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Play for Today: The Fishing Party (1972)
Season 2, Episode 18
The Fishermen Of England
13 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent play filmed at Whitby in Yorkshire in 1972... Three miners from Leeds arrive at Whitby on a bus, they are Art, Ern and Abe...

Brian Glover (Art) is definitely in charge of the other two, and they both have respect for him. They just want to get booked into a guest house, have a meal then do a spot of fishing, with a bit of drinking to finish.

Things aren't that simple, the landlady Jan Freeman (Audry) over charges for their accommodation, and really can't be bothered to serve an evening meal, and gives them next to nothing for breakfast.

Her spineless husband Frank Moorey (Brian) would love to go out fishing with the lads, but Audry tells him...'You've got work to do here'.

Before finding a boat the lads need to have a good meal, so they have a huge Fish and Chips from the local restaurant. They then find a boat and not only do they get into it, two large crates of brown ale is also loaded aboard.

They insist that the Fisherman who owns the boat, takes them out to the Cod fishing grounds. The waves are far too rough for the lads, and they all begin to get sea sickness.

They then have to return quietly back to their guest house, along with goodness knows how many cod?. Everything is rocking, nothing keeps still for the 3 drunken lads. (you may know that feeling)?

They survive the night, and are all looking forward to a nice smoke kippered breakfast (well that's what Art said they will have)

What they really had, was two very small sausages (burnt) and a small fried egg, not enough to feed their appetite, but Art insists they leave a tip.(why)? along with a note written on the back of a betting slip...'You should serve smoked kippers for breakfast, over charcoal'.

Fantastically funny play, I wish the BBC would repeat all of their classic plays (bet a lot have been wiped)?

If anyone would like a copy of this play on DVD then please contact me at I will be happy to oblige for a small fee. The picture and sound quality is really very good.

Thanks for reading my review
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The Wednesday Play: The Gorge (1968)
Season 1, Episode 123
Mikes Bad Day Out.
23 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was only 12 years of age, when I watched this fantastic play way back in September 1968, that's when it was first shown by the BBC. I have always loved great plays, especially if they have something I can easily relate to, and this is one I can.

Mike (Billy Hamon) an almost 17 year old young man, has to suffer a day out to 'Cheddar Gorge' with his parents, along with uncle Jack, and aunt Ivy. The family all cram into a 'Ford Zephyr' and the journey begins.

They travel across the Cumberland Basin (flyover) in Bristol, where there are some views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and some old tobacco bond warehouses. For anyone who lives in Bristol, this can be quite nostalgic?.

Everyone in the car is gradually getting on Mike's nerves, the sound of munching toffees, and mother reading out every road sign she sees, dad thinks he knows it all, and has a schedule to keep.Uncle Jack trying to impress with tales from his days in Canada, and aunt Ivy, well... she's just dreadful.

They get to Cheddar with all it has to offer, 'kiss me quick hats' and lots of tourists, over priced booze etc. Mike meets up with a 15 year old school friend 'Christine', and they plan to meet up again later on in the day, at a Roman Camp. Mike and family move away from Cheddar and drive to a large field (the roman camp) where they assemble the family tent. They take everything even a sink (not the kitchen one though)...

Some great music is being played in the background by 'Manfred Mann'. Anyhow Christine turns up at the Roman camp with her mum and dad, and after a while both Mike and Christine go off for a romp in the undergrowth, without anyone else knowing. Both Mike's and Christine's family, are having to put up with an invasion of rockers on noisy motor bikes, and one of those preacher men, that always used to turn up on a Sunday.

The preacher man is getting on everyones nerves, and the rockers set about playing him up. Mike tears his jeans on a thorn, Christine looses her trousers and everything gets embarrassing for all concerned. Mum and Dad go off for a walk in the bushes, and Mike finds them both cuddling together.

Christine's parents go off to try to find her, and an innocent potholer gets a bloody nose. When everyone has been reassembled back at the site, they get in their cars and head back home to Bristol, via a diversion by the AA.

The preacher man weaves in and out of the congested traffic on his bicycle, congestion being caused by an accident with two cars (guess which 2 cars are involved)?

Mike's dad (fat Stan) films their day out with a cine camera, and the play starts with Mike having to watch the whole thing, bringing back those dreadful moments, of a day he will never forget.

Great closing scenes of the Cumberland Basin, and some more wonderful music from Manfred Mann.

I wonder if 'Mike Leigh' based a small part of his play 'Nuts in May' on this? well maybe, especially with the turn up of those rockers?

If anyone would like a copy of this play on DVD? please contact: and I will be happy to oblige for a small fee. The picture and sound quality is really very good (black and white)

Thanks for reading my review.
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