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Underdog (2007)
Underdog was great! He deserves a treat.
3 August 2007
I was able to go with two dog-loving members of my family to see Underdog last night and it was a treat. My mom and my cousin have been talking about going to see this ever since we first saw the commercial. I was the only one who remembered the cartoon, but we all think the beagle is so cute. He even rhymes when he talks, just like in the cartoon. The film was nice. All three of us liked it and the kids at the movie with us seemed excited.

The actor from My Name was Earl is the voice and very funny. The dogs are adorable. If you love dogs and animal movies or liked the cartoon, you should see it. It's a fun, stress-free movie.
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Lovebites (2006–2007)
love this show!
27 September 2006
I'm glad someone else really likes this show, too! i saw it for the first time during sex and the city and friends and thought it was so cute! i think katie's awesome - she is always so fashionable and i think she and max are really cute together. i was playing around on myspace and saw that katie and max both have their own myspace pages - so fun! i also saw some videos on youtube (and i think there are some more on the lovebites.TV site) that show when katie and max first met - so funny, she actually broke max's phone out of anger. a little aggression goes a long way, apparently! i really love this show and always look forward to the mini-episodes...i'm always so sad when they're over so quickly!
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Heat Vision and Jack (1999 TV Short)
I saw this at a film festival...
1 July 2003
made entirely of brilliant TV pilots (called "The Network") that were never picked up and this was by far the best. I couldn't stop laughing. It's a real tragedy the show didn't get any air time -- I bet if Jack Black and Owen Wilson switched places it would have been huge.
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Loved it!
28 February 2003
Saw Manna in Buffalo recently and loved it! Shirley Jones and Frank Gershon are a riot the way they are constantly scheming and pranking people.

If you have a chance to see this movie and love indie films...I highly recommend it!
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