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2012 (I) (2009)
The Mother of all Missed Opportunities
21 May 2013
This movie was the mother of all missed opportunities.

First off, I never once believed that the World was going to come to an end in 2012. But despite that, I still enjoyed this movie, its not a bad movie, it just could have been so much better than it is.

I am a Science Fiction writer, and there were several things that I would have down sooooo... different.

for one, I would have given this movie a proper movie title that would've given it a shelf life beyond 2012. I would have named it "The Great Cancellation" or something like that.

secondly, I would have those Ark ships as Space ships (as the movies has us to believe until they actually find them)...yes, I would have made those space ships. Then I would have ended the movie with those space ships blasting off into space, the survivors would've watched from space as the Earth's crust melts into liquid magma.... then I would've ended it with those space ships floating through space towards destination unknown......

If they would have done as I suggested, then this might could have been the beginning of a great new Sci-Fi movie series that follows the survivors of Earth as they look for a new home in the stars...that could have been an exciting movie series, but instead we are left with "2012" a movie that has amazing special effects, a short shelf life and not much more....Yes, this is the mother is missed opportunities. Too Bad, So Sad.
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The World Beyond (1978 TV Movie)
AH-HA! I finally found the name of this movie
15 May 2013
I remember seeing this twice when I was a 9yr old kid. The first time I seen it, I was with my parents when it originally aired on TV, and it scared me to death. Then I spent the night with an aunt and uncle and it aired again, and I got to see it a second time. I'm not sure I even knew the name of it back then. I just know this movie scared me really bad both times that I watched it. (((I would love to see a full remake of this made with good special effects and a much longer script(and maybe with more than just one mud monster)....this could be turned into an incredible horror movie))) All of these years later, all I could remember was the arm getting cut off in the door and then the arm coming to life, and I remember them killing the mud monster by tripping him into the salty sea water.... I had looked for this movie for years but didn't know the title of it, then I luckily stumbled across it by accident on YOUTUBE, I literally jumped for joy when I found it on YOUTUBE. My search for this film (and it's title) was finally over.

Whats interesting is that when I went back and re-watched it again for the first time since 1978, I still found this movie to be very creepy.
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The Original Movie...... Still magic, still looks great after all of these years
11 May 2013
They will never make one like this ever again. This is not my favorite Star Trek movie, in fact not even in my top 5, but there is something majestic about this movie. When I was younger I hated this movie, and claimed that the movie series started with the second movie as far as I am concerned. This movie moved at such a slow pace that I always would get bored with it and quit watching it. But, being that I love Star Trek more so than any other movie franchise, I would force myself to go back and still attempt to watch "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" again and again. Then finally one night at around 2am I finished it for the first time. And once I was finally able to finish it, I absolutely loved it. And I have watched it from start to finish several times since then.

The starship Enterprise has been rebuilt (refitted) and is a completely new starship from the ground up. There is long scene of nothing but footage of the Enterprise sitting in Space dock while Jerry Goldsmith's masterful Star Trek Theme song plays. I know that sound silly, but it isn't, for some reason you n ever get bored at that scene. The Enterprise is such a beautiful starship, that it looks so amazing that you never get bored of watch it sit in space dock while that majestic music is playing.

::::::::::: SPOILER ALERTS;;;;;;;;;

The movie about a monster cloud moving through space and destroying everything in it's path, and it's headed strait for Earth. Admiral Kirk is assigned to take over the Enterprise from Captain Decker and intercept whatever it is that's inside the cloud, a very simple and strait forward plot. (Written by Sci-Fi novelist Alan Dean Foster – the only screen play he ever wrote). But things get a little more complicated when they arrive at the cloud and discover that it is far more powerful than anything they ever encountered before. It probes them and eventually abducts one of the crew. Only to send a mechanism back to the Enterprise in the image of that abducted crew member. Spock figures out that the vessel at the hart of the cloud is a giant living machine named Veeger. They eventually discover Veeger is really an old NASA Voyager 6 satellite that has traveled the entire galaxy and amassed so much knowledge that it achieved artificial intelligence and became alive.

Yes this movie moves at a very slow pace, it's not an action packed thrill ride. But its still a great movie. But I'd take this any day over J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek movie.

