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Hogan should retire
21 April 2004
I saw an advance copy of this movie and it is awful. Standard derogatory jokes on Gays are not funny anymore. Paul Hogan had one successful film in Dundee but since then it has been downhill all the way "baby". Hogan made the comment recently that he is now semi-retired, methinks it is his way of saying all his movies have bombed badly,his acting is pathetic,and it is time to find a new career. One wonders how long his wife Linda will stay with him as he fails time and again. Experienced Australian actor Michael Caton provides any real glimpse of acting,but he is the only saving grace. My advice get a copy of the first Crocodile Dundee to see what could have eventuated, this is a career that has gone down the sewer.
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Bandido! (1956)
Classic '50's western with classic movie stars
10 January 2003
There is something fabulous in watching a "B" western movie which never really made headlines or money,and watching two great actors in Robert Mitchum and Gilbert Roland. The story line is standard,scenery average but you have two Hollywood stars doing what they did best. Very few of todays' "stars" have the personality or magnetism of Robert Mitchum and it is always a treat just to watch him on the screen.I watch these movies just to see these personalities jump out at you from the screen,and find very little satisfaction in watching many of todays' movies which lack everything,from direction,writing,and star power.One can only put up with special effects for a short while,this movie is back to the basics,enjoyable to while away a couple of hours and forget the troubles of the modern world.
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The Bob Newhart Show (1972–1978)
Reason to watch this-Suzanne Pleshette
19 December 2002
There is only one reason to watch this mindless piece of drivel, and that is the wonderful Suzanne Pleshette. This is one underrated babe,a fabulous looking actor who showed off her comedic skills much earlier in the James Garner western spoof "Support you local gunfighter". Bob was an average stand up comedian,who just has no personality as a sitcom star,it amazes me he made a few series. As much as I liked Bill Daily in "Jeannie" his overacting in this becomes tiresome very quickly.Apparently Dean Martin was of the opinion that Newhart was one of the funniest comedians in town .I don't see it, but, Suzanne, you are the one!
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A.K.A. as a great western movie massacre
23 October 2002
Words cannot describe this movie. From the atrocious acting to a badly written script, this movie is a shocker. How can Darren Mcgavin and the great Joseph Cotton turn in such abominable performances is beyond me. Part of the blame must go to the director,the writers and any body else associated with this loser.But wait the scenery was not half bad. Based on the last days of Colonel Custer and the battle of the Little Big Horn,if any of this movie is based on fact then I will eat my hat.Can you believe a company of troopers escorting one wagon driven by a female with her two children and when attacked by Indians the wagon and occupants are kidnapped while the army goes off in another direction.Next scene Mr Mcgavin reports the loss of the wagon to Colonel Custer and then they proceed to go to a party that night and pity help the captives who are left to their own devices. This is one awful movie. But the real treat is watching Mr Mcgavin act like a fifth rate amateur.Talk about a wooden indian check out his effort at trying to act!
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worst movie western of all time
3 October 2002
I love western movies be they "B" grade or top of the range but this miserable excuse for a movie is a shocker.How Jack Palance and Vince Edwards got involved with this is beyond my imagination.Needless violence ,bad script,bad acting and the worst director of all time.Memo to the director I hope you gave up the business.Made in the hip '60's with '60's mood music and arty camera angles,it just does not come off. I saw this mish mash on the late,late late show where it deserves to stay for all time. John Ford must be rolling in his grave if he knew what happened to western movies and if this is an example of where the movie western was heading then it was time to give western movie making one long rest.
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You became too old boys!
15 September 2002
There is something sad in watching a good idea go downhill from too much of a good thing. In this case too many road movies .Hope and Crosby should have realized that what worked when they were much younger does not come off when you play aging playboys at their advanced ages. This lacks the fun of the earlier road movies,and even a stunning Joan Collins cannot help this loser of a movie.Maybe Dorothy Lamour knew something when she opted for a walk on part,pity she did'nt tell Hope and Crosby to do the same thing.It is pathetic to watch two 60+ adults behaving as if they were still in their 30's,chasing girls and adventure,when they should have been in a retirement home. Thankfully this was the last of the road movies and we can rely on watching the earlier classic ones.
