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What a load of rubbish!
14 August 2002
The Greatest American Hero was a really stupid show, produced by Stephen J.Cannell who brought us the equally dire and unrealistic A-Team! It is a pity, because he made some good series - The Rockford Files was a favourite of mine, but The Greatest American Hero was the Greatest load of rubbish ever! If you have a brain then do not watch this!
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Manimal (1983)
Abysmal TV Series, thankfully cancelled after a few episodes!
1 August 2002
Manimal was absolute rubbish! It should have been called "MINIMAL!" because he only ever changed into a panther or a hawk! Simon McCorkindale is not a bad actor so why did he agree to star in this sad show (money perhaps?!)? A very bad show with absolutely nothing going for it-watching paint dry on a wall is more exciting than this!
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Walker, Texas Ranger (1993–2001)
One of the worst TV series of all time!!
27 July 2002
Walker Texas Ranger is a very badly made show. For a start it is bad because one of the worst actors ever, Chuck Norris is in it. Chuck is in my Top Ten of worst actors along with David Hasselhoff, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven "Girlie voice" Segal. This show is so bad it is untrue, the first time I saw it I could not believe anyone could waste money making such a poor series. But what do you expect with Chuck at the helm, starring in it, producing it and even singing the dreadful title song if I remember correctly. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!!
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Airwolf (1984–1986)
80's show which was far better than Blue Thunder or the dreadful Knight Rider!
27 July 2002
Airwolf was the best of the 80's shows. Far better than the short lived (thankfully!) Blue Thunder series (although the Blue Thunder film was good) or the WORST TV show of the 1980's the aforementioned Knight Rider. The helicopter itself was cool and some of the aerial shots were really good. Sadly Jan-Michael Vincents' block-of-wood performance did not impress me and Ernest Borgnine got on my nerves sometimes. The series did go downhill towards the end of it's run and the later series were Hawkes' long lost brother St.John returned was absolute rubbish and was an insult to the original series. It had a classic theme tune too. One thing that annoyed me as well was the use of stock footage, you would often see the same shot of an exploding (model) helicopter crop up in a few episodes. It has dated a bit now especially Alex Cord as "Archangel" in that stupid white suit and the glasses with one black lens! All in all though, a pretty cool show!
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Walker, Texas Ranger (1993–2001)
Chuck Norris in possibly one of the WORST TV Shows ever made!
26 July 2002
Chuck Norris being the star of this show is enough reason not to watch it! He is one of the very worst actors ever, along with David "I talk to my watch!" Hasselhoff of Knight Rider fame and the likes of Jean Claude Van-Damme and the really bad Steven "Girly voice" Segal! I watched (why I do not know!) a few episodes of Walker Texas Ranger for a laugh and could not believe how bad it was, even by Chuck Norris standards! He acted in it, produced it and sang the title song so it was doomed from the start! I don't care what anyone says-this is a very very bad show indeed and should be avoided at all costs!
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Terrahawks (1983–1986)
The weakest of the Gerry Anderson Puppet Series!
26 July 2002
I remember watching this as a kid and I never really took to it in the same way as Captain Scarlet & Thunderbirds or Stingray. It was nowhere near as good as these earlier Anderson shows nor will it ever have the same cult status that those shows have. Watch the earlier shows-they are much, much better than Terrahawks!
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The Professionals (1977–1983)
Classic British 70's TV Show!
26 July 2002
I loved watching the Professionals as a child, although I probably should not have been watching it at seven years of age! It is being re-run on U.K. Gold at the moment on Saturday mornings so I have managed to catch a few episodes recently. It has dated badly-especially Doyle's (Martin Shaw) bad perm and the clothes and cars-lots of bad MK. 2 Ford Escorts and Hillman Hunters! The Professionals cars were cool in their day, but most people realize that Ford Capri's were total heaps of junk! The show was violent and exciting, but watching it now it seems a bit dated and bad in some places. I do like watching it though, I suppose for sentimental reasons more than anything else. I do like every now and then to spend a few hours watching classic 70's and 80's American and British TV shows- they don't make shows like this anymore-which will probably please people who hated them to begin with! Not the most intelligent crime show ever-it's no Inspector Morse by a long shot, but it is harmless escapist fun if that is what you are after. It is also fun to see guest actors who later went on to other shows in the 80's and 90's. Where is Lewis Collins now?
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A Truly Classic 1950's Sci-Fi Film!
26 July 2002
Forbidden Planet is one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies. It was way ahead of it's time and for it's day the special effects were very good. I first saw it when I was about ten years old and loved it and watch it any chance I get. I have been meaning to buy a copy of it on DVD, it is such a good movie and it's fun to see a young Leslie Nielsen of "Naked Gun" fame and Richard Anderson who went on to play Oscar Goldman in The Six-Million Dollar Man. It was the first time I saw the robot who went on to be Robbie the Robot in the Irwin Allen Lost in Space TV series. Walter Pidgeon was great and I loved the underground "Krell" city. This is one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made in my opinion.
