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The Beach Boys: It's OK (1976 TV Movie)
You can get this on DVD
1 August 2008
Though Brian and Dennis' voices were already on the decline, 1976 was the last year the Beach Boys could really be called a fully cohesive band. This captures them on a comeback before their live show really declined. It is well made and plain fun. That Same Song sung with the Double Rock Baptist Church is a highlight, showing how much passion Brian had as a performer. This was also the last chance to see Dennis at his peak. He drums with real power, and his You Are So Beautiful is very heartfelt. He is together here. Anyhow you can get this at UK and it will play on US players. It's now called Good Vibrations Tour.
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Coward of the County (1981 TV Movie)
Good Kenny movie
10 September 2007
Now obviously this is a vehicle for Kenny Rogers popularity at the time, but it is an honest one. As a person who admits to past mistakes, learns from them, and then passes on these lessons ,this comes close to his real personality. That he was able to do this on record, in interviews, and then on film, speaks to his considerable ability to get across his views on life to his audience.While I feel he never quite matched the creative daring on his own that he displayed in the First Edition, through 1983 everything he did was a success. This movie reflects why. The script had old fashioned conservative values that most of his fan base share, and thus could make a connection with. This is a family movie about rape, and that in itself is an accomplishment. There is much to enjoy in the movie, the characters are well developed, the actress playing Becky is a knockout, and there are many in jokes for Kenny's fans to catch. Watch for his mother in an amusing cameo and his brother Lelan is there too. Also notice in the first scene that he is singing the traditional version of "Love Lifted Me". As most fans know it was a modernized version of this track that launched his solo career in 1975, and this scene (and the fact the his characters sermon is based on it) is a nice homage to that. All in all if you like Kenny and or movies for the whole family Coward Of The County is for you.
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Diff'rent Strokes: Rashomon II (1983)
Season 6, Episode 3
The best episode.
16 August 2007
I don't know if this is one of the most remembered episodes but for comedy it was best. Like All In The Family had, Diff'rent Strokeds took the serious story of Rashomon and made it into comedy gold. I think the appeal of doing this as a comedy is seeing how comically egotistical everyone's telling of the story is. I think the thing I remember most about this particular episode or the facial expressions. Arnold's blubbering lips, Willis' tears. Very funny stuff. It's sad that the show did so many of those dumb "special episodes" and didn't focus more on their cast's comedic talent and timing which is very much on display here. The show would JTS within a year due to the appearance of that annoying kid Sam, but this episode was a last hurrah before the Arnold character became too serious.
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Against all Jackie usually stands for
21 March 2007
I have a few good things. It is nicely filmed and the side kick got in a few funny lines. The rest of it, the swearing, the bloodshed, the cgi graphics. All of this is against what he always stood for. If this was the only Jackie Chan movie I had seen I would never watch another. I have seen almost all of his films, where are the morals here? Where are the life lessons. This movie left Me in a dark mood. Crime Story shows that Jackie can play a straight role, but why make a Chinese version of a Steven Segal movie. Hope he never tries this type of thing again. This has nothing to do with the other Police Stories, and should not be marketed this way. Every one of the Police Stories were progressively worse but the first three still hold up, and the initial one is near perfect. Yet even the clichéd feel good number four that perhaps went too far in the other direction of being too cuddly has so much more to offer. Jackie can do more roles suited for his age, tired of him using his once forbidden special effects to be who he was 20 years ago.
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Glad some people like Joe
20 March 2007
Not the Stooges best, but Joe is always funny. I am tired of ignorance against what he was trying to do. He wasn't trying to be gay, he was just a funny wimp. Such homophobic modern mentality really is horrible. He was a gentleman and person that made me always feel happy. Why does he have to be be dragged through the mud by people who don't really get the comedy of the day. Joe was a good fit in the Stooges and YES got hit, but to compare any third Stooge to each other is fruitless, all were funny in their own way and did their own thing. Glad some of you DO like Joe and the later films, the ones not too obviously aimed at children have a lot to offer. This one does at least put in a decent amount of new footage and Joe's version of the "I Can't See" gag is better suited to his character. Curly could do plenty Joe couldn't but it's just as true the Howard couldn't do everything Joe could either.