I'm lucky enough to own a VHS Copy of the 1983 "Special Longer Version" that has everyone one of the deleted scenes re-edited back into the movie, something that the newer Blu-Ray "Director's Cut" doesn't have.
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Star Trek (2009)
Are the people who are giving this movie high marks over the age of 14?
11 May 2013
They should have named this movie "Star Trek: Abomination". I don't know where to get started….how about the plot!

:::::: WARNING –SPOILER ALERT::::::::::::::::::

Now, I don't have a problem with J.J. Abrams doing a Star Trek movie that is a Prequel to the original 1966-69 TV series. I know that many of my fellow Trekkies had issues with that, However, I didn't have any issues with that. That is not my gripe.

My biggest gripe is the plot, I mean did adults actually write this script? And if Yes, then did they ever go to science class? ((( and how the hell does it have an 8.0 rating here on IMDb, didn't any of the people who saw this go to science class either?

Okay, the movie is about a renegade Romulan Captain named Nero who travels back in time 80 years just to get revenge on Ambassador Spock for failing to save his home planet in the future. Apparently Ambassador Spock was going to stop the Romulan sun from going Super Nova by injecting it with something called red matter that would implode their sun and created a artificial black hole. Did it not occur to anyone that if you implode a star and create a black hole, which the Black Hole created would also destroy the Romulan home planet? So either way the planet would've been destroyed. And why doesn't Nero ever go to his home planet and warn them about the coming future catastrophe, No, instead he just floats around in space for 25 years doing nothing as he is waiting for Spock to arrive. This is just stupid. Then J.J.Abrams has Nero destroy the planet Vulcan, thus destroying 50 years worth of canonized Star Trek movies and television shows (all of which involve planet Vulcan). And what's up with those product placement ads….. come on man, this is Star Trek, 300 years in the future and people are still using Nokia phones, drinking Budweiser, and driving Chevrolets.. C'mon man …oh and still is listening to the Beastie Boys too. ….again this was an abomination to Star Trek
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TRON: Legacy (2010)
The New and Improved TRON??????
11 May 2013
Better than the Original. I always had mixed feelings about the original 1982 Disney movie TRON. On one hand it was the most stunning visual master piece ever created for a major motion picture. On the other hand the visuals were so great that at times you couldn't keep up with the story because your eyes and attention kept wanting to focus on the visuals, and thus causing you to lose pace with the story. The original TRON was one of those movies that I didn't necessarily like, but while at the same time I didn't dislike it either.

When I learned that Disney was making a sequel to TRON (28 years later), I almost didn't believe it, I assumed it would be a reboot or a remake of the original rather than a true sequel. …Well I was wrong. It's a true sequel, and it greatly surpasses the original in every scope.

I'm pleased to say that everything that the first TRON movie got wrong, this one got right. This one is easier to follow and makes far more sense than the first one did. Once again the visuals are mind blowing to look at. Also loved the way they created a younger version of Jeff Bridges with CGI.(they should have gotten an academy award for that). The light-cycles are just as fun to watch today as they were in 1982, only this time you fully understand what's going on (unlike the 1982 original where you didn't have clue what was going on, but damn, it sure looked pretty). I even liked the Electronic-Discothèque music used in the movie, it fits perfect with the elements of the film. Even the story for this movie is plausible and good. I actually liked the overall look of this film much better than the Square-ish Cartoon-ish look of the original. I though the chemistry between the actors was good. A solid good cast. I loved Jeff Bridges in the dual role. This movie was just fun, a lot of fun.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Science Fiction, Superheroes, and Video Games, all of whom should enjoy this movie a lot. (((( I know I sure did.
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Star Wars: Clone Wars, Not horrible, but I've definitely seen better
11 May 2013
Okay, this wasn't the Worst Movie that I have ever seen. But it was definitively not up to the Star Wars standard either. (but few movies are – not even the Star Wars Prequels were up to the Star Wars standard , so to expect a spin off CGI movie based on the Prequels to be on the same standard as the Star Wars Movies was probably going to be a stretch anyway.)- Much ado about nothing.

