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Not too "serious series", but still enjoyable
14 July 2002
I loved this TV show as a kid, without having a problem with Spidey having friends.Firestar was my ideal, I loved Spidey, and Iceman had great sense of humour. Admire, emotions & laugh; I think these three things can get you totally attached to the main characters.

And here comes the big BUT. Knowing the original story, the "webisodes" of this series is like seeing Peter Parker's life in pink. His problems are always solved so easily, because his friends are always there to help him out, which of course they should do, but not having to face any bigger problems makes it less realistic. The other problem is that the series persists in ending every new adventure in 30 minutes. I personally hate it, when any kind of story is cut with a "To be continued..." sign, but from the point of view of the story, it can be useful if the writer has more time to work out the story, or add another great turn before the end.

All in all I think this series is like Peter Parker himself, before he had gotten his powers; a little odd, but loveable.
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