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The Office (2005–2013)
This is the best scripted show on TV since Seinfeld
10 October 2006
First off no laugh track means no stupid cues to chortle. The drama is played with humor. Shows like Friends and Scrubs can be really funny, but they up the drama quotient too much at times making me feel blue after watching. The Office never does this. It stays funny even when saying something. These characters all look like real people. No $400 hairdos, or $3000 dresses for these folks. This makes any sex appeal very natural and real, not plastic in the least. The people are able to pretend to be casual and I am impressed on finding out that it is tightly scripted. Another thing I like is that these people have real feelings. Meaning they are nasty, kind, understanding, petty, and genuinely interesting. I mean they are comically exaggerated to a point, but these feel like real people. The depth these actors give the characters is incredible. Michael is someone we all have in us, thankfully most of us learn how to control ourselves better, at least publicly. NBC do not take this off the air.
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Kenny's talent is here.
5 October 2006
I think this DVD is good, but not great. First off, too much new stuff. One or two new songs is OK, but four is too many. Kenny's most creative period with the First Edition is here but not enough and Mickey Jones is the only one interviewed from the group. A promised video of Tell It All Brother was yanked for no good reason, the Ruby performance exists in full color and grainy black and white version is used, and half is a later solo performance. There is nothing from the First Edition's Rollin' TV show, and nothing from their classic Calico LP. A lot of people don't know about this seminal Rock group that was among the first to bridge the gap between country and pop well before the Eagles etc so this stuff is important to understanding Kenny's value as an artist. Thankfully the clip of them performing "She Even Woke Me Up" is included and it is superb. My last point of contention is how their aren't many different sources of material and nothing from Kenny's transitional stage in the mid 70's. Now to the good things. The songs are mostly complete and despite their being a few too many from the last 10 years (pun intended) they are overall well chosen. It makes a good point that Rogers was always willing to try new things artistically. This belies his undeserved staid image. It has a great clip of him with his early 60s jazz trio (albiet a 1990s reunion) and also another shows him playing stand-up bass with Willie Nelson. Lots of good things, even a short clip of Rogers pre beard(what is that from and why isn't more of it used?). I like that this is music based instead of another tired biography. All in all good but I wish it had cut out a couple of ballads in order to show off his full creative palate. His fine mid period country rock tunes like "Love Will Turn You Around" and Daytime Friends" deserve to resurface. Other song's such as "Laura", "Lena Lookie", and "That Crazy Feeling" also deserve new appraisal. Still the majority of what was used is good and it will impress those who give Kenny a chance.
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Hollywoodland (2006)
This should have stuck to the life and death of George Reeves.
10 September 2006
OK I love Superman and George Reeves was a big part of my growing up. I am 30 so I caught Superman on the re-runs. I want more people my age and younger to know who George Reeves was. He was a good actor and a decent human being. This movie basically shows that, but I think the film should have been about him only. Who cares a toss about a fictional detective? It would have been OK had they not gone so deep into Simo's personal life, or had him working an another concurrent case. You can figure out his moral character quite well in all the scenes where he is investigating Reeves. Reeves friendships with the Superman cast, his quiting smoking for kids sake, his charity work, all of this would have helped give the picture more of a well rounded balance. We needed to see a few more scenes of the fine acting and characterization of Kent-Superman, see how he developed the characters that made him famous. Afterall this is some peoples first and only impression of Reeves and the reasons he is beloved should have been further explored. On the plus side Ben does a good job and I am not a fan of him normally. Yes he could have spoken in a more authoritative tone but the mannerisms are perfect. The only scene I object too on Reeves is the one where he is dead drunk before a live show. This seems out of character for someone who took his role model status quite seriously. He has never been said to have let drinking interfere with his work. I must say though that that Reeves charm, kindness, happy go lucky attitude, his love of Spanish guitar, are all present. If Hollywoodland gets one more person to watch Superman than I am happy it was made.