This was supposed to be the two hour pilot for the Star Wars: Clone Wars CGI animated TV Show that aired on the Cartoon network, apparently George Lucas and his team at LucusFilm were so pleased with how this pilot episode turned out that they decided to release it as a stand alone movie at the theaters a full 6 months before the TV Show started. (Which they conveniently released it on DVD/Blu-Ray simultaneously as the TV Show was debuting and they were able to market it all together)

::::::::::::::: SPOILER ALERTS::::::::

The movie starts with Anakin Skywalker on a planet full of battle droids when his new Padiwan Learner arrives to help him. They work together to overcome the droid army, but then someone kidnaps the child of one of the Hutts, and of course the plot involves Count Dooku as the culprit.

Honestly, I found the story in this movie to be a bit weak (I actually watched the TV Series, and to be honest with you, some of the Episodes were really good, I don't know how it is then that this ended up being the one that was the pilot and released in the theaters, because it wasn't as good as most of the standard episodes of the TV series .

I believe this movie was an accident, and if they had it to do over again they would've never released this as a stand alone movie at the theaters (But that's just my opinion)…personally I am not a fan of this movie.

It's best and only redeeming quality is that it dies have really good CGI-Animation, and I really loved the altered STAR WARS theme music they did for this movie (and the TV series).---other than that, bypass this movie and just go strait for the TV series which was much better than the movie was
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So Powerful, So Very Good
29 April 2013
I was a late bloomer to this movie. Probably because it came out right after we were hit with a string of Medieval, Fantasy and Epic Sword Fighting movies like TROY, Lord of the Rings and others, So much so, that by the time this one came out, I just wasn't interested.(I remember seeing previews and thinking -Been There Done That)About 5 years later, I was at a local flea market and a vendor there was selling DVDs cheap(Alocal Videostore had gone out of business and he had bought out their surplus of DVDs)So I seen this one for sale for only $3. ........The Best $3 I ever spent.

I loved this movie. This is a Ridley Scott masterpiece! I loved everything about this movie. I loved the cinematography, I loved the sweeping orchestra musical score, I loved the cast in it, I loved the realistic battles scenes. The story was wonderful(a little predictable-but thats okay-nothing wrong with that). A powerful moving story about a widowed blacksmith who reunites with his long lost father and goes on a crusade to Isreal. In Isreal he finds a new life and a new purpose. He becomes a nobleman with dignity and compassion. And then he is forced to defend Juraselam against an aggressive army commanded by the legendary Muslim leader Salidin. Very well written, well plotted and well performed. (((I kicked myself for having not seen this 5 years earlier))) This movies waaaaaaay better than all of those other Epic Medieval & Fantasy movies that came out the year before.

If you love Epic movies, you owe to yourself to watch this one as well. Trust me on that. You will not be disappointed.
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Birdsong (2012)
Outstanding Gets my vote for Best Movie of 2012
27 April 2013
First let me say that there are not enough movies made about WWI. Thats a shame.

I didn't read the book, in fact I had never heard of this until one night in May of 2012, when I had promised to take my daughter to see "The Avengers" only to discover it was sold out when we got to the theater. We came back home and turned on the TV set and this movie was about to come on. Being a fan of WWI movies like "The Lost Battalion","Flyboys" and "The Trench", I thought that I'd give this movie a look.

I was so glad I watched this movie. I was glued to my TV for both nights that it was on. I found the story gripping and moving. I didn't want to get out of my chair (not even to go get a soda from the refrigerator). I found the cinematography to be absolutely beautiful. The battle scenes were very moving, I felt like I was down in that crawlspace with them. I know that most people will call this a love story, but I would call it a human story. Amazing Story about coming of age, falling in love and going to war. I cant praise this movie enough.

The acting is very well done, The Cinematography is amazing, the sets are very realistic, and the music score is good. I loved this movie. After watching a serious emotional movie like this, I wasn't in the mood to see cartoon-ish movie like "The Avengers" for a while.

I loved this movie I purchased a copy on DVD
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Iron Man (2008)
WOW! Iron Man. This was great
25 April 2013
I might get clobbered for saying this . . . .but, I liked "Iron Man" better than "The Dark Knight" This movie had everything that you want. Great cast, Great Story, Great Special Effects, Good Humor, Lots of Action, A Love Story, and betrayal, and a good musical score. What more do you want from a movie. This had it all.

