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A wonderfully hilarious take on the "Barbie" world
1 December 2013
The previous reviewer of this series unfortunately totally missed the point of this show. It is MAKING FUN OF the "OLD" stereotype of Barbie. It is NOT trying to say it is the way things should be. I have two girls (aged 7 and 3), and BOTH of them understand the humor (in different developmental stages). The 3 year old just thinks they're funny. My 7 year old laughs and asks questions and understands how a doll's life is nothing like real life.

The original reviewer's issue, it seems, is that she does not understand that and wants Barbie to be the shining example of how a girl should be.

I agree that previous Barbie movies have tried to put Barbie in a better life and showing values, but she still has an endless supply of money and is basically NEVER struggling to get the thing she wants (Except for not being GOOD ENOUGH at it or overcome the evil-doer). My two little girls would LOVE to ride horses all the time. They can't. So Barbie is a horrible role model, and Mattel should be shamed! I'm joking of course.

I actually applaud Mattel for allowing this take on Barbie to be made. They're making fun of themselves, and wonderfully so.
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