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Weekly World News (1996– )
This was a great show
20 August 2006
I really liked this show because frankly it was so weird. Like the newspaper it is obviously farce, but done with a straight face. Let's see we saw footage of bat boy who obviously was an infant with a rubber mask on em. There were many other things that I don't recall offhand but I will describe a really funny one. On one episode kids return home to visit Ma and Pa and find that they and the whole town are gone. The swings are still swinging on the swing set. The coffee is still being made and all the daughter can do is walk around the house going "maaaaaaa". It was really hysterical though it doesn't sound all the funny unless you had seen it. I was really mad that it was taken off so fast, but since nobody else seems to remember it, I will.
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Everyone's missing the point.
5 July 2006
First off the movie is an obvious comedy that knows it is being funny. It IS a funny movie that is a comment on all the fake Bruce Lee movies being done at the time. The violence is comic to start with. Scenes like the eyeballs are played for laughs. Making Lee's voice fem was an obvious joke too, as was his "Samururi" background. The black and white footage IS Bruce as a child actor. Redubbed to be satirically biographical it cuts between the old film and the 70s B Samurai movie in a direct parody of "The Real Bruce Lee". The skits are meant to be funny as are the would be attackers. Their are some real martial arts in the film by excellent practitioners and the point of the whole movie is that you should be yourself. The message is use Bruce to inspire you but be your own self in martial arts and in acting. I liked this very much it's fun cheese that doesn't take itself seriously.
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Two of Us (2000 TV Movie)
28 June 2006
This movie is one long cliché after another. First of all, though they did their share, there is a unwarranted dope scene where John sniffs weed like an idiot. The wigs and accents are terrible. They sound worse then the old Beatle cartoons. John is the nasty, envious, closet homosexual, slave to Yoko he is portrayed as being in the discredited Albert Goldman book. They even keep spouting song titles in regular conversation "it was always just the Two Of Us"! John would not have been mean to his fans like this either. Like his death showed us he was too nice if anything. The one funny scene is where a dumb Beatle fan only recognizes John and asks him to sing Paul's Yesterday. An insulted John says something along the lines of "Sure and while I croon why don't you get down on your knees, put on your wife's wig, and lick my liggin". That made me laugh for days. Really this movie is funny in how serious it tries to be while coming off ridiculous. John and Paul also did not sit pontificating all day, they were funny light hearted guys who even during The Beatles break up where far more personable then portrayed here. Forget it.
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Sanford (1980–1981)
Good show
11 April 2006
I grew up seeing this first so maybe nostalgia clouds me here but I liked this show a lot. I really though the episodes (at least the ones where the Cal character was featured) were really funny. I liked the banter between Cal and Fred and remember Cal reading "the little engine That Could" quite humorously.OK it isn't as funny as the original and yes the guest stars seem unrealistic, but for folks who have seen the original 100 times and never caught this version its really worth seeing. One thing I never understood though is why the Norman Lear shows watered down the characters as they ages. I like the original Archie, George, and Fred. Sure they weren't nice but that was the point. OK Lear didn't have anything to do with this spin off but it seems that all of the daring he puts into his lead roles loose their fizz. Still worth catching Dennis in my favorite role of his.
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Good memories
1 April 2006
This movie is the 80s to me. Cheap and tawdry but also earnest and full of heart. Frankly me and friends liked seeing topless girls and were too young to see them any other way. Yet this movie also had a lot of humor and action. I can still watch it because the lead guy was genuinely personable. The world depicted in this movie exists on its own terms. A cross between the world of MacGyver and John Holmes. There were dubious sequels to this film, but the same cast was not used. While Hard Ticket to Hawaii had one or two moments of fun, they never had the down home feel of this Malibu. I must tell you it still makes me laugh. Now for different reasons. It is both an embrace and a condemnation of the high rollers of the 1980s. The crude attitudes about gays and even a semi rape wouldn't fly today, but it stands as a record of a more ignorant yet more laid back time.