Its the Story of Tony Stark and how he becomes Iron Man. He's rich, He's immature, and he's a genius. The movie does a very good job of showing Tony Stark evolve into a more mature man as he finds new purpose in his life following a capture in the Afghanistan Desert. The movie does a brilliant job at bringing both his struggles as he becomes a better person, and his battles with evil, and the betrayal of his own company's CEO who becomes the villain. Great, Absolutely great. I loved this movie. All of the actors were perfect for their roles. I wish they all could be this good.
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Green Lantern (2011)
The Green Lantern
25 April 2013
******May Contain Spoilers First off I was very thrilled that they finally brought this character to the big screen. I had probably waited longer for this comic book character to get a Big Budget movie made more than any other Superhero character. This is my favorite Superhero. So when I learned they were making this movie, I could hardly contain myself.

Now, the movie. I'D Like to say first, that I don't think this movie as bad as the critics said it was. It's actually an enjoyable movie. . . Now with that said, let also say that although its not bad, I was expecting this to be so much better than it is.

I felt they used too much CGI, at times I felt almost like I was watching a cartoon. I wasn't crazy about the villain, it looked like he was fighting a Smog Monster. That entire last fight sequence seemed a bit anti-climatic to me, and I feel could have been done much better. Also felt like the movie needed more action. I would have like to have seen the Green Lantern do more crime fighting on Earth after he made himself known to the public. I think it would have been great to see the Green Lantern thwart a bank robbery, stop a runnaway train full of passengers(stuff like that - Afterall, don't we go to see Superhero movies to see Superheros do Superhero things?) There was some positives I took from this movie. I liked Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (when I first saw that he got this role, I had doubts- He pulled it off very well)...Mark Strong as Sinestro was Superb!Blake Livelywas good in her role. All the actors did fine. Another positive I took from this was the Musical Score which also superb. There are certain aspects of this movie that were done extremely well.

I would still recommend this movie, its a good popcorn muncher. I have heard that Warner Brothers is still planning a sequel but with a different director and wants the sequel to much darker than this film was. That could be a good thing, also could be a bad thing.. . but there hasn't been any movement on that front since Green Lantern came out on DVD. So who knows if the sequel will get made or not.
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The Avengers (2012)
Super Surprised - And that's Good
25 April 2013
I expected the worst for this movie. I really did.I expected just a bunch of special effects and no story.

I was pleasantly surprised that this movie is actually very very good. And yes, I was right about the special effects. But this movie does have a heart and a story. I liked the way they brought all of the characters together. I even liked the soundtrack.

I highly recommend this movie. I think it ranks as perhaps the best comic book superhero movie ever made. And I've seen them all. I used to think that the 1978 Superman:The Movie and 1981 Superman II couldn't be surpassed. In 2002 the first Spiderman movie came close to being as good as the first two superman movies, but I still believed the Superman movies still tops until this movie. This is the comic book movie that finally dethroned The first two superman movies in my humble opinion. Yes, I think it is that good
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I just watched this for the first time today and .......
5 August 2008
I just watched this for the first time today and I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

First, let me take a moment to reiterate that I loved the first film. In fact the first film is one of my all time favorite movies. I remember when I saw the first film that for the first time, I left the theater knowing that I had not had that much fun at a movie since I was a kid and saw Star Wars for the first time. I remember going to the movies back in 1997 and watching it 6 times at the theater. And then I purchased it just as soon as it was available on the home video market (which was predominately VHS back in 1997).

Then came Starship Troopers 2. It went directly to DVD, and was filmed as a low budget movie. Although I don't believe that Starship Troopers 2 is as bad as most people make it out to be, I will however agree that lacked any of the energy, feelings, excitement or the overall fun that the first film had. Although ST2 did have some good moments, what I disliked most about ST2 was the fact that the story went off into a silly direction with the mindcontrol bugs. And once the mindcontrol plot started, the movie's plot never got it's feet back on the ground. And when ST2 ended, you almost wished that never made it(for the sake of the original). In a way, ST2 tarnished the legacy of the first film.

However Today I watched ST3. Like the second film, ST3 also was a direct video release. With that in mind, I lowered my expectations based on the mediocre job they did on ST2. ........AND THEN I WAS BLOWN AWAY. This film is a worthy sequel to the original film. The movie is great. I would have gladly paid to seen this movie in theaters. The special effects are good, the story has a plot twist, and it is excellent. Lots of good action. GREAT SCREENPLAY! My only two complaints is that I would have liked to have seen a larger battle at the end of the movie...but thats okay, ..My other complaint is that they didn't use any of the original movies' brilliant musical score....but that's okay too...because I was just thrilled that that this movie was good.