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Cyborg (1989)
24 July 2002
I saw this movie again on Sky One last night, I had not seen it since it first came out on video (did it even get a cinema release?). I could not believe how badly made it was! The acting, even by Van-Damme standards was woeful. The special effects (if you could call them that!) were as bad as an episode of Dr.Who and the costumes were really bad. The scene were all the bad guys beat that guy up near the beginning of the movie is hilarious-they look like something out of a Michael Jackson video!! It is such a poor rip-off of far better movies like the Mad Max movies and Terminator. I found it very hard to sit through this movie, it was really an insult to my intelligence! Did the people who made it not realize what a pile of rubbish it was? Could they not see that? This has definitely got to be one of the worst movies ever made!
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UFO (1970–1973)
23 July 2002
I grew up watching Gerry Anderson's puppet series such as Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. These shows were great and I still watch them if I get a chance. But when it came to making shows with real actors I personally think Gerry Anderson should have stuck to making the puppet shows! The acting was dreadful in U.F.O. (and Space 1999 & the awful Space Precinct!) and to be honest Troy Tempest was less wooden than the actors in this show (and he is a puppet!) It was badly made and acted and I cringe with embarrassment when I see it on T.V. The models and sets were good but I was always reminded of watching Thunderbirds, and the acting so bad I was on a constant lookout for strings coming out of Ed Bishop's head! Avoid this at all costs - Captain Scarlett is much, much better!
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Much better than The Phantom Menace!!
30 June 2002
When I first went to see Attack of The Clones there was a power cut just were Jango Fett killed the assassin who he had hired to kill Amidala. I was very disappointed so I went to see it again while on holiday in Latvia. It was a much better than Episode 1, especially because the extremely annoying Jar-Jar Binks was only in it for a minute. The acting was the usual wooden standard of the series although Samuel L.Jackson was good. The story was better also, but I was disappointed that Jango Fett was killed off too easily just like Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. This movie was more in keeping with Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, which is still my favourite of the series so far. All in all a vast improvement on episode 1.
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Worst Soap Opera Ever made!!
29 June 2002
The Bold and The Beautiful has got to be one of the worst Soap Operas ever made in the history of television. The acting is atrocious and the storylines totally unbelievable. The entire show is a cheaply made set-bound excuse for a TV programme. People talk to themselves (characters like Brooke, Amber etc) and no one seems to think that this is odd abnormal behaviour! Where I come from people who talk to themselves are usually taken away by men in white coats and put in a mental institution! If you want to have a good laugh and want to see the worst acting EVER then watch this show-it is an example of how Not to make a TV show! It amazes me how such a bad show is still running after all these years!
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Lake Placid (1999)
4 June 2002
I watched Lake Placid recently and could not believe how stupid it was! Was it stupid intentionally or was it meant to be a comedy? Why good actors like Bill Pulman,Brendan Gleason and Oliver Platt agreed to star in this cheesy film along with the equally great actress Bridget Fonda, is beyond me. The story was dreadful and the characters were very unrealistic. The ending was so predictable-as predictable as an episode of the A-Team! When it was over I felt as if I had not sat for an hour and a half watching it, as the story really went nowhere at all. This film is so bad it has to be seen to be believed. The stars of Lake Placid were obviously hard up for some money when they agreed to do this movie! One can only hope they had fun making it!
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Hunter (I) (1984–1991)
2 June 2002
This was a dreadful show and Fred Dryers character was a very bad rip off of the Clint Eastwood 'Dirty Harry' character, only Fred was a block of wood in terms of his acting abilities (or should that be inabilities?). It was typical of 80's macho cop shows with bad title music by Ted Post which was very similar to The A-Team title music which he also wrote. The acting was bad as was the directing. The bad female sidekick 'Dee Dee McCall' played by Stefanie Kramer was equally bad and stereotyped. It is an insult to anyones intelligence to watch this 80's thrash. Avoid this at all costs! Starsky and Hutch was a much better show and it was made nearly tens years before this abysmal show.
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CHiPs (1977–1983)
What a load of garbage!!
2 June 2002
CHiP's was a really unrealistic show which I watched as a child in the 70's. Ponch and Jon were obviously sitting on their motorbikes on a low trailer being towed by a van, which is why they both managed to go around a corner exactly parallel to each other! They should have issued sunglasses to viewers of the show to cut down on the glare from Erik 'Ponch' Estrada's gleaming white teeth!.

