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Omkara (2006)
29 July 2006
One of the few Indian movies that has touch the international standard. Its good that Indian cinema is getting better every year in terms of technique applied. Initially not much attention was given to editing and cinematography. The adaptation is very well done, no arguments on that. Cinematography is one strong point of the movie. What i have noticed is that cinematography standard is very high when its a vishal bharadwaj film. Background Score is equally good and haunting, just to match the subject line. I did't notice a single goofup in the movie.

As far as the acting is concerned, no one did it bad actually. Saif is the dark horse and steal the show from the rest of the. The overall acting standard is such, that it puts Hollywood aside.

Director(Vishal Bharadwaj) was successful in capturing the creeping poision like feeling in the movie.

Songs were really good and to my surprise did not stop the pace of the movie.

In all, this movie can easily be sent to the Oscar and to add i will not be surprised if it gets the nomination and a win.

A must watch.

I missd Irfan Khan(Maqbool) and Tabu(Maqbool) though, but even then it was really good.
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Its pumps you up in the end...honestly! It does.
13 August 2005
I saw it. I was lucky enough to find the ticket. As for the movie goes...if you are expecting a Lagaan (I mean the flair) its not there BUT B U T BUT its a really well made movie. Cinematography is excellent, it meets the Hong Kong Film industry standard in every sense(Hong Kong has become better than Hollywood in cinematography lately). Music is not bad at all Mangal Mangal song is really good and there is one Banjara(Gypsi) song which is really FRESH. Choreography is as always good ....the best in the world. One thing that surprised me was the improved special effects. A technically well made movie in every sense..no issues on that.

Acting...you get what you expect of him... you know who I mean. Toby was really good but if compared quarter as good as him. Rani..not much scope...but she ended up creating an impact...every other character was good..the women in the role of KAMLA i think her name is MONA did a really good job (she was really good in that two bit role..thats what i call to make an IMPACT).

How I personally judge a movie is by its impact over me when i leave the hall. And there was an IMPACT. As per my movie experience goes this is a kind of movies that will grow on any one after every subsequent viewing.
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My Life (1993)
True Art
9 October 2004
After seeing this one i am just proud of putting Michael Keaton in my top 10 best actor of the world list: 1.TOM HANKS/ AAMIR KHAN 3.Michael Keaton 4.Irfan Khan ....etc

The accuracy of the movie can be appreciated when YOU SEE A PHOTOGRAPH OF Nicole Kidman on a table having the looks of 80's (Early years of her marital life in the movie because the movie is set in 1993) with curly hairs. She is very convincing in her acting. Michael Constantine was also very good as the father of Michael Keaton.

Michael Keaton was just awesome....cannot say more than that. I really do not have words to say how I feel about his work. I don't know if he has won an Oscar or not. But from some time back i have doubts on the credibility of Oscars.
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Taxi Taxie (1977)
A beautiful and honest theme.
7 May 2003
One thing to be praised about the movie is its simplicity. A harsh city, a kind hearted taxi driver. It is a depiction of events in the life of a person (who becomes a taxi driver), who came to the harsh city of Bombay in search of his love. He lives with a hope to find her. During this time there are series of events of which he becomes a part, telling about the different gray shades of life. He meets a girl who ran away from her house seeking for a bright career in singing. He helps the girl in becoming a singer. The movie is missing the package gloss that hollywood movies have. It is not technically well made but the flair is still very much there. The opening song "taxi taxi" is nice and peppy to listen. In all an honest theme.
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