If ST2 tarnished the legacy of the first film, then ST3 restores it and leaves you hungry for a 4th film, and I do hope that there will be a 4th film.
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The New Adventures of Old Characters
6 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In the last 18 months we have been exposited to Re-treads at the box office. Old actors reprising old roles in new movies. We have had Rocky 6(a.k.a. Rocky Balboa), Die Hard 4(a.k.a. Live Free or Die Hard)Rambo 4 (a.k.a. RAMBO) and now Indiana Jones 4 (a.k.a Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls).

It comes without say, that Indiana Jones 4 was the one of these 4 re-tread movies I had the highest expectations for, and Rambo 4 was the one that I had the least expectations for. - And Boy did I ever get it backwards.

Rambo 4 was an action packed no holds barred thrill ride, with a great story. Full of Brutal action, great plot, all too realist battles scenes, and believable realistic characters.

Harrison Ford wasn't as lucky as Sylvester Stallone, despite the fact that he had Steven Spielberg and George Lucas both in his corner and pulling all of the strings. Indiana Jones 4 was awful. I loved the original 3 movies with a passion and consider them among the greatest movies of all time. How could the dream team of Speilber, Lucas and Ford make a Indiana Jones movie that was actually bad. It doesn't seem fathomable - but they did.

In this re-tread. Indy has a son who is a Fonzy wanna be(from Happy Days)...I was willing to except some silliness. I was excepted the Russians breaking into Area 51, and then Indy survives a Nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge. - Okay, I am willing to except that... But then this movie went into over the top in silly. Such as Indy's son and the villain swording fighting while standing on the hoods of moving cars, unbelievable acrabatics (the kind we saw in movies like MATRIX and Blade), then he got knocked off of the car, then he swang on vines like Tarzan until he caught up to the cars, then an army of Brazilian rain Forrest monkeys magically attack the Russians.... was this really written by adults. Then the grand finale of the film was the ancient Aztech pyramid that amazingly folds up into an alien flying saucer, then a magic earthquake comes and floods out the entire area, which Indy and his cohorts survive because the magical end up on top of a mountain after leaving the pyramid. >>> this movie was all about stunts, special effects without any relevance for reality.

Indina Jones 4 is not totally awful, its just silly -
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liked this movie
23 March 2008
I liked this movie I remember there was one very well done scene in this movie where Riff Randell (played by P.J. Soles) is lying in her bed smoking pot and then she begins to visualize that the Ramones are in the room with her sing the song "I Want You Around" ...very very cool stuff.

It was fun, energetic, quirky and cool. Yes I'll admit that the ending is way-way over the top and far fetched ...but it doesn't matter because it is fun this is a very fun movie. It's Sex, Pot and Rock n Rocll forever

I read that Cheap Trick was the band who was originally to star in this ..But I do not know if this is true or not
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The Trench (1999)
I purchased a copy of the long slow boring film
23 March 2008
I purchased a copy of this long, boring slow film after talking to a member of the Memphis Grizzlies NBA basketball team (who will remain nameless) on an airplane trip from Denver back to Memphis. He said it was a great film and one that he enjoyed. I thought to myself that someone of his stature has all the time in the world to watch all kinds of movies (during the basketball off season)... I was surprised to hear him speak to me about his passion for war movies and how much he recommended this one.....

he must've watched a different movie than I did. this movie started out like it was going to be very good, but then no real story developed. It did have some good aspects such as the dirty and gritty movie set, the realistic lingo and the grueling sounds, and it is very historically accurate... they did that stuff well in this movie. ...the problem with this movie is that it just doesn't develop a story, and it turns into 2 hours of nothing. ...I kept waiting for something to happen ..and it never did.

I had to purchase a copy of it because none of the video rental places had a copy to rent... don't buy this movie
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The Duke boys, have changed.
11 March 2007
Not as bad as everyone says this movie is.