As for the huge multiple car pile ups-what a laugh! Why these cars could not stop when they could see a crash way ahead on the highway is beyond me! Maybe the cars in the 70's had very bad brakes or very bad and blind drivers with the reaction time of a tortoise!

One extremely bad episode which I can remember has a young boy with roller skates hanging on to the rear fender of a car and being towed along the highway at about 60 miles an hour! How come the wheels on his skates did not wear off? I seem to remember some friends of his driving a stationwagon in pursuit, they were only about 8 years old, so how did their feet reach the pedals? If you want a laugh then watch an episode of this series!
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Space: 1999 (1975–1977)
The acting in Thunderbirds was better and less wooden!
26 May 2002
I was 5 years old when Space 1999 first aired on TV. I liked the show a lot and was also scared by some of the episodes. A few years ago BBC2 re-ran the series and I watched it. It has dated very badly-especially the bad 70's flares! Some of the acting was atrociously bad-especially Barbara Bain and Barry Morse-the puppets in Gerry Andersons Thunderbirds show were better than most of this cast. Martin Landau was very good as Koenig though. The interior sets of Moonbase Alpha were cool and I loved the Eagle Landers and I own two Dinky Models of them. It had a lot of good and bad points, but some episodes were very badly acted and directed. But I still have a soft spot for the series, although I think Gerry Anderson was better at making the puppet series such as Captain Scarlett and Thunderbirds, as some of the acting was very bad in Space 1999 and his other TV series, UFO and Space Precinct which were truly awful shows! Worth watching if you can ignore some of the bad acting!
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Blake's 7 (1978–1981)
One of my favourite childhood TV series!
25 May 2002
I was 8 years old when Blake's 7 first aired on BBC 1 and I loved it.

