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I don't understand the bad reviews!
7 October 2016
I'm a Woody Allen fan, but I wasn't sure what to expect when I read some of the reviews. Now that I'm finished, I honestly can say that I don't understand why this got slammed by the critics. Is it on the level of Annie Hall? Of course not. But I thought it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Woody Allen's character is very Woody Allen and fun to watch him fumbling around. Elaine May and her gaggle of book club friends are amusing, but the funniest scene is with Trooper Mike in the last episode.

I think the weak point is probably Miley Cyrus. I just didn't buy her as Lenny.
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First part OK, last 45 minutes unwatchable
4 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I started this movie, I was thinking "hey, this isn't so bad -- why all the hate?" It was nice seeing the ladies again, and even though the dialogue was pretty cheesy, I was actually enjoying it.

BUT by the last 45 minutes, I was ready to just turn it off. Around the time that Samantha got arrested, the plot just got so absurd that I wasn't sure if I could make it through the end. It became too stupid and NOTHING like the actual show. Granted, it wasn't a great movie before that point, just mediocre, but it was certainly watchable, especially if you were a fan of and miss SATC.

I think it's time to say good-bye to the girls. There's no reason another movie needs to be made.
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Tyger (II) (2006)
Mesmerizes my baby
14 December 2009
My husband and I DVRed this from IFC, and my one-month old baby was in the room and he was absolutely MESMERIZED by it. Whenever he's cranky, if we put this on, it completely soothes him. It's aesthetically nice to look at, I thought it was interesting how it has such an effect on my baby. I can't say I personally understand it, but perhaps the baby has a better understanding of it than I do. :-) I guess the baby found it aesthetically fascinating!

An interesting short, worth checking out. And if you've got a fussy little baby on your hands, DVR Tyger to see if it works for you, too.

One of the better shorts that I've seen on IFC.
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Match Point (2005)
Pretty good movie
11 February 2006
The movie moved really slowly at first and I started getting a little restless, but once it picked up the pace it made sense why the beginning moved so slowly. It was really setting up what was going to happen later.

I am really glad that Woody Allen did a film noir. He did a great job. I love old Woody Allen movies, but he hasn't done anything spectacular in about twenty years. This movie was a breath of fresh air.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was decent...not great, but he did pull it off. Scarlett Johanssen is one of the most over-hyped actresses of the day. She didn't bring much to this role and her acting was so poor that I found it infuriating. She'll probably continue to get roles due to the fact that she's pretty, but she was definitely the weak point in the movie. Emily Mortimer was great in her role as Chloe. Completely underrated. The other supporting actors blew the two leads out of the water.

I recommend the movie, but for the engaging storyline. If you want to see amazing theatrical performances you might not be very impressed.
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My So-Called Life (1994–1995)
26 March 2005
MSCL was not a great show. It was, however, a good show, but I could see why it got canceled. The characters were always inconsistent with themselves...most of them had no defining character traits, with the exception of the mom who was annoyingly neurotic to the point where it was often painful to watch her. The episodes drag and the plot lines with the parents are contrived and dull.

On the flip side, the show was definitely more true to life than most high school dramas. The characters all spoke like real teenagers and had realistic dialog. The acting was great too. Jared Leto had the teenage burnout thing down pat and Claire Dane's awkward-pouty face captured how many high schoolers felt.

"Freaks & Geeks" is a better example of a realistic high school show.
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The Minion (1998)
10 August 2004
I can't think of much to say about this film.

This was an awful movie...I can't even tell you what made me decide to view it. It had SO few redeeming qualities that I don't even know where to begin.

The plot moved from implausible to downright absurd. My entire body was tense throughout the duration of the movie because I could not wait for the awful thing to be over and done. By the end of the movie, I found myself feeling beyond relieved.

The editing was poor, the acting was sub-par, and the storyline was weak. Francoise Robinson was cast as a Native American, even though she does not even closely resemble someone of Native American heritage.

If a movie is going to be this idiotic, it should be laughably stupid -- at the very least. It wasn't. It was just pathetic.
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Very funny
9 August 2004
This show takes a few episodes before you *really* GET it. And once you get it, you'll realize why everybody thinks it's one of the best sitcoms ever.

Each character is really defined and original...with real, unique personalities. All of the actors have fantastic chemistry, making for really great interactions and relationships within the show.

The writing for this show is great, and the plots are so absurd that you can't help but find them funny.