************************************************The first thing I notice when I read all of the negative comments about this movie, the writer always points out that he or she was a HUGE fan of the show way back when.........One of the things You have to remember is that absence makes the heart grow fonder.......and with the Dukes of Hazzard TV Show being off of the air since the mid '80's ...these people have watched reruns over and over and these probably undoubtedly remember the TV show as being far better than it actually was(or at least in their minds anyway). *********************************************************************

I liked the Dukes of Hazzard movie. I liked the sex jokes (I was slightly disappointed that there was no serious nudity shown in the film). I thought the drug humor was indeed funny (not enough of it)

BUT! ! ! ! having said that......... I also believe they could have made this same movie and not have used the "Dukes of Hazzard" name,likeness or characters .... Because I also understand that "Dukes of Hazzard" has a lot of appeal to children(mainly boys between ages 10 and 14) , and to use the Dukes of Hazzard as a show case for "Sex, Drugs, & Rock'N Roll" really isn't the message we should be giving our youths. Showing the Duke boys smoking weed and getting laid probably wasn't the right thing to do.........

.....although I really did like this movie and thought it was very funny, I still think that they should've made this movie with it's own identify. Because this same movie could've been made without the Dukes of Hazzard name on it, and it would have been just as good.
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This movie is like a Coca-Cola that has lost it's fizzle
27 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is like a Coca-Cola, RC Cola or Pepsi that has gone flat and lost it's fizzle. When a soda pop goes flat, it still has all of its tasty ingredients in tact, but it just isn't any good That is the analogy I'd use to describe this movie. It's a soda pop with no fizzle. Is very accurate.

V for Vendetta is a movie with all of the good ingredients it needed to be great. A Decent cast, excellent special effects, a great story premises, a good musical score, well coordinated stunts and fight scenes. But despite having all of the good just isn't very good

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I thought it was going to be one of the greatest movies ever made, and I could not wait to see it. I had this preconceived notion that it was going to be a cross between Zorro and Goerge Orwells "1984" all rolled into one movie with a vengeance oriented plot. I was very disappointed.

The story moves at a much slower pace than I was expecting( a very-very slow pace)- In fact, it crawls. There was no where near the amount of action that the previews indicated that there was going to be....In fact it is a very-very talkative movie. True there are some good action sequences, and they are done well, there just isn't enough of them, and the action scenes are too far apart and too few of them.

::::::::::::::::::::: spoiler alert:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I was never able to comprehend the fact that the lead character named "V" kidnapped Natalie Portman's Character, tortured her, shaved her head, starved her, and even killed her friend who was protecting her... and then not only did she still trust him and she even came back to him to help after all of the hell he put her through. - - - - - - That was just STUPID! - - - - - From that point in the movie, until the end, it was now an insult to my intelligence, and unenjoyable.

A said before .... This movie is like a Coca-Cola, RC Cola or Pepsi that has gone flat and lost it's fizzle. When a soda pop goes flat, it still has all of the ingredients needed for greatness, but it has no fizzle and just isn't any good
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Xremely good ....... the best of the 3 movies
27 February 2007
The first X-Men movie was just okay (so-so)

The second X-Men movie was really-really good

But the third X-Men movie was the best of the series.

These movie kept getting better with each new one that they made. Usually it works the other way around. X3 was great. I was however surprised when some of the main characters were killed off early in the movie.

::::::::spoiler alert:::::::::: Dr. Jean Grey has been resurrected from the dead and now she has the personality of the Pheonix spirit that has taken over her personality. In other words she becomes evil. and Megneto and his band of outlaw the Mutants rally around her and create chaos. and its up to the last remaining/surviving X-Men to stop her.

this movie is way better than either of its prequels ... this movie is great. It is a must see for any fan of comic book movies or superheros.
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seen it 3 times , and liked it each time
26 February 2007
I have always had a love hate relationship with the Superman Movies.

first I loved Superman:The Movie(1978)..I consider that one to be a true American all time classic

2nd, I equally loved Superman II(1981) just and much as I loved the original Superman movie...both of those movies set the standards that I believe all comic book movies should be measured by. they are great.

