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Awesome effects. Crap goofy story. Too much violence and negativity.
19 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went to this movie with great expectations. I thought it would be an interesting story about the universe, about people living on other planets, about super-natural powers, about space travel and so on.

But I ended up with some sort of 70% fighting and bombs exploding, and evil characters in thirst of power, and aliens presented as very evil entities that want to hurt the Earth. There was so much tension and negativity in this movie that after 1 day, i still have stomach aches.

The story was very cheap. Again, the aliens were presented as very evil characters. Some looked like people (some actors needed to be shown - what the hell), some looked like dinosaurs, some looked like hell knows what. They were 'a very advanced' civilization. Bullshit. Advanced only technologically. But as level of consciousness they were bellow Earth. They had very egoistic behavior, they wanted power, and possessions, and unlimited life. They were much into killing and torturing, and lying and playing scams. BUT HEY, THAT'S NOT EVEN POSSIBLE. We all know that Atlantis was self-destroyed because they were very advanced technologically, but as level of consciousness they were falling. The Universe cannot sustain such a species.

Again, a lot of goofs. Some characters had the power of teleportation, but when they fought, they didn't anymore. Caine only could fly because of some roller-skates. HAHA! And many more.

I was expecting a more creative, inspiring and realistic plot. This will only work for people who want to see special effects and people fighting and bombs exploding. And boy saves girl in the last second. But people that have a little bit more knowledge about how the Universe works, and read a bit about aliens and civilizations, will just find this movie absurd and a wanna-be-cheap-blockbuster.

The visual effects were indeed great. But only that. This movie could have been something great... A waste of money and talent.
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You must read the book
13 February 2010
I accidentally stumbled upon this film. I didn't know there was a movie based on one of my favourite books. I read the book twice, and i could still read it a hundred times.

The film is very succinct, presents the main events, but shows very little of the feelings and inner thoughts of the characters, and of the Indian culture and philosophy. The book is much more introspective, deep and painful to read. The book is based on a true story. Mircea Eliade (Allan in the book/movie), a very famous Romanian philosopher (who also wrote the first History of Religions) travels to India in order to discover its culture. There he meets the love of his life, Maytreyi (Gaytri) but the cultural gap between western and eastern civilization gets in their way. The romance ends very badly, leading the two to extreme sufferance.

After many years, Maytreyi and Eliade both become very important writers, and they accidentally meet at a conference. After this event, Maytreyi writes a book with her side of the story.

I liked the casting very much of this movie, but the director could have done much more justice to such a painful romance.
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Bohemian rebellious...
12 October 2008
It's not like an historical movie, it's not a movie with unforgettable love stories, it's not a movie with a spectacular scenario, but i can surely say it's a movie with a great atmosphere...

It had that 60's kind of bohemian and rebellious spirit: a group of friends living in a poor apartment in Paris, each one making art, dreaming of changing the world, doing drugs and loving in his very own way.

It takes a lot of patience to watch, and a special mood, that if you're not in, you might find it extremely boring and dull.

I liked a lot the very realistic approach of the events that took place and their immediate effect on student's lives: the fear for their future, the difficulty of earning their living, the obstacles in following their dreams.

What i absolutely loved was the black & white image. The still camera angles were amazing, they were like freezing moments. It left me the impression of a long slide show of old and very emotive and suggestive photographs. I actually had to see the movie again, just to take those amazing screen-shots.

In one word: beautiful...
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