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Eye for an Eye (2003– )
Tommy made the show and now..............
23 January 2006
Tommy Habeeb was really the only reason to watched this admittedly staged court show. The revenge premise was usually stupid, but occasionally was funny. Yet it was only Tommy's Joe Friday deadpan delivery that made this show bearable. His sarcasm and humor often came through as well as it had on "Cheaters" but admittedly he did seem exasperated by some of the juvenile hijinks. They replaced him with Kato Kaelin, who is not funny and seems even dumber then the guests. Kato's whole career is in very poor taste as it only launched due to a tragedy. It's not bad enough they hire him now they edit Tommy out of the old episodes and have Kato literally watch the show and make comments like he's there. They don't even try to match the footage and not only is this a slap in the face to Tommy (who brought a lot of his "Cheaters" audience with him), it is also the most amateurish mess I ever saw on a major T.V. show. The show should be off the air in no time.
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This is NOT a bad show
10 November 2005
I liked this one better myself. First of all Screech and Belding made a great comedic duo. They were two of the only people doing modern slapstick and they did it well. Granted Screech's fake voice in later seasons was not needed but they were very funny. The kids were also a little nicer to Screech. OK so he is older, but the kindness they showed him was so much better then the nasty put downs from the original. I mean it just made Lisa, Jessie etc. look bad. Natalia and Sarah are two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. The guys who played Ryan, R.J, and Tommy were all funny and the only real drawback was the changing cast. I think season 2 and 3 are the best cast wise because of Natalia and Sarah but all were decent. It is just that even if these were more likable characters, you hardly got to know them. I did not mind the life lesson part. I was pretty innocent when the show first aired and these (along with City Guys, and Hang Time) were the only T.V. kids my age I related too. I was nothing like the people on 90210, and was not ready for sex or drugs. The New Class was a clean cut alternative that made me feel good watching it.
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The Dream Makers (1975 TV Movie)
A good drama
27 December 2004
I like this movie quite a bit. It features Kenny Rogers when he was a youngish dark haired hippie. He and his terrific group The First Edition (Mickey Jones, Mary Arnold, Jimmy Hasell, Terry Williams, and Gene Lorenzo) give this flick a superb soundtrack and though they are the only real reasons I watched this, the movie was not bad itself. I like the downbeat ending because it was realistic and no heroics were involved. It is pretty realistic as far as showing the music industries corruption. Some of the acting is hammy but of real interest to First Edition fans or people who enjoy 70s era drama. The plot outline on here is wrong. The professor becomes Vice President of a record company, which is soon shut down for giving drugs instead of money to the performers. Sammy (the main Character) does not know this, but when the company folds, he is too vain to go back to his old job or work his way back to the top. (SPOILER) Ending up a cab driver he meets his death at the hands of a mugger.
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A well intedned but a cheeply made look at Michael.
9 August 2004
While I feel his mom (and his dad too) was nicer then portrayed, this is a well intended film. It shows the basically kind heart Michael had, but from a technical standpoint it got it all wrong. The make ups is bad, Felx looks like Jermaine not Michael, and that there are no songs (not even Motown ones) shows how little they were willing to spend on this. Much of the dialog is pure guess work and there are too many things placed in the wrong era. To be fair, this is more a reflection of a TV movies goal of putting a lot of info in two hours then any attempt to deceive.

On the plus side I like the historical perspectives seeing Michael's reaction to O.J. and to 9-11 is an interesting unexpected twist It is amazing that 9-11 occurred one dayafter The Jackson 5's triumphant reunion. I wish the brothers were in it more and they would have shown The Jacksons family support more but it is rectified at the end.