3rd, then came Superman III(1983)...okay, this one isn't quiet as good as the first 2 movies. but none-the-less, it does have its moments, and it isn't just wasn't that great.,,,a few plot holes, but it was still an enjoyable movie

4th, Superman IV:The Quest for Peace....what the hell happened? Its daylight in America and China at the same time, Supes steals all of the worlds nukes, Nuclear Man isn't really nuclear powered(nope he's solar powered)....Mariel Hemmingway can breathe in outer space... and the movie only got worst and worst. so bad that I found myself wondering if adults had really wrote the script, or was it written by a bunch of 3rd graders

5th, then came the Superboy TV series in the late 1980's(which depicted Superman/Clark Kent in college)..not all bad..but not really good either (it lasted one season and then got the ax)

6th, Hollywood just would leave Supes alone...then came Louis & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman. ...again, not bad, ...but not great either...And I never liked Dean Cain as the man of Steel, he was too boyish looking

7th, then came Smallville......Smallville destroys the entire background of Superman's past(Earth past) by placing him in the same high school with Lex Luther in the same town(and they are best friends...but Lex doesn't recognize him when he's superman ...this is pathetic I had given up on the Superman franchise after Smallville.

But then came "Superman Returns" .........this was the first truly enjoyable Superman since 1983. Although it still falls short from the Glory of Superman I&II, it is better than Superman III and all of the skimpy Superman related TV shows that have been hasten onto the airwaves over the last 20 years.

Brand Routh gives a solid performance as Clark Kent/Superman the special effects are wonderful(fantastic) ..the producers reused the old John Williams music score.....the story is good(although I admit that I did have some issues with Supes using his superpowers to stalk Lois Lane at her home) The writers went back to the basic for this one.

this is a must see movie,it gets it right! and it makes up for the 20 years of bad Superman TV shows ! ! ! ! ! !

I recently read that Warner Brothers just green lighted a sequel for this movie to be released in 2009...I cant wait to see it
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Zorro part 2 ...not bad ...but not as good as the 1998 original
26 February 2007
I absolutely loved the original movie "Mask of Zorro" that came out in 1998. and I could wait to see this one. I did find it rather odd that it took them 7 years to make a sequel...but none the less they finally made it.

The good news is that they didn't try rehash the first film all over again with bigger special effects and slightly different circumstances(like many sequels do..example: Die Hard 2) The Bad news is that is cannot hold a candle to the 1998 original. This movie is no where near as good as the first one.

Once again, just like with the first film,the music score is great, the actors are perfect for their roles, the scenery is beautiful and the stunts, special effects & action sequences are great.(the first movie got all of those same elements right too)

But this movie unlike the first movie, the story isn't as good. at most times the plot is very predictable. However I felt like the writers tried to hard to work in way too much comic relief, and it bogged the story down. The story takes a long time to develop, and when it does finally develop, everything happens pretty much they way you already knew it would.

overall its not a bad movie, and it does have its moments. but there is way too much comic relief, and the story moves way too slow.... it is an 5 out of 10. It worth watching once.

And if you've not seen the first yourself a favor and watch it
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Zorro -bigger- badder- and better than ever
26 February 2007
I seen this movie back when it came out.

This movie was full of great stunts, lots of action...and its all backed by a great story.

not to mention that Catherine Zetta-Jones is always a pleasure to look at too. And she has never looked sexier than she does in this movie.

everything about this movie is great, the scenery is beautiful, the music score is fantastic, the actors are perfect for their roles...and a great plot that centers around love, revenge and justice(extremely well done)

you will be glad you watched this one's a wonderful movie. An instant classic that is worthy of the legendary ZORRO name

this movie gives you your moneys worth. and its one you'll want to watch over and over
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War of the Worlds = Independence Day = Battlefield Earth
26 February 2007

Well not exactly. But Yes....well, sort of.....let me explain

I am well aware that this is a remake of an old movie from the 1950's...and I am also aware that the concept/Inspiration behind INDEPENDENCE DAY was borrowed from the L.Ron Hubbard's classic sci-fi novel "BattleField Earth" (then John Travolta filmed "Batlefield Earth" as its own movie 4 years after Indepenence Day came god this is all getting confusing isn't it

.and it gets more confusing if you've seen the movie "BATTLEFIELD EARTH", John Travolta produced the movie himself, and totally left out the entire Alien Invasion of Earth, and elected instead to just pick the story up 1000 years in the future(1000years of Alien occupation of Earth, and man is an endangered species) Travolta did it that way only because he didn't want his BATTLEFIELD EARTH movie to appear to the public like it was a clone of INDEPENDENCE DAY.......However Dean Devlin's idea for the movie script for INDEPENDENCE DAY was inspired by reading the novel "BattleField Earth",,,,,,,,are you Confused now?--

