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Repo Men (2010)
...badass movie.
17 March 2010
Two years ago, I had the honor to go on the Repo Men film set. It was a great experience and I couldn't wait for the movie to come out. I received premiere tickets in Toronto on March 14th. I can confidently say, I was not let down. The start had a lot of jokes, and just the way the film was flowing, you could tell it was different from others, in a good way. It drags quite a bit in the middle, but the end in my opinion, is fantastic. It gets really gruesome in some parts, and sometimes a bit too much. But the actors are great, action is phenomenal(especially the ending action sequence), the directing is great, and the story is fresh. Definitely go see this movie.
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My son, my son, what have I done to deserve this stupid movie.
17 September 2009
So this was my first time going to the Toronto international film festival, and i have to say, it was a very lame experience. I went to see this film because i love David lynch and i heard he was involved with it, the actors seemed very good, and the trailer seemed compelling. With all honesty, it was boring, weird, and the storyline was plain awful. The only 'positives' to it, was that there were a few laughs here and there, and the end credits, cause i was glad when it ended. I almost fell asleep, and everyone in the theatre seemed to hate it. Don't expect an ending that will shock you, cause there isn't anything at all. What you can expect is a a pointless story with a weird vision behind it. The acting was good, but it had nothing to back it up. So please, save your money, don't go see this movie. I usually hate people who write that in the reviews, so if your like me, than go see it and i dare you to say I was wrong.
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One Tree Hill: Pilot (2003)
Season 1, Episode 1
Greatest Show Ever - It's as simple as that
17 November 2008
One Tree Hill has redefined the name ''television series''. Easily the most well written series ever, with amazing actors and a great combination of humor, romance, action, and suspense. The pilot really gives you the feeling that this show has something special, and is running with it, running long and hard. OTH has the best music with amazing bands, that sometimes no ones ever even heard of before, but yet, they are still amazing. Take Gavin Degraw for example. He didn't have many sales for his album, but the second one tree hill made his hit song ''I don't wanna be'' the theme song, his sales sky rocketed. One tree hill has been strong for 6 seasons, and hopefully there's much more to come. The material is still fresh and Mark Schwan is the greatest television creator living today. The pilot episode started something that didn't seem to go anywhere at first, but keeps growing as it continues on. 10/10 to Mark Schwan, the actors, the writers, the directors and everyone else involved with One Tree Hill.
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Transformers (2007)
Possibly one of the greatest movies ever made
16 October 2008
WOW. This movie cannot be described in words. You cant explain how perfect this movie is. How the hell did it only get 7.5/10. I do not understand. The action was out of this world. The effects were amazing. The Script and story was creative and brilliant. And the actors were perfectly chosen. There's the perfect amount of everything in this movie. Romance, Comedy, Action, Thriller, and the list goes on and on. Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox connect on screen very well and the transformers effects look so real, you could have fooled me. Michael Bay brings his best and succeeds. Everything just goes so well together.

Best movie in a long time. See this if you have not or your missing out!
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Eagle Eye (2008)
Extremely Underrated
16 October 2008
This movie is so well executed, its kinda sad that people gave it 6.9/10. It deserves much better then that. Shia Labeouf gives another great performance. You can feel his emotion at the end of the movie. You always believe how he feels and its never overdone. The script is perfect. People say its unrealistic. Somewhat yes but still most of it is attainable with our technology from today. The action scenes are very well shot and you get extremely into it. Some people say its confusing. A few parts could be more clear but they explain it more reaching the end of the movie. Its very well executed because it connects everything from start to finish.

All in all, go see this movie. One that should have a better rating. And will not be forgotten.
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