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It's kinda like Mac vs. PC's.
26 October 2010
If you expect a Hollywood blockbuster, you'll be disappointed. If you expect a fun and great story with a perfect plot, you might be disappointed. If you just want to be entertained and are tired of "Anja & Viktor" or "Tempelriddernes skat" (The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar), you will not be disappointed. For a Danish film, the visual effects are amazing. It is in a way "our" version of 'Star Wars' - if you compare where Danish film is right now, and what Nikolaj Arcelhave done, this IS our 'Star Wars'. But most of all, it's just fun. And is that not what movies like "The Goonies" ('85) have to be? It's just damn good fun. It's not perfect, but hey! Neither was or is 'Star Wars'. I would love to see more of this "Hollywood" competition coming from Danish directors, and not only in terms of visual effects. I would like to see the Danish film producers "try harder".
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Avatar (2009)
Pochahontas meets 2009.
20 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, the plot is nothing new. The good guy gets to work for the bad guys, only to find out that he is working for the bad guys. He then realizes his mistake, and then flip sides. But just after the nick of time and he loses the trust of his new love - one of those he was supposed to fight... you know the story line.

Every person on planet Earth who have seen a movie about an under cover cop, a spy or something like that - would know this story to their finger tips. But still. I don't feel this movie is as much about the plot as about the way it was made.

To be honest. I didn't expect a perfect story line miracle, but a new way to watch a movie. The CGI, the 3D effect and so on are almost addictive and 'Avatar' should be every enthusiast first 'trip' down "Wow! This is how it must have felt to watch the original Star Wars back in '77"-lane.

We have seen CGI for a long time now, only getting better and better. And as much as I hate to admit it, this should also at the same time be your only reason to watch this movie.

The CGI.

And I ain't exaggerating when I say: This movie is going to push the bar. It's not like: "Wow! That's great!" - and then fall back to "ordinary CGI". It's the whole way through. Camera moves and so on.

It's highly recommended for good and well known story added the latest and greatest in CGI. And I fear that we'll have to wait some time to see something almost similar to this.
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Danish humor at it's best.
13 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The poster boy of this project, Anders Matthesen, is regarded being one of the best (stand-up) comedians and multi-artists in Denmark. So a movie like this would be a bullet proof exercise in Danish animation and humor.


The style of the movie (animation-wise) is very much linked to the company behind it all."A Film". They have made a couple of animations, both short- and full feature. All of them have this particular style.

A great point to make about this movie is, that it displays a very good image of Danish humor among youngsters. It wouldn't surprise me if the rest of the world thinks it sucks big time. Danish humor is very odd. It's not uncommon, that our "hero" is very not like-able.

The over all plot is mediocre, but that's OK. Children get's beaten up, drunk people are on a rage and parents are very little aware of what the f*ck their children are doing.

All the characters are voiced - in Danish - by Anders Matthesen, and to see him do some of this stuff live, is - to be honest - a little bit scary. But freakin' awesome. It's like he has split personality, and of all the Danish comedians I know of, he is one of those in front, always pushing the envelope and crossing lines in what's funny and what isn't funny.

'Terkel i knibe' - is one of those projects, along with the radio shows and live performances. So of course, they had to make a movie about it.

It's not the best full feature animation out there, but it certainly is one of the funniest.

At least to this Dane.
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Sunshine (2007)
Alien meets 2001: a Space Odessy
17 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The main purpose of a movie is, by my opinion, primarily to entertain. To keep your mind of things, for at least some hours. There are serious movies, with actual social themes, there a comedy movies, with naked women and stupid guys... 'Sunshine' is, however, not in that category.

Very much like 'Batman begins' make you (or at least some people) feel, that this is really the beginning, 'Sunshine' makes you feel, that you are back to something, that went missing a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away).

It is not a space opera, action packed and romantic movie. But a very special Sci-fi thriller. What I liked the best was, that you are put right in there. No beginning or long intro, explaining the characters, their relations and so on. It's very much like the first 'Star Wars'.

I felt, as I was walking to the bus with my girlfriend, that this was a very special movie. Very much character driven, because the special effect where so amazing from the very first minute, that you totally forget everything about them. It's very much like 'Star Wars' physics. You don't think about the technology trying to explain how a lightsabre works. You just accept it and get carried away.

If you liked "2001: A Space Odessy" for the music, grand scale and interesting photography, if you liked 'Solaris' for the 'spookiness' (I don't even now if that's an actual word) and you liked "Aliens" for the claustrophobic atmosphere, you will love "Sunshine". I you don't like character driven movies, you will tend much more to focus on the facts of how things work. Don't. Just sit down, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself.

I'll buy this one, as soon I can effort a High Definition player, because the imagery i all worth it. And last but not least: It's a great story, told in a great way.
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John McClane is doing his thing, and he's very good at doing it...
17 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What really frustrates me at times is, that some people seem to have a sort of upper-class relation to movies. Even though, it's something they are so interested in, but they always seem to have the right words to express "the feelings of the director's dog, which is reflected in the pale clothing of the... blah blah blah".

This is one of the movies, that has to be seen for what it is. And what is that exactly? That's John McClane kicking some ass. And he is very good at doing it.

The casting for the various characters are sublime, and especially Justin Long is doing a very good job. He reminds me a bit of "Rat" from 'the Core' combined with "Justin" from 'Dodgeball'. The writers also did a fine job, of keeping all the "hacking expert-talk" out of the movie, which give us the feeling of seeing it from John's side, and absolutely not understanding anything. Left with the feeling of just want to blow something up.

It is by far, in my opinion, the best of the four movies. I remember seeing the first one on TV some years ago now, and i fell in love with it. I am not a die hard /he he/ action-genre movie fan, but when I am. It is movies like 'Die Hard' I love to see.

And that it because, you have to see them for what they are. They are not big dramas, character-driven, historical correct movies. They are for people, who just wanna see some action.

That's why 'Die Hard 4.0' (Danish title) is so good. There are only two things that were a little over the line. And that was the scene on the jet. Where he falls from the truck and lands on the jet... And then the scene where Bruce is (it's nice to see John's feelings, but I liked the balance from #1, #2 much better) telling Matthew how it's not cool, to be 'the hero'.

That's a bit of a shame, because that's why I like these movies. Because the hero is kicking ass, no matter what...
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