A refreshing change in a world where people like reality's the only good sitcom left.
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Ed Wood (1994)
Good biopic
4 August 2004
Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors, Tim Burton's a great director, and I like Sarah Jessica Parker I couldn't wait to watch the movie.

The direction is fantastic, and Johnny Depp is PERFECT playing the role of Ed Wood. He made the character seem so quirky, naive, and determined...he really brought the role to life.

However, the second half of the film dragged a little bit...and Patricia Arquette is an astoundingly horrible actress. I feel that she ruins many films...she brought nothing to Ed Wood and was poorly cast.

Anyway, my rating: 7/10
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Goodfellas (1990)
Great movie
4 August 2004
One of my favorite movies, ever.

The plot is fascinating, each of the scenes is extremely powerful, Scorsese did a phemonenal job directing, and the acting is amazing. Joe Pesci's character is one of the scariest characters I've ever seen on film or TV. Robert DeNiro is, as usual, terrific, and Ray Liotta plays his part perfectly.

The movie is over 2 hours long, but it goes by so quickly that you want to watch it all over again after it's over.

The most chilling scene in the movie is the "Layla" scene...I've never felt that way about a scene in a movie before.
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The Village (2004)
Great concept, boring movie
2 August 2004
I was excited to see "The Village"...I went into the theater knowing nothing about it except that it was directed by M. Night. Since I appreciated his previous efforts, especially "The Sixth Sense", I was eager to see this film.

I came out of the theater feeling disappointed. While the idea for the movie was interesting, the actual movie was beyond dull. The majority of the movie was filled with unrelated filler material. The Ivy and Lucious affair came out of nowhere. They seemingly had no relationship, then they began to talk about getting married? And why did they spend time with the storyline about Lucious and Ivy's sister? It was completely unrelated.

I understand that films such as this are building up to SOMETHING...and I find myself getting ansy waiting for the twist. It's unfortunate that throughout the duration of the movie, I impatiently waited for the twist, as opposed to enjoying every moment of the movie. When the twist occurred, I wasn't very shocked...I was just thinking, "Oh. Okay." instead of "OH MY GOD, WOW!"

Another irksome quality of this movie was Ivy's hair. All of the other women had long hair, tied into braids or buns. Ivy, on the other hand, had short-ish curly hair and it looked like it had a lot of mousse in it. It looked wrong for their culture, and especially for a blind girl who wouldn't manicure her own hair in that fashion. They could have easily taken a little bit of extra time to make her hair more appropriate.

This screenplay could have been shaved of about an hour of its content and made an interesting episode of "The New Twilight Zone", or something to that effect. I didn't think it deserved a spot on the big screen, and the idea certainly did not need to be flushed out to a full length feature film.

You can analyze anything deeply and come up with astonishing conclusions...however, I don't feel that there was any strong allegory in this film. It was supposed to be creepy and it did not deliver.
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Horrible, horrible movie
2 August 2004
This movie was so terrible that I couldn't even bear to finish it.

After hearing the concept of a "liquid satan", I made the inaccurate assumption that this movie would be campy and ridiculously funny. Unfortunately, the filmmakers took this movie far too seriously. The premise is so absurd that I can't fathom how anybody could take this movie seriously.

First off, the movie is incredibly dated. Many of the actors and actresses sport hideous mullets. The overpowering soundtrack sounds like it would be more appropriate for a work-out video.

The movie tries to come across as intelligent. It fails. I watched this movie with my boyfriend, a scientist, who said that most of the "science" that they speak of is rubbish. This makes the movie difficult to follow because it is based on utter nonsense.

This movie is dreadful. Don't watch it. There a million MUCH BETTER things that you could do with these two go to the DMV, have an appointment with your proctologist, wait in line at the post office, etc. You get my point.
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Demonlover (2002)
The worst movie I've ever seen.
28 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
*slight spoilers*

What a dreadful film. I feel violated and angry. I subjected my mind to two hours of pretentious, yet meaningless drivel. Demonlover was one of those movies that was bizarre for the sole sake of being bizarre. It was impossible to follow, and after a while, I didn't even CARE what was going on. I just wanted the movie to be over with. It felt like it was ten hours long.

The excessive language changes were most likely intended to make the movie seem worldly and artistic, but instead it just seemed if to say: "look at us, we're trilingual!"

The plot was thin. The editing was in the neo-indie, overly-edited, MTV style. The boobs were either in Japanese XXX (while the main character was watching porn) or they were covered in blood (after the main character shot her lover in the head mid-coitus).

