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Undercurrent (1998)
A modern noir thriller
7 February 2005
Puerto Rico provides a bright and beautiful backdrop for this dark Film Noir thriller which gives a modern twist to this neglected but classic genre.

Aside from a rather dark view of humanity, noir films rely on suspense, plot twists and relationships. This film cleverly utilizes all three.

Knocked for being a rather wooden performer, Lamas is well cast as the stiff, almost emotionless lead, making a strength out of what would in other circumstances be a weakness and Brenda Strong is effectively evil and always hot.

The plot has enough twists to keep from being predictable but builds slowly enough to keep from being confusing. The slowness of the story is counterbalanced and punctuated by action, violence and nudity.

This isn't a kid's film but then again Film Noir probably isn't a kid's genre.
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