I was a fan of DR.Who so I liked Blake's 7 also. I have been watching it recently on UK Gold and it has brought back fond memories. Admittedly the Special Effects were very low budget just like DR.Who-You could always spot the shaky badly handpainted sets! The acting was a mix of good and bad, Avon (Paul Darrow) was excellent as was Servalan (Jaqueline Pearce) and Villa (Michael Keating) was very good also. Some episodes were really good and the script was great with some great dialogue by Avon. If you can overlook the very poor effects and men in rubber suits dressed as monsters then this was overall a great show.The last episode was a great cliffhanger although it upset me when I first saw it. I would love to see the series remade with Paul Darrow and the others-we never did know whether or not Avon and company died or not, so it could be remade. This was a classic series!
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Above the Law (1988)
Dreadful, badly acted macho cop movie!
24 May 2002
This is one bad movie! I first saw it on video and laughed so much because I could not believe how bad it was! Steven Segal is such a dreadful actor-he is so wooden. He may be able to fight but he certainly can't act!It was a typical 80's action movie with awful dialogue to match the awful acting and storyline. If you want a laugh then rent this on video and sit down and crack open a few beers and witness a truly bad piece of moviemaking!
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Starcrash (1978)
What a bad movie! Star Wars rip-off!
19 May 2002
Starcrash is so bad it is untrue! This movie was so obviously ripping off Star Wars and was very badly made and acted. Even the first time I saw it at the age of ten I thought it was dreadful! It is an insult to anyones intelligence to watch Starcrash! Don't waste your time with this movie-it has to be bad-David Hasselhoff is in it after all!
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Starcrash (1978)
Contender for one of the worst movies ever made!
17 May 2002
Starcrash is so bad it is unbelievable! It obviously tried to cash in on the success of StarWars and was a billion light years way from that great film! It had to be bad though, after all the worst actor of all time (in my opinion!), David Hasselhoff was in it! This man alone is a good enough reason Not to watch Starcrash, that plus the fact of its truly bad story and really bad special effects which are comparable to an episode of DR.Who-but DR. Who was far more original and clever than this abysmal Movie. Avoid this movie at all costs!
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Nowhere near as good as episodes 4,5 and 6!
16 May 2002
I was disappointed with the Phantom Menace-the story was boring and some of the acting was as wooden as David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider. Jar-Jar Binks was a pathetic character and Jake Lloyd who played young Anakin was pretentious. It lacked the flair of the other movies especially The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Maul was cool but he had too small a part in it. Attack of The Clones had better be an improvement on this disappointing long awaited prequel.
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One of my favourite TV Shows of my childhood!
15 May 2002
I loved The Six Million Dollar Man, I watched it every week if possible and actually wanted to be Bionic when I grew up! I even had Steve Austin Action figures including Oscar Goldman with his exploding Briefcase and Maskatron too. I was a big fan and still have a soft spot for the show and would happily watch it if it is being re-run on TV. It has dated badly in some ways, especially the clothes and hairstyles, but most shows from the 70's have anyway.

It was corny in places too and I wonder why objects such as rocks and steel bars made a whistling noise when Steve threw them! Also the androids were bad especially when their face came off and an actor had a mask with wires and lights on it over his/her face which meant realistically they would have had a side profile like E.T.!

But on the whole I loved it and have fond memories of watching it! It is a classic 70's show!
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Dirty Dancing (1987)
One of the worst Movies of the 80's!
14 May 2002
Dirty Dancing is in my opinion a dreadful, cheesy movie. I disliked it the first time I saw it and my opinion of it has not changed since then! It is a badly directed and produced film and far to sickly sweet. It is an awful movie which for some strange reason was very popular despite its awfulness. Even the song 'The Time of Our Lives' is dreadful, Middle Of the Road bland 80's pop-bad music for a very bad film! If you have any taste whatsoever DO NOT watch this movie!
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Battlestar Galactica (1978–1979)
Dreadful TV series whih ripped off Star Wars vey badly!
13 May 2002
I watched Battlestar Galactica a few years ago when BBC2 re-ran it. I had forgotten just how truly awful it was! The show was produced by Glen A. Larson who also made the equally bad Buck Rogers and went on to make the worst TV Show ever-Knight Rider.

The series was cheaply and badly made with so many ideas lifted from Star Wars and other far superior Movies and TV series, The worst series was when they finally reached Earth! The totally preposterous notion that the Space Travellers could defy the laws of gravity and jump into trees like the Bionic Man (which Larson also produced!) was nothing short of comical!

I would like to know how the main characters found the switch on their invisible flying bikes to make them visible again! These Flying Bikes were just present day motorbikes with bits of plastic put on them to make them look futuristic!

Battlestar Galactica was an insult to anyones intelligence! It is in my Top Twenty Worst TV Shoes Ever Made!
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The Equalizer (1985–1989)
Worst TV series Ever made after Knigh Rider!!
12 May 2002
Th Equalizer was a a dreadful show-totally over the top unrealistic! Edward Woodward was a rotten actor and lived up to the 'Wood' part of his name! Who could forget his block of wood performance in this show! Why criminals such as murderers, rapists and drug dealers would be afraid of a middle-aged English Man waving a pistol at them is beyond me! It was laughably bad, although the Title Music by Stewart Copeland of The Police was it's only redeeming feature. Yet another of the worst 80's TV shows to be made and inflicted upon the viewing public, with the added bonus of contender for worst actor Edward Woodward starring, why did anyone pick this Tree to star in this series? He is as bad an actor as David Hasselhoff of Knight Rider and Baywatch fame!
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