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Warriors Two (1978)
The best Kung Fu movie I have saw
4 January 2008
I am a Chinese so my English is not good ,What can I say is this flick impressed me very much,especially the teaching Yongchunquan scene and the final fighting scene.Liang Zan teach Zhao Qian Hua yongchunquan and it shows many secrets about the most powerful Kung Fu in China.It's a masterpieces for all Kung Fu fans.The fight scene is excellent,it shows many kinds of Chinese KungFu and the fighting seems very real.The action in this film is not like the Jacky Chan's films,Jacky Chan'film is Kung Fu comedy,but this film is Closing to the real Kung Fu.But now the Hong Kong Kung Fu flick is going down,it's hard to see a"real"Kung Fu film now
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