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Scandal (2012–2018)
Ridiculous Tripe
24 October 2013
This is the worst piece of putrefied garbage I've ever seen.

My g/f asks me to sit and watch it with her..."Sure honey, love to join in with you." Makes her happy, right? That lasted exactly one and a half episodes. An hour and a half of my life I'll never get back.

The casting is way off, the acting is weak, Tony Goldwyn is completely unbelievable as POTUS! I'm sorry to see Josh Malina on this show, I thought he was good on The West Wing. BTW, if you like a decent political/White House drama, try the West Wing or House of Cards. This show is a bunch of salacious BS. Soap opera stupidity.

Never again my sweet. Call your girlfriends if you're going to continue to watch this tripe!
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3 December 2012
Do NOT bother with this over-budgeted, poorly-written, over-acted, hammy waste of film stock. This movie was so bad it made me long for infinitely better movies like Barney's Great Adventure and Ed (note sarcasm).

Too many story lines (if you can even call them that)+too many stars=a complete crap fest.

I thought Zac Efron was terrible (not sure it was his acting more than it was the awful lines that were written for him). Michelle Pfeiffer (who is usually smoking hot) looked absolutely awful (I'm thinking this was on purpose since her character was basically worn out with life in general). Completely forgettable performances by all involved (would give Hector Elizondo a pass but his accent was a miss).

I usually like Gary Marshall films, but this one was a "worthless steaming pile of cow dung...figuratively speaking."

To sum up--other than the gratuitous shots of NYC, this movie has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. You'd be better off sticking a hot needle in your eye. At least then you'd be blinded and unable to view this crap fest.
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Worst movie EVER
16 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit, I've never seen any of the Twilight movies previous to this one. Accompanied my girlfriend on this one since she went with me to see Skyfall...

Caveat--I'm a guy and this is definitely not my type of movie. But I say with no equivocation that I tried to be open minded...I REALLY DID. I mean...she dragged me to the indie film "The Paperboy" and I actually enjoyed that.

OK. This was the worst piece of tripe I have EVER SEEN. I couldn't find one redeeming thing about this abomination of a "movie". Did it really have a budget of $75,000,000???? The movie effects looked so fake (The CGI effects used to make the baby were HORRIBLE. The scenes where the characters are moving at some sort of hyper-vampire speed were a joke). The lines were so cheesy and hackneyed (and horribly delivered by the actors) that it was laughable. The story line was completely disjointed...there was no flow to it at all.

I saw someone's earlier review here where she stated that she asked her friend "Is this a real movie?" Exactly. I found myself in disbelief the entire time.

My girlfriend...who admitted that this franchise was a guilty pleasure of hers---said she loved the other movies---FELL ASLEEP halfway through. This is someone who loves this franchise. In her words--this movie was a complete waste, there was no reason to break the final movie into two parts. They could have summed up everything that happened in this one by adding 15 minutes onto the last one and it would have made a much cleaner ending.

Biggest waste of two hours in my entire life. Waiting in line for two hours at the DMV to have one of their employees perform a root canal on me, while listening to Britney Spears perform "Oops I Did It Again" live would have been less torturous.
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15 April 2008
This is a VERY underrated movie to say the least. As has been pointed out in previous posts, this movie has a somewhat loose and highly implausible script but you find yourself saying "Who cares?" while shooting milk (or insert beverage of your choice here) through your nose. It was indeed due to a rare mix of actors in sync. While Kelsey Grammar is obviously a gifted actor (reference 'Frasier', this movie) the supporting actors/actress play their roles quite well. I found in interesting how they threw in the part about Duane Martin blowing the shot in the 'big game' for Navy's basketball team; if any of you is a basketball fan you'll remember Martin from 'White Men Can't Jump' and 'Above the Rim' and you'll know that Martin had a short stint in the NBA with the Knicks. Nice how they threw in believable character attributes such as this. Rob Schneider's anal-retentive character was the perfect offset to Grammar's calm demeanor. Lauren Holly played the gutsy-sexpot-with-a-brain well enough to make you want her to succeed. This is a movie that will make you laugh even if you've seen it many times before...the comic bits in this movie definitely last. I still find myself laughing 12 years later.

"Is that one of my chickens?" " This a parrot....from the Caribbean." "Well don't let it fly away...that's supper." "Arrrrr.....arr."
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