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The Sight (2000 TV Movie)
See it!
28 July 2004
"The Sight" turned out to be a delight! It was a suspense movie about a serial killer...with a supernatural twist. The protagonist helps find the killer by utilizing his "sight", given to him by a dying woman. He has the ability to communicate with the dead. What better way to find out who the killer is than to talk to his victims?

This movie was entertaining throughout the entire duration (which was only 90 minutes). The acting was superb, the entire movie was fast-paced, and the plot played with my mind and kept me at the edge of my seat. The last fifteen minutes left me saying "holy sh!t" , while the clever comic relief left me giggling.

One of the best surprise endings I've seen, aside from "The Sixth Sense" and "The Others".

I am extremely picky about the types of movies I enjoy...and this one was great. Don't let the fact that it was made for TV scare you's better than most Hollywood blockbusters.
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Route 666 (2001)
Hardly deserves even one star.
7 June 2004
Route 666, a direct-to-video release starring Lou Diamond Phillips, was about a group of US Marshalls transporting a protected witness to California. They decide to take a shortcut; Highway Route 666. Route 666 had been closed for due to many bizarre car accidents.

This movie did not seem to fit into any specific subgenre of a horror flick. Was it a zombie movie? Was it a ghost story? Was it an action movie? It was all of the above, yet NONE of the above. The action was cartoonish, especially with these zombies looking more like bad modern art made with clay, and the tacky cinematography which was more appropriate for a video game.

The acting was dreadful, with the exception of Steve Williams. Lori Petty's voice was like nails on a chalkboard, Lou Diamond Phillips seemed very detached from his role, and the supportive characters either overacted or seemed completely disinterested. Who casted this movie? The acting left much to be desired.

This film was stupidly laughable at best, and painfully asinine at worst. Even boobs wouldn't have been able to save this one. Avoid this at all costs!
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Absolutely terrible
23 November 2003
What an awful movie...I couldn't even manage to get through a half hour of it. And I was high -- shouldn't this be the type of movie that's funny after you smoke a bowl? It's not. It was annoying as hell. It's not even remotely funny! It's just irksome and nerve-grating.

In other news: Ashton Kutcher is not funny and he looks like a butch chick.
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Cherish (2002)
Good stuff!
7 September 2003
I liked this movie! A lot of problems with new indie films is that they try to be too artsy (with rapid cuts or industrial music) or too dark where you wind up loathing all of the characters. This movie was neither. The soundtrack was ecclectic and quirky. You were able to sympathize with all the characters.

Nelson and Tunney had great chemistry and were fun to watch together. The genres (comedy/drama/thriller) meshed very well together to make a cohesive, entertaining piece.

Good job :-)
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Secretary (2002)
Eh...not so much
1 September 2003
First off, let me say that I have no problem with S&M. I'm not bothered by it and I viewed this film with an open-mind. So the content of the movie was not why I disliked it.

The movie was dull and anti-climactic. It was TEDIOUS for me to watch, because I kept waiting for something to happen...and it didn't. Generally I find that when movies are slow, they are leading up to something big. Unfortunately, this did not. The ending was unsatisfied and too much akin to a "Hollywood ending".

After watching the movie, I felt like I wasted my time because the film was pointless.

Also, if the director was trying to show sadomasochism occurring in a real environment, he did a poor job. The sets, albeit aesthetically pleasing, did not fit the movie. The music was like that of a porno, which degraded the quality of the movie to me.

The atmosphere of the movie was all felt cold, one-dimensional, and clinical. I didn't care about the characters at all.

A lot of people seemed to enjoy this movie...I think that because a movie is "different" or "independent" people think that they are deep or intellectual by enjoying it. But I don't think that these had any hallmarks of a good movie. People just feel pressured to like it because it's indie.

I thought it was a waste of time...there are so many better movies than this.
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About a Boy (2002)
Very good!
22 August 2003
I liked this movie!! I thought it was sweet without being sickingly sappy...and it was downright hilarious! I was cracking up throughout the duration. It was slightly predictable, but it was still great fun.
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loved it
20 August 2003
Why is the rating for this movie so low? I thought it was a great kids movie. I used to watch it all the time growing up. It's cute, zany, and fun to watch.