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fitting finale to Clarke Gables' career
23 August 2002
What a wonderful movie starring two of filmdoms' greatest stars-Clark Gable and the beautiful Sophia Loren. Set in Naples and the island of Capri this is one attractive movie.Great story line and excellent music and a wonderful performance by the master himself Vittorio De Sica. Add to the cast a young Italian actor by the name of Marietto playing a wise-cracking street kid from Naples and you have the perfect afternoon treat. Though this was Gables' second last movie before the ill fated Misfits (a movie I would rather forget)he looks in excellent shape and still has that twinkle in his eye that made him a star for over 25 years. This movie is just magic. Enough said.
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forgotten classic
1 August 2002
How did I ever miss this movie either on video or t.v. John Ford has his stock character actors and I was surprised that John Wayne did not have the starring role,which was well handled by Tyrone Power.A small masterpiece ably handled by all mixing the typical Ford traits of humor and serious modes. Loosely based on a true story,it is American propaganda at its finest and a nice tribute to the West Point Academy.One of Tyrone Powers' final films,and one of his best performances showing he could handle comedy,drama and a nice attempt at an Irish accent. The finale did become a bit soppy but does not detract from the overall movie. Sadly this film has been forgotten by the majority of film audiences and those in power who show supposed classics on the oldies channels.If it ever turns up on t.v. take a look and be pleasantly surprised.Maybe even todays so called writers,directors and actors might like to see how the master did it.
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Boring remake of the original
25 June 2002
As a resident of Las Vegas I never thought a movie(even a remake)set in Sin city would be boring.Well I was wrong. This pathetic remake lacks the fun and sparkle of the Frank Sinatra original.It is boring,dull,flat and plain awful. George Clooney and Brad Pitt,try to look and be cool-it doesn't work baby! Next time sit down and watch the original Rat Pack at work and maybe you will learn what cool is. Terrible dialogue which lacks of any wit, acting which looks third grade,and as for the photography -they may as well have filmed all of the movie in Hollywood instead of Vegas - it just lacks any excitement.Even two old stagers in Elliot Gould and Carl Reiner cannot save this film,and as for Julia Roberts-where are you Angie Dickinson when we need a real female lead. Save your money and catch the 1960 version on cable.
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Sinatra shines in classic war movie
21 June 2002
what a marvellous performance by Sinatra and Trevor Howard in this classic World War 11 movie.A great script and some strong supporting roles make this movie a wonderful piece of entertainment.Sharp movie fans may even notice a young James Brolin in a small role,but the greatest thing about this movie is the wonderful line uttered by Trevor Howard to Frank(as Von Ryan)when Sinatra tries to tie a knot to show how to strangle a german guard (which fails) and Trevor Howard shows Sinatra how to really tie a strangle knot ,and says the immortal line"learn that from the cowboy films did you?".what a great put down,its worth watching just for that.The ending is a surprise and really leaves one a bit flat but all in all wonderful escapism.
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Stagecoach (1966)
worst remake of all time
16 June 2002
somebody should have sat down the director of this movie and made him watch the John Wayne original of 1939. This is the worst remake of a classic western ever.Alex Cord is hopeless in the role of Ringo,and to see Bing Crosby and Ann Margret waste their talents in this shocker is too much to bear. I found it impossible to watch after the first 30 minutes,and quickly went to my video shop to rent the original.
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McLintock! (1963)
Wayne marvellous in western comedy
1 June 2002
what a shame John Wayne didn't do more comedy roles,for he shows a flair for comedy in Mclintock. A wonderful supporting cast in Yvonne De Carlo,Maureen O'Sullivan,Chill Wills,and a special appearance by Jerry Van Dyke make this a wonderful time filler.The serious side still comes through in Waynes' speech on behalf of the Indians,but the remainder of the film concentrates on the lighter side and is a real treat.It is easy to see why John Wayne was loved by the film going public. Unfortunately this is one of the last times that John Wayne did a great acting job before going into self parody,even his academy award for True Grit does not compare to this performance.