-if you still confused, let me give you the short version....the idea for the movie Independence Day was actually stolen from L.Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth novel. Independence Day made a ton of money at the box office....which provoked John Travolta who is a scientologist to make a movie based on the real "BattleField Earth", only to have Battlefield Earth fail at the box office(big time failure) SIDE-NOTE: Scientology is a religion that was started & founded by science fiction novelist L.Ron Hubbard. John Travolta is a dedicated member to that religious sect...........and guess who else is a member of this guessed it...Tom Cruise.

so this time it's Tom Cruise doing his version of an Alien Invasion movie...Hmmmmmmm ---i've spent too much time giving the unique history these 3 movies I'll talk about the movie itself Now enter in.....2005 and renowed Film Maker Steven Spielberg spearheads the remake "War of the Worlds" Now having said that... I didn't bother going to see this movie when it was showing in theaters...because I just assumed that it was going to be a repeat of INDEPENDENCE DAY.

War of the Worlds turned out to be a pleasant was nothing like Independence Day or Battlefield Earth. Awesome special effects, great story, good stunts, plenty of action. It has a great music score. I was prepared for this movie to be so blew me away.

watch it, you are gonna love it, its great
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The Force is back for the Final Attack
29 May 2005
this movie makes up for the short falls of it's two prequels. The two previous films didn't really fell like I was watching a star wars movie, instead they felt more like star wars spin offs that should have been called "This Young Obi-Won & Anakin Adventures".

However this is not true of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Revenge of the Sith manages to capture all of the Star Wars energy and all of its glory. this movie rocks the house. the music and special effects are excellent. The acting is good, and the story is great. I have already seen this film 4 times at the theater, and I cannot wait to own a copy of this for my own personal DVD collection, this will be one of those rare movies that I will be watching over and over again (and loving it more each time) As time marches on, there is no doubt in my mind that this movie will soon leave episode I & II in the dust and join the same ranks as episodes IV,V,& VI as one of the all time great sci-fi masterpeices
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King Arthur (2004)
Not the King Arthur I thought I was going to see
6 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was expecting to see a really good (big budget) reworking of a classic tale about King Arthur and the nights of the round table, and Merlin the Magician, Exacilur,Camelot,Sir Lancalot having an affair with Queen Genevier and Sir Galahad's quest for the Holy Grail........

This was not the King Arthur I thought I was going to see....

**************possible spoiler ************* In fact Arthur isn't even a King, He is a Roman commander (yes you heard me correct) and he leads his knights into the Saxon northern occupied territory of Britain to retrieve a family of High Roman Pedigree - none of which resembles the King Arthur story I was familiar with It's not a bad movie - I just think they should've called something other than KING ARTHUR - the studio that made this film should've used all original characters in this film, because the title and the use of the Arturian characters give one a false impression of what this movie is about.

However this film has a battle scene on a frozen lake (and of course the ice cracks) --this is perhaps the best mid-eval/fantasy battle scene I have ever seen (that scene is worth watching the movie for) Its a good movie but I still only gave it 4 stars out of 10 because the studio should've never linked this movie to the King Arthur legend because this film has nothing to do with it! ! ! ! !
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They have been trying for years to get this film what
6 March 2005
They have been trying for years to get this film what did you think of it? Is it what you expected? Is this the film you would've'e made if you were in control? If you are like most of us then your answers to the above questions are probably No, No, No and No However it is not all bad fact there were parts of this film that I really enjoyed. My biggest disappointment is that it didn't follow the ALIEN VS PREDATOR story lines that I have learn to enjoy from the paper back novels and comic books.

I wanted to see a movie about humans in the future who are at war with the predator race in space and both are using the alien as a weapon against each other (just like in the novels) Needless to say that isn't the film they made.....

I'm afraid this film falls under the category of movies that i like to call "what could have been...films" Had they followed the story lines used in the paperback novels this could have been the birth of a new major sci-fi franchise that would rivaled the likes of Star Wars, BattleStar Galactica, and Star Trek.

Instead we get to see a gang of twenty somethings go glob trotting in Antartica in a underground pyramid (and most of them are killed off before you even get to know the characters) --and the rest of the movie was just a special effect show At least it was entertaining..and it did have some decent special effects I gave it 5 out of 10 stars
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