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Lightning Bug (2004)
it's not that good
15 August 2005
the movie starts off with Jenny Graves driving to a new small town with her 2 kids. she talks like a normal smart person but the very next scene she looks and acts like a dumb backwoods hick. i feel the movie moved along to quickly for the first quarter , all the actors except for Green Graves and his brother acted WAY over the top as dumb as a post hicks. i was almost going to turn it off.... but it improved greatly once Angevin duvet (Laura Prepon)character appeared. the story being told is OK but nothing special and in no way shape or form is this a horror movie. why is IMDb listing so many movies as horror lately? it is a drama with a small bit of thriller. 7 out of 10
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horror ? where is any horror in this film
24 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry rob Zombie but i feel this film is lacking any real horror. in fact it really felt quite toned down compared to house of 1000 corpses. i was expecting way more action and good old killing but wound up with a few good moments and some humor. i feel from dusk till dawn had way more blood and guts with a much faster pace along with horror.

* spoiler * the movie starts with a bunch of cops surrounding the house forcing the rejects to shoot their way out. once away from the police they victimize 4 people in a hotel. after that the devils rejects spent 50% of the movie being brutalized by a cop instead of the expected tormenting of the usual victims as seen in house of 1000 corpses.

* end of spoiler *

the movie has no dark horror elements and really is just a bunch of not so well shown gun fights. disappointing 5 out of 10
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The Stink of Flesh (2005 Video)
your typical no budget TEMPE entertainment style c grade movie
29 May 2005
if you have seen TEMPE entertainment DVD's before ,you will know what to expect. they are no budget over the top blood and guts with next to no plot and bad no name actors. this movie is no different i would only recommend it to true fans of low budget laughable so called horror. i own quite a few movies of this type and love them all. do not be fooled by the high rating you see so far, this will end up with a 3 or less if viewed by a non fan of the genre.

the movie wasted no time on how the zombies came about , it opens with a fight between a zombie and one of the main characters. no need to explain the lack of plot , but i was a bit disappointed with the end . i felt it should of gone a few minutes longer.

i being a fan rate it with a 6 .
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Elephant (2003)
Boring Boring Boring!
16 May 2004
This movie has Zero plot..... ultra low budget and as you could guess by now , is very dull and boring. i liked the different approach to the camera views and i am always game to watch a low budget movie , but this is far from a thriller.

it kind of reminds me of american beauty in a strange way, but A.B was a far superior movie. you have no build up of characters , it just goes from one to the next for over a hour until the obvious build up to the anti climatic ending.

i guess i am far to desensitized to fell any effect from this movie.

i only give it a 4 out of 10
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Van Helsing (2004)
why such a low rating ?
16 May 2004
did i watch the same movie as everyone else ? this is getting lower ratings than League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , it was pure crap! this movie is just an action film with a simple plot , nothing more. i feel it is right up there with movies such as The Mummy (1999) the action is solid right to the end.... all you FX hounds should love it. they are not top of the line but it is full of them . the music and sound effects were well used in all it's dolby digital and thx glory.

9 out of 10
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where is the plot ?
24 January 2004
this is a real piece of crap.... it has huge plot gaps as if they cut 30 minutes out of the movie. the special FX were ok but not great. i found the whole thing to be filmed in a bit of a blury mess. i really would not recomend this to anyone but the fx hound. enough said
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Undead (2003)
started poor but wound up being great
4 November 2003
i thought the first 10 minutes were plain stupid. the music was poor as well. i figured it was just going to be some very cheesy horror flick like many i had seen before. after the first 30 minutes i found myself getting into it. it does end up having a plot instead of just being a zombie gore flick.

the music improved ,and it had some great special effects.

way better than the stinker... 28 days later film. remember its just a gore fest with limited plot , but at least it had one lol
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what is all the fuss about ?
6 July 2003
This movie is nothing special at all. started real good , than turned into a long drawn out middle and a stupid ending. mabe the britt's have some poor movies in the past when it comes to so called zombie flicks, but you yanks and us canucks have many better movies of this kind to choose from. nothing wrong with the acting, the plot was good enough ...... but was not put to film right. i give it a 6 out of 10.
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May (2002)
Fantastic movie
30 May 2003
just finished watching MAY . what a fantastic movie. the lead actress (angela battis) should be up for best actor in this one. it's just too bad this movie would never be seen by the mainstream. it is sick and twisted...... i have to admit that the movie did not need the horror and killing to make it work. in fact it would of had a much larger group of people watching it. i am adding this to my top 10 list. i give it a score of 10 :)
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made no sense
31 December 2002
this movie made no sense to me at all. i watched it with 3 other people , not one of us could figure it out. i have watched many good movies that made no sense until it tied togeather at the end. i see no reason for it to have anything above a 3 out of 10.
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Soldier (I) (1998)
after reading many review i thought i better make things clear
21 June 2002
i noticed that many people thought that this movie lacked in voice acting. lets get something straight...... if you were trained from birth to be a killing machine, do you think that you would be trained to talk much ? i don't think so. this movie is about a soldier trained from the day it was born to be a killing machine. they have no feelings , and were trained to be just like a robot. in my opinion this movie did exactly what it should of. i gave it my first and only 10 out of 10. one of my favorites.
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a complete piece of crap
5 June 2002
it has been a long time since i have seen this piece of crap. the movie should be re-named the blonde bitch project. all i can remember about this film is the blonde women arguing over who lost the map for at least 1/3 the movie. it has no scary parts at all, blair witch 2 was far better than this.... i need not go into detail of the plot as i am sure you have seen reviews by many people.
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