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Soulcalibur IV (2008 Video Game)
FInally lives up to the standard.
12 August 2008
1999 Soul Calibur set a new standard for 1 on 1 weapons fighters.

The game was superb and sadly only available on the dead Dreamcast.

2003 SC 2 comes out. 3 systems 3 special characters. A slight improvement graphically and game playwise over the first.

2005 SC 3. Which was SC2 with a few new characters. It hardly made note. Its main bonus was the character creation mode. Finally we get SC4.

Perhaps its the next gen system thing, but SC4 is finally the upgrade of the game that we have been waiting for.

1st off its the only fighting game where Darth Vader comes off playable. (the star wars one of old is painful to play)

There has been a huge jump in graphics.

Taki's melon sized chest has been reduced (still well endowed just not back breaking.) And her outfit manages to not be totally offensive.

Character creation is easy and effective.

Getting the new characters no longer requires you to go through the obscene weapon master or path of souls mode.

I think my favorite addition would be the new fighter Hilde.

A female character that actually wears armor into a fight.
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Not too bad.
12 August 2008
OK I am glad I did not pay 9 bucks to see this in the theater.

But for an afternoon watch it wasn't bad.

Kinda like a long episode of Xena or Herculese. Krugs look silly and totally inept yes, acting was so so. Story was cliché yeah. (Find a story thats not people, and if you do managed, find a good one thats not.

If you expect LOTR do please use the gray matter between your ears. LOTR based on the premier high fantasy by the master author, JRR Tolkein.

Dungeon Siege, based off of a computer hack and slash (a good one mind you) It far outshines Beowulf, and Earagon. Personally I put it better than willow too.

Another positive was the fact that the women did not all run around dressed in bikini's through the entire flick.
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Total mockery of religion
12 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
OK I am going to post 2 reviews.

1st the sheer quality of the film is abysmal. It's painful to watch what was a good Sci fie book, and political theory, turned into this.

At least Starship troopers was moderately funny. This one fails on all ends. It ends up being a poorly veiled satire of the Bush Admin.

The second review, is the utter anti religious propaganda spewed.

Any person with faith is projected as a blind sheep willing to follow their "Prophet" while the big bad gov't uses it to maintain control.

To those who have some idea this is a Chrisitan propaganda flick, I urge you to actually watch what is being portrayed. (Namely the half wit blond who prays through the whole movie only to find her cult leader really worships the bugs. Look at the line "But its the wrong god!!!") Simply put Satire should be funny. This was not.. the movies high point was the ten seconds of naked breasts.
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The Patriot (2000)
Funny how many brits liked it.
31 December 2007
SO yeah Patriot.

Historically accurate?. No not for events.

Battle wise, yes.

Like it or not that is the way things were. It was brutal and bloody.

Euro field warfare was rank and file, we march up, and send 2 volleys at each other, then we charge.

British (and Colonial) regulars learned the hard way in the french and Indian war, how poorly that translated into surviving in woodland areas. (Those dirty underhanded tactics, that has some bleeding heart whining about honor on the field.)

Were the brits portrayed as bad guys in the film? Nope not at all. One man was. Colonel Tavington. He is even seen overriding a subordinate who starts to cite military regulation on dealing with prisoners. Guess that subtle point was missed by everyone who was feeling so outraged.

Next I expect someone to cry about Saving private Ryan not showing the German troops for what they were.
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Berserk (1997–1998)
Better than most anime.
18 December 2007
For what its worth. I am not really a fan of anime.

That being said I do like well written shows. Live action, animated, and mixed. Thus I do like some anime shows.

Berserk is one of the better ones out there. A fairly faithful rendition of the second story arc of the manga which has been going on since 1989. (With a small bit of the 1st)

The cliff hanger it ends with, is because the second story arc is the part where readers learn "how we got here" Its all back story. And to be honest its also the least violent and disturbing section.

Other commentators have said that the author must be disturbed. I have to agree. I doubt there will ever be a completion to it in any media other than the manga because simply put its to grotesque. An R rating would not cover the story. We are nearing X rated on quite a few scenes.
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My favorite style of game.
21 November 2007
I am a bit miffed black Isle went under.

DA 2 is a diablo clone sure. But its a highly evolved diablo clone. The storyline was pretty engaging. The 5 main characters were all different enough to make it worthwhile.

I wish they would have added playing the first games heroes in at the end. There are several side quests for ech character, that add some depth to the game.

To get the real advantage though you need to play it with another, Nigh flawless multiplayer.

For the record, USED copies of this game still go for $30.00, That should be a hint to quality.
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Dragon Ball Z (1996–2003)
Decent show that went on too long.
31 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
DBZ is not an easy show to judge.

There are a few things folks need to take into account. Dragon Ball is a comedy. A parody of an old Chinese legend. This is not a philosophical thought invoking show.

Dragon Ball Z was drug on to capitalize on popularity. The author of the Manga Akira Toriyama wanted to end the show at the finale of the Frieza saga. But big money and a deal made him go on producing a series when he had already finished the story. Note the extreme increase in repeatedly overused animations for fights.. Longer screams during power ups. Not to mention the episodes at the end of the frieza saga that do not match up. (Goku far away from frieza';s ship as the planet goes boom, Vegeta fighting gohan then later them not having fought.) This is where the change happened.

After this..this point the show is over as far as any entertainment is consented.

So my 2 cents. Watch tail Namek blows up.. drop the rest, or watch at your own peril.
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