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That '70s Show (1998–2006)
A Good Long Run
18 May 2006
Wow 1998- 2006, 8 Years!, too bad it could not have made it to ten, but then that would involve drawing it into the 80s, and it would be the seventies show anymore. I still remember watching the first episode when it premiered. I did not go for it at first, but it sort of grew on me, and the obvious fact that it was a hilarious show. I could also relate to it being a guy who was born to late, but still appreciates/ prefers the past pop culture, more than whats going on today, with some exceptions. Its a bummer not to see anymore new episodes, but the last season, except for the finale was not so hot. When Ashton Kutcher, and Topher Grace left it just fell apart. But this show will live on in syndication for a long while! Thats about it except "Where was i for fun time?" - Eric Foreman
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What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002–2006)
Not Bad
15 September 2002
I am watching this right now, I taped it off of the TV. Because it was too early to watch on a Saturday. well the voices are pretty good, Scooby,s never been the same since Don Messick passed away. Frank Welker is a voice god, but I give his Scooby a B-. And the girl who does Velma, sounds OK but it really sounds a lot like shes still doing "Nancy" from kids from room 402. but maybe this show will take off. lets hope. frankly I thought that they should have just made Scooby movies. they made enough TV shows and screwed Scooby over with scrappy but this looks like it will be better. I say good luck to these creators. Re- write This Show is not good looking back. I don't know why I wrote this good of a comment. I read a lot of the other peoples posts here, and I see we are mostly on the same page. Frank Welker CANNOT do Scooby Doo, he sounds like "Chicken Boo" from the old "Animaniacs" Cartoon. Basically this is the worst Scooby series I have ever seen.
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Rocko's Modern Life (1993–1996)
24 July 2002
This was one of the best shows on Nickelodeon at the time. Ren and Stimpy was funny, but it got too gross for me. So I stuck more to Rocko. I saw every episode of the show, and loved them all, they are so friggin hilarious. Thankfully now, Nickelodeon came up with the Nicktoons TV channel on digital cable {Sux that they had to get rid of trio No Laugh In!} Im happy its back on. {watching it right now!} All I have to say is "Stay out Of my Salmon Bushes" Greatest Cartoon Show Ever.!
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Veery Interesting, But Enjoyable
9 July 2002
I saw this over the christmas holiday on TRIO, It was a good little clip show of basic pieces from previous shows, also it had interviews with some of the cast in the present. They all still looked good. Overall I enjoyed it alot. I actully became a huge laugh-In fan. So it was a great show, and Arte Johnson Is the best. I recommend it. Id Sock it to anyone, it was a great little Ringy Dingy. It was Veery Interesting! by Henry Gibson.
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Scooby-Doo (2002)
14 June 2002
I just got back from seeing this movie, and I love it to death. It was not all just a silly childrens movie. It had the funny references to you know what "My names Mary Jane" "Scooby Snacks" and The mystery machine by the beach with smoke coming out of it, and Scooby and Shaggy Laughing hysterically. It was also funny with Scooby and Shaggy getting in a farting war. And the ending was the bomb {See it for yourself to find out.} Overall for being a giant Scooby fan, and almost not wanting to see this movie, I'm glad I did, because I loved it, it left me feeling enlightened and entertained. None of the movie was disappointing or stupid at all. I give this movie a 10 for being very funny, heartwarming, and overall great. Scooby Doo is back and better than ever!
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Match Game (1973–1982)
1 June 2002
I am watching this game show right now, and I have been watching this show for about most of this year. and at first when I saw part of this I never saw all of it. and I thought it was a dating show, ya know "Match Game" but then one night after LETS MAKE A DEAL I saw the opening for this and I thought it looked stupid. and the only time id watch if Dick Martin was on {I am a big LAUGH-In Fan} But soon I started watching it, and I fell in love with it. this show is the best. Gene Rayburn is an excellent host, Brett and Charles are........ Well there Brett and Charles. And My favorites Richard Dawson, except I am starting to hear about this controversy with him in 78, {if anyone can give me any info, please E-mail me] and all of the guest panelists are great too. This show is something for me to do, {its also helping me fight smoking] even though this show is so weird I think I need to quit it and go back to smoking, No Way. Well I am going on and on too much, basically this show is one of the greatest game shows, ever. Love it, and I want to watch it for as long as its on!
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Match Game (1990–1991)
Stupid, and Pointless!!!!!!!!!!1
31 May 2002
Ok,I started watching game show network {to give me something to do, besides smoking} and I watched the old match game and loved it which i still do, but i woke up one morning and saw this god awful match game 90. this was really stupid, there was no gene rayburn {god rest his soul} so that was no fun, No Richard Dawson, No Brett, the only one there was charles. and he made it some fun, but the other thing that was stupid, was the dumb lady who brought her {butt Ugly} poodle on the set, and then the intelligent rocket scientist with the sorry looking dragon puppet. But thats the problem with the early 90s is they werent as tacky as the 80s but were not as hip as the late 90s {frankly im a 60s and 70s person!] so people decided well lets make this show again but 90s style, which is to basically use a bad color theme. and then have Jerk faced people, on here so,thats basically a game show in the early 90s, something thats half tacky as the 80s and really stupid. well frankly i think the Match Game From the 70s was better. and even though some would debate me that there decorating was tacky i say it was better than this awful excuse for a game show. And Richard Dawson if you read this { I highly doubt it} You were the best of the bunch.
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Spacecats (1991– )
Weird show!!
25 April 2002
I saw this a few times, and basically it just reminded me of cats that sounded like ALF, what a freaky show! its too bad that it is not on anymore, I saw it like once or twice, but it was too weird for me, but I would like to see it now. weird show, but interesting
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