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Epic Movie (2007)
Stay Away!
3 February 2007
I can't say how bad this movie is. Like someone else, I wished for a negative score for this movie. Date movie wasn't the best in the world, but it looked like it should have been nominated for an Oscar compared to this drivel. I am normally a fan of parodies, so I was incredibly interested to see this movie especially when there were 2 Johnny Depp parodies. (I love him.) Crispen Glover made an interested choice for Willie Wonka, but interesting does not make a great film. The premise was trite and overwrought. The jokes meant to be funny weren't. I would definitely like to get that time of my life back and do something entertaining like, oh, getting a root canal. Save your money and your time! Epic is an epic disaster.
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I wasn't expecting much...
14 January 2007
I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed at several witty lines, especially one where Zach corrected Vince's grammar, but Vince didn't get it. Even Jessica Simpson didn't bother me because they didn't try to inflate her intelligence; they just made her a rather bland character.

The plot isn't original, but watching Vince pretend he was Tom Cruise from Cocktail made me laugh. When I watch this sort of movie I want to laugh and I did just that. Dane Cook was a pleasant surprise too. I had never seen anything with him. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie even though I didn't think that I would.
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