least when it comes to movie scripts (compare Children of the corn etc...).

WOnderful story - PAR with Shawshank redemption WOnderful actors - Hanks and ALL the other major roles WOnderful narrative WOnderful cinematography WOnderful music

If you don't cry you are a Psycopat, this is a film that pierces your heart! /J
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1 August 2003
Wonderful touching story that will make you cry AND feel extremely good inside. STEVEN KING proves that he is one of the best story writers EVER.

Superb acting by Freeman et al. Wonderful narrative, music, cinematorgraphy and backward looking story that escalates throughout the film.

A work of genious, J
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Boiling Point (1990)
Great movie Wonderful humor and Tarantino-istic story
1 August 2003
This is the kind of Japanese movie that Tarantino and other have been inspired by. Super-creative mix of crazy (but "working") story, violence, humor etc.

I can't really explain what it is that's soo good, but I will ll try:

Silent Japanese gansters are SO MUCH TOUGHER than tough-mouthed western ones (I'm talking movie gansters/crooks NOT "Godfather" types.

Just seeing the Japanese guys interacting is much more interesting than seeing westeners (because I'm a westerner)

Their humor is soo strange (but hilarious)

What can I compare this movie with? Pulp Fiction? - Yes, a bit similar, especially Harvey Keitel's role is the same as "IRON MAN" = "BEAT TAKESHI"'s

Reservoir dogs, True ROmance... yes IT is like a TARANTINO MOVIE! / J
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Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002 Video)
Not what it could have been
23 July 2003
Instead of capitalizing and building on the Mythology behind the Hellraiser stories, They have repeated the "nightmare that you cannot wake up from"/ "memory flashbacks" story from H5. That worked decently in H5 the first time you see it, but does not invite to seeing the movie again and works even worse this time. Memory flashback stories demand great actors and stories and that is not the case here.

There is TOO little time involving CENOBITES in Both movies!

They also fail to build on H1 which they could have done when they have Ashley back in the film. She seems to be back just to trick people into seeing the film even though they didn't particularly like H5.

PLEASE make Hellraiser 7 in "ALIENS" style, with a bunch of people travelling to the world of the Cenobites to rescue someone!, or have a story that is similar to H1, with somebody finding the "key" and opening the gate to Pinhead and the other guys.
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Good Horror!
23 July 2003
OK, I admit it was 6-8 years ago so I can't tell you much about the plots. I do remember the following:

1) There is some Lovecraft feeling in it, it not just "scream" but a little Blair Witch and intellectual horror too

2) The movie is better than the average score given here at IMDB (usually I give lower scores than average, especially for horror movies, another exception is "The Bunker" by the way...)

3) The last episode had a scary ending that I still remember (but won't tellya)

For you reference: I think Blair Witch is the best horror movie ever and I also love Hellraiser I, II and IV; Psycho and Halloween 1-2 - so you can compare with your taste
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The Bunker (2001)
Great horror, a mix between Blair Witch and Aliens...
11 May 2003
The same creapy, dark "What's going on?" horror as i Blair Witch (i.e., you get scared instead of wanting to laugh, as most "horror" movies.

This is combined with the same feeling that "there is something down there" that was present in Aliens (People disappearing one by one...)

The film starts as a war movie about German soldiers on a failing western front. It then turns gradually into a horror movie, while mixing war memories with new horrors and it's never really clear what is memoiries, what is hallucination and what is really happening.


The only downside is that they don't speak German, but once you have accepted that this is a great movie

I bought it for 3 Euro so it is clearly one of the most underrated movies in a long while
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Bombay (1995)
Strong Strong Strong, a wonderful movie...
21 July 2002
Begins like a silly Indian love/dance movie and develops into the strongest, most emotional movie I have ever seen. I saw it in the Gothenburg film festival and I saw couples holding each other after the film finished (comforting each other) and a guy asked: " Do they have a crisis center set up to help us deal with the movie now?". Religious tensions and human conflicts is a hard subject (doing the right vs the wrong thing), wonderfully dealt with in this movie. A strong argument for peace and a colorful tale of recent Indian history. See it.
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