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3000 miles to nowhere
29 May 2002
how can a movie have so much promise yet fail to deliver. bad acting,bad writing,pathetic direction. As a Las Vegas resident this story of the robbery of the Riviera hotel/casino could never happen in real life. The only good thing about this film is the opening credits,from there it is all downhill.Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner must have needed the money to do this movie,either that or they wanted their career to go down the tube.A cameo by Vegas resident Paul Anka shows why he should stick to singing.Elvis must be turning in his grave to see what is being done to his image.
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a sad end for a great career
23 May 2002
What a sad way to finish a wonderful movie career. While Elvis looked great,I cannot say anything nice about this movie.A horrible bit of casting having Mary Tyler Moore playing a nun,and a dreadful script, add to the woes. Elvis as usual gave it his best shot,but even his charisma cannot save the movie. I recall in the movie houses when this was released the audience were laughing at scenes that were meant to be dramatic.The musical numbers were above average and there is a great finale where Elvis sings in church but these are the only saving graces. Hollywood has a lot to answer for in the way they handled and ruined a great talent.
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Charro! (1969)
elvis tries to outdo clint eastwood
23 May 2002
The movie Charro tried to save Elvis' acting career,unfortunately it was a case of too little too late. the movie had a lot of promise, a great musical film score,good supporting cast,and even a tolerable script, but you can see the interest has gone from Elvis'acting. Had he made this in the early '60's I am sure it would have made for a better film . It is obvious they based a lot of this on the successful Clint Eastwood "spaghetti" westerns but it lacks the sparkle of Sergio Leone direction.Compare Elvis' acting in this to Flaming Star and the difference is sadly noticable.
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Flaming Star (1960)
presley proves he can act
23 May 2002
what a waste of a great talent was Elvis.Given the right material he could have been as good an actor as Brando. Both had charisma in abundance and this movie, which was originally written for Brando,really tested Elvis' acting ability.Thank goodness he had a brilliant director,and a good solid supporting cast. Elvis is believable as the half breed indian trying to adapt to the white mans' ways and what a welcome return to the screen for Dolores Del Rio as his mother.Along with King Creole this movie stands to show the world that Elvis had it.
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the crime is in the release of this movie
16 May 2002
how can such wonderful actors get involved in such a badly written and badly directed film? As for James Belushi,whatever credence he had as an actor is destroyed by his over the top performance. George Hamilton once again does a fine job as an Italian Gigolo and John Candy does his usual mixed job. Sometimes he can be brilliantly funny and other times he seems like a rank amateur. The director needs to go back to school and learn how to direct,it seems that the actors had a free hand in doing their own thing and it doesn't work. Lee Strasburg and John Huston must be rolling in their graves if this is the best that the modern age film community can do. This had the promise of a great movie,a great location,the excitement of Monte Carlo,but it just got lost.Don't even waste your time on a rainy day,instead go out and get wet.
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classic Bob Hope movie
16 May 2002
What a treat to see Bob impersonate the greatest of all lovers-Casanova. This is a wonderfully entertaining movie which keeps you amused throughout the entire film.Basil Rathbone as usual up to top form. Did he ever play anything but a scoundrel in all his movies? There are so many highlights it is difficult to choose any favorites,but the best would be at the end of the movie when Hope as Casanova is to be executed and appeals to the movie audience to spare him ,is one of the funniest scenes ever done.Next time you go to the movies take some popcorn with you and we may be able to save Bob from a fate worse than death.
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Fancy Pants (1950)
Hope and Ball show how to make an entertaining movie
16 May 2002
Made over fifty years ago and still a treat to watch. A wonderful campy performance by Bob Hope,posing an an english Lord and Lucille Ball as a real tough western cowgirl really make this movie a lot of fun. Not to be missed is Bob as the english Lord describing his army exploits at a party.Bruce Cabot playing his usual bad tough guy keeps the movie on an even keel,but the laughs still come thick and fast mainly through Hope's attempt at an english accent. The one disappointing aspect was the finale,which seemed flat and made me wonder if the writers just couldn't be bothered with coming up with any more good lines. The late'40's and '50's were good film years for Hope and this movie shows why audiences kept coming back for more.
