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White Zombie (1932)
This movie holds up.
4 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you don't mind the technical limits of a movie from 1932, "White Zombie" is a great way to spend an hour and six minutes. I watched it for free on IMDb. While the 4:3 aspect ratio and the overacting that was so prevalent in the early movie days (all the actors were exclusively stage trained) were a little distracting, I could easily put them out of my mind or even appreciate their quaintness. Bela Lugosi is exceptional! With his slow, steady movements and those gazing, hypnotic eyes, he was made for movies. Anyone with an interest in film history should watch White Zombie. Think of all the zombie movies that have followed and how few of them live up to it, regardless of their big budget Hollywood bells, whistles and breasts. I was also impressed by the simplicity of the plot. Today's zombies are the result of some government lab test or virus gone wrong. White Zombie's incentives for reanimation are simple: lust and greed. I enjoyed White Zombie and I think you will too.
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I went from not being able to watch competitive eating, to not being able to turn away.
24 February 2010
Competitive eating always grossed me out. I never had the stomach for it. Watching Crazy Legs Conti pursue his dream makes the viewer want to pursue his own dreams. That is what this movie means to me: chase your dreams. Danielle Franco, Christopher Kenneally and Jason "Crazy Legs" Conti transformed me from a person who couldn't watch competitive eating to a person who couldn't take his eyes off the screen during Crazy Legs' contests. So that's what this movie is all about for me. Go chase your dream. You know how watching Rocky makes you want to get into great shape? Zen makes me want to train for things that I have always wanted to do. How can you not cheer a movie like this. Also I'll never look at a stick of butter the same way again. I saw this with my nieces and nephews who are in high school. They and their friends loved it too.
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