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a must see movie!
27 April 2010
Acting, directing, editing shine as a form of art in this beautiful movie. Actually the story is really simple. But, when telling of this story is combined with good acting and clever editing, brings a bright movie. Development of the plot is very clever, and teases your intelligence.

It's dark and heavy, especially on the second half, makes it difficult to watch, but,the movie sticks you to your seat. Political issues are brightly inserted through the story. Which i like the most is the movie is not irritating you with the concern of political messages. They are just smoothly spread over the plot.

And be prepared for a surprise ending. Just loved this movie!
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Powerful and moving
27 September 2004
This movie shines as an example of pure art in cinema. So powerful with symbolism and story telling, "Time of Gypsies" delivers amazing performances on acting, settings, musical scores, and overall directing.

In year 1988, this movie was one of the most awaited films in the Istanbul International Film Festival. I was one of the lucky ones who had a ticket for the film. When the show time arrived, it was obvious that there was a problem since the film did not started. A lady from the festival committee came to the stage announcing their appology and explaining what the problem was; they were expecting the copy of the film from the its distributor in USA. Unfortunately there was a logistics problem, so they had to get it directly from Yugoslavia. When the festival organisation put their Yugoslavian translators at work they did not understand which language it was! And a cleaning lady, who was an actual gypsy figured out that the movie was in Gypsy language. So it was not possible to translate it for the festival.

So they offered an apology and refund in case anybody did not want to watch it without subtitles.

Nobody left the theatre. We watched the movie without understanding a word. But, at the end there was a standing ovation at the theatre went on for a couple of minutes.
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You can call a movie a classic, if you can watch it over and over again and not get bored..
7 June 2002
Hababam Sýnýfý (Hababam Class)is a great comedy which reflects as the best example of 'the marvelous era of 70's comedies' of the Turkish cinema. It is about a class of highschool students in a private school. Their school tuition are paid by their ignorant parents who think that's all for them to get prepared for life. The students bond each other as a family. They are lazy, ignorant, funny and the worst nightmare of their teachers. Adile Ana (ana=mother) who is the attendant in the school is like their own mother and she accepts them as real sons.

Their kingdom over the school is challenged when a new principal (Munir Ozkul) comes. He doesn't have a family (says he didn't have time to found one while dealing with others education), and plays a role of though, disciplined, but deep inside a warm hearted teacher and principle.

The movie is full of hilariously funny scenes of the students' adventures between themselves, their teachers, other students and of course the principle who declared a war on them to get them disciplined.

It is funny but also a touchy film when they found the 'father' figure they lost in the principle.

There is one thing we should mention about the plot; the movie reflects the Turkish culture. Therefore there are not brutal gang members in the class terrorizing teachers and the school. They are just playing innocent jokes on everybody not harming anybody but their own future. They are still respectful to the elderly and teachers.

It is a great movie.
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