It's about this kid whose parents tell him to pick a turkey up for Thanksgiving dinner...instead, he pops up with a GIANT chicken named Henrietta...this causes ALL SORTS of trouble!
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That '70s Show (1998–2006)
Really, really bad.
12 August 2003
Why is this show so popular? It's beyond me why people like it. I think it's one of the worst sitcoms out there.

Because it's so popular, I've tried more than once to watch it and I can't make it through an entire episode.

For one thing, the acting is horrible. Everybody is overacting to the point where it's annoying to watch. They talk in unnatural voices, use unnatural tones, and have unnatural body language. I've seen better acting in a kindergarten school play.

For another thing, it's NOT FUNNY. The plots are dull. They're not creative, intelligent, or FUNNY. Shouldn't a sitcom be funny?? Why am I not laughing?

Lastly, what is seventies about this? It's about as authentic to the seventies as "Happy Days" was to the fifties.

OH and what is up with Ashton Kutcher? Who cast this untalented dweeb? And now he's making movies?? Oh, save us all!

If people think this is quality television, it worries me.
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Baby Looney Tunes (2002–2006)
I like it!
11 August 2003
I think this show is awesome.

First off, I hate the original Looney Tunes. It's made for the IDIOT masses...endless, repetitive episodes of cartoon characters chasing each other and dropping anvils. They are mean-spirited and dull.

"Baby Looney Tunes", although a bit of a "Muppet Babies" rip-off, is clever. The humor is smart. There's actual dialogue as opposed to that horrid Roadrunner going "meep meep" and making the poor Coyote get flattened into a pancake by an anvil.

I also like the artwork in this show. I like the backgrounds, like they were drawn with colored pencils. And the babies seem cuddly and cute, like you really do want to hug them.

Good show, and great for kids. Don't subject them to the rubbish that was the original Looney Tunes cartoons. This is of much higher caliber.
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Favorite Deadly Sins (1995 TV Movie)
One of the worst movies ever
13 April 2003
After the "Anger" segment with Andrew Dice Clay, I turned it off. It was probably one of the worst films I have ever viewed in my life...along with CONEHEADS and the Jurassic Park sequel.

The acting was horrid, the dialogue was downright bad, and it wasn't funny in the least bit. I don't remember laughing once.

Do yourself a favor and SKIP IT. I don't know what made this film a "National Lampoon" but stick to the Christmas one or the one where they go to Wally World. But for the love of GOD, please don't torture yourself by viewing this utter crapola!
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Stigmata (1999)
Not bad
8 April 2003
Not a great movie, but good nonetheless. Patricia Arquette isn't a a great actress, and there is no way in hell she could pull off playing a 22 year old. Also, the overtly trendy cinematography, while aesthetically pleasing, didn't really match the tone of the movie. Other than that, it kept me entertained...and the story was relatively interesting. But don't watch it if you have problems with suspending your disbelief or are offending by sacrilege.
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Vanilla Sky (2001)
31 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I didn't particularly like this movie. The cinematography was great, the acting was great, soundtrack was great...the story was weak. First off, it was built up like a psychological film, and then suddenly became a fantasy. It took too long to let you know it was a fantasy, and then when you look back on just doesn't seem to fit or flow well. The whole LE thing seemed STUPID and SILLY...far from thought provoking. I felt disappointed, gypped, and most of all, unsatisfied. There was no real conclusion to the film...and oftentimes when a story lacks a conclusion it still leaves you wondering about things. I didn't wonder anything. I simply did not care.

The movie would have been a lot more enjoyable to me had the whole lucid dream BS been in Tom Cruise's mind. To me, the human mind is far more disturbing and twisted than than the Life Extension thing.

Again, I think this is another movie that people tend to enjoy simply because it's artsy. Artsy, maybe it was...but that was just because of the cinematography. The plot was not artistic, like I said, it was silly and full of holes.

I'd just as soon watch GROUNDHOG DAY. That movie actually seemed more properly thought out than this collosal mess!
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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003–2010)
19 March 2003
Hilarious stuff.

"Bulls***", on Showtime, investigates things from the pop culture (like feng shui, bottled water) and reveals that they are, indeed, BS. There is also a bit of a candid camera element to them, making sure that the people look as stupid as possible.

e.g. They filled up fancy looking bottles with hose water and gave them what sounds like fancy names (like Aqua de Culo, which means "butt water" in Italian)...and people at a restaurant raved about how clean and tasty the waters were, as opposed to tap water.

Penn's cynical commentary is also hilarious. Him and Teller do a great job with this show.
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