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8 May 2005
i loved star wars as a kid. i grew disenchanted with the new trilogy. i was prepared for another letdown.

i was surprised to see that things really come together. 'sith' has a coherent story, well told, well paced. the movie is full of fireworks, but they always support the progression of the story, nothing felt unnecessary like some stuff in the earlier episodes. the characters were all solid. some were even great. there were quiet, slow paced moments that made sense, felt right. the transformation of the characters came across well. the conflicts are complex, personalities are multifaceted. this movie carries a lot more weight than episodes 1 and 2.

not everyone will be happy. there are weak moments, there is wooden dialog, there's cheesy romance. nevertheless, for most of the audience, even non hard-core star wars believers, this movie works. it's great entertainment, and it ties in very well with episodes 4-6. the sense of disconnect that people felt with episodes 1 and 2 is gone. you will want to go home and watch 'a new hope' right after seeing 'revenge of the sith'.
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good entertainment
11 October 2003
if you're expecting another 'special' coen movie, you'll be disappointed.

this is plain fun entertainment and nothing more. makes one wonder whether the coens were like 'well, after all this weird stuff, let's do something straightforward, we're getting old after all...'.

there's the odd coen-esque element here and there, some of it feels a bit out of place, particularly the grotesque partner in Massey's (Clooney) law firm. but that's really of no importance. the movie is great fun, lots of good ideas in the detail, good choice of actors (as usual), particulary Geoffrey Rush and Billy Bob Thornton are hilarious. Fun story too with nice twists, although nothing too unexpected.

ocasionally a bit uneven, as if the makers hadn't been quite sure whether they wanted comedy, outright slapstick, or another one of those 'special' coen movies. doesn't matter. go see it.
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Gigli (2003)
ouch! ouch! ouch!
4 August 2003
make it stop! this is painful! if you're addicted to suffering go see this movie, it is guaranteed to hurt big time.

how such a ridiculous piece of work could be produced without getting stopped on the way by some merciful producer or investor is beyond me. it boggles my mind! i hope whoever allowed this to happen will never, ever be allowed to produce movies again.

i can only strongly encourage affleck and lopez to break up, so there would at least be certainty that they couldn't act together any more, resulting in their future movies being only 50% as hideous as this one.

oh, my head is still hurting *grabs the bottle of aspiring sitting on his desk*. there's movies you want to see because they are so bad they're funny again. this is not one of them. go see 'battlefield earth' or 'santa claus conquers the martians' for some laughs.
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