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Inferior version of a classic
9 May 2002
anyone who saw the original Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway will shy away from this inferior version as quickly as hitting the start button on your D.V.D. Faye Dunaway was so sexy in the original and a great foil for Steve McQueen, but one cannot understand how anyone could fall for Renee Russo looking like a doped out slob in this. Poor Pierce Brosnan must have wished he was back in the Bond movies where at least he looks a little more comfortable in the role.Maybe if they had called this movie by another name it may have seemed better than it actually is,and why Ms Dunaway made an appearance here is beyond comprehension-the only saving grace of the movie is her performance.The original had style, charisma, and great acting, this is just plain boring.
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Bogie did it better
9 May 2002
why do film makers have a desire to recreate the perfect movie with an inferior version? They did it with the Thomas Crown Affair (how can you even compare Brosnan to McQueen)and even the recent Oceans Eleven made us realize how much we miss the original Rat Pack. In this dismal remake we have the unfortunately untalented Mickey Rourke destroying the role made famous by Bogart. The nicest thing one can say about this movie is that it has nice color. One day film makers may understand that it might be o.k. to remake a classic but may like to call the movie by another name so the film going public will not compare the remake to the original.
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Minor Saturday matinee Western classic
17 April 2002
Rory Calhoun never really made it to "A" star status as a movie actor,but the roles he played in 'B' movies such as Apache Territory suited him well.A handsome and capable actor he made it bearable to watch movies such as this especially when you needed to while away a couple of hours and forget the troubles of the world.This is your basic story of a group of people in the desert surrounded by a horde of Apache indians intent on doing them harm. John Dehner and Leo Gordon -two extremely competent character actors- add to the allure of Apache Territory. The only failure I found was the addition of two goodlooking females to add romantic interest,when the filmmakers could have concentrated more on the interaction between the attacking Indians and the U.S. calvary. The movie tends to drag in the middle stages,due I think to the female cast members ,but finally builds to an entertaining climax. Overall a nice movie to watch when its raining outside and you don't want to mow the lawn.
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Rio Bravo (1959)
Enjoyable,and entertaining Western
12 April 2002
I have seen Rio Bravo many times and it still never fails to entertain.A wonderful appearance by Walter Brennan, and Dean Martin surprising all by doing some excellent acting add to the appeal. Unfortunately the one displeasing aspect is the interaction between Angie Dickinson and John Wayne which never gets to the believable stage.John Wayne hit on a great marketing ploy in the '50's and '60's by costarring with the teen idols of the day - Ricky Nelson, Frankie Avalon in the Alamo,and gaining a new generation of fans. Though both these teen idols were no actors the sheer power of the Duke helped their acting abilities look better than they were. It is well worth watching the interplay between Walter Brennan and John Wayne throughout the movie. No wonder they had such staying power. John Wayne gives a marvellous performance almost as good as his role in the Searchers.Enjoy.
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The Persuaders! (1971–1972)
Classic T.V. series
10 April 2002
Whoever came up with the idea of teaming Roger Moore and Tony Curtis to star in this series should be congratulated,add the exotic locations and wonderful story lines and you have a show that is truely brilliant. The Persuaders was a hit show in Europe and Australia but for some unknown reason never successful in the U.S.A,which limited its run.Roger Moore is perfectly cast as Lord Brett Sinclair ,as is Tony Curtis as the Brooklyn born Danny Wilde ,seeking adventure and fun in the hotspots of the Italian and French Rivieras.What a shame the Americans had such bad taste in the '70's and never gave this show a chance.When you consider some t.v. series that had a long run in the U.S.A. that were not up to the quality of the Persuaders it makes one wonder about the taste of television viewers.
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Brando sings,Sinatra acts.
10 April 2002
I caught up with this film after not having seen it for over 20 years and it has not aged one iota! I forgot what a sweet singing voice Brando actually had,and when you add the man -Frank Sinatra- to the soundtrack you have one terrific musical,the type of which the studios will never make again. What a great actor is Brando and I am sure his acting abilities must have inspired Sinatra to try to equal him.I recall Frank wanted the role of Sky Masterson(Brando)and may have resented him slightly (really who else could sing "Luck be a Lady")but his part as Nathan Detroit suited him well. Beautiful color,memorable songs,and great acting from some of movies best character actors make this a must see movie.
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