The worst thing may be the scene where Kate said he killed her father. This comment is totally out of character for her. Still it is rare that Michael got any compassion and you do find a lot for him here.
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The most romantic movie I have seen in a long time.
8 May 2004
I cannot believe that an Adam Sandler movie moved me but this one completely did. So many people are afraid of the disabled, but that Adam could care for someone who forgot him everyday is something that shows how wonderful real love can be. How could he not make the effort, Drew's character was one of the few people who will never lose a sense of innocence and wonder so often dulled with time. Sure critics attacked this movie saving their praise for the oblique `Punch Drunk Love' but this movie spoke to me in a way that few have. I mean I usually giggle at tragic or dramatic love stories, but this felt very real. Sure there is some gross out humor (which except for the vomit fit in ok) but it is needed to humanize the characters. No this is not the very best movie ever made and some of the comedy misses but I know of no sweeter love story. I doubt if Drew or Adam will ever read this, but I want thank them for giving me such a meaningful moment.
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This is a great film
16 September 2003
I am writing this as a rebuttal to the ignorance I see on Joe. First of all Joe fit in really well with Moe and Larry. He was the only Stooge to hit back and Larry trying to boss him around as well as Moe meant Larry got beat up twice as bad, This is a great parody of Cinderella and Besser was a very energetic and entertaining guy. In fact Besser is my favorite comedian period. Every line and gesture is clever and Moe and Larry are great as rotten brothers. The Mom is really funny too. Besser bashers be gone you are not real Stooge fans. Never compare third stooges. Thats like comparing chocolate and vanilla. They are both good. Joe was Shemp's best friend and knew everyone since 1932. All six Stooges were nice guys and liked each other. Joe was always very complementary to the others and Larry in his last years always had a photo of Joe and all the others hanging on his nursing home room wall.
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Just Our Luck (1983– )
I loved this show
3 April 2003
Although I remember a few "racist" accusations because the gennie was black this show was so much fun. I loved this show when I was 7 and was upset by it's cancellation. All I remember is the friendship between the lead male and the genie. It taught me a bit about friendship. I miss this show and it always will be a great reminder of my childhood.
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Down on Us (1984)
Woodstock indoors?
1 February 2003
I love this movie it is so funny. I think that Jim Morrisons stoned surfer dude dialog is worthy of an academy. Jimi's vomit is the stuff of the heavens, and hey at last a good looking Janis who CAN sing. Anyhow if you love bad movies and sitting drunk with your friends and making sarcastic remarks is your idea of fun, this may be your waterloo! The bizarre music may be the highlight, but then I remember the plot. Honestly it's really crazy and you must see it to believe it. I suppose the Hendrix guy was the best, but they sure give him some off the wall lines. Jim of course is made out to be an incoherent wreck. Janis they were nicer too, but somehow I don't think any of three hung out as much as this film would lead you to think. Actually thinking isn't the point of this movie, it's just enjoying the schlock. Ed Wood had he lived may have turned out something just like this.
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Great video
6 January 2003
I love collecting vinyl records and videos from the 50s- early 70s and the early Fleetwood mac is one of the best white blues groups. If Rolling Stone Brian Jones had not been killed I am sure his new group would have sounded like them. The video is fun and shows just how much more tough the original group is. Any Blues rock fan needs this video or dvd. Oh it is docked a point for not telling us what show each of the songs come from
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Be My Guest (1965)
Cute movie of interest for lovers of 50's and 60's music
12 June 2002
In The US it is hard to find but this movie has two things worth seeing. First is Jerry Lee Lewis' great performance. This was filmed at the peak of his career and has a song never offically releases. Second Steve Marriott of the the seminal bands The Small Faces and Humble Pie is one of the stars. He is very young here and his performance is a bit different then his tough RnB stage persona. It is too hard to find film of the Small faces period but this gives you a little glimpse of their main force before stardom. He is very innocent and almost boyish here how different. Oh the movie itself has a bad plot and bad acting but hey this is a cool film anyhow.
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