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Green Book (2018)
The most delightful buddy film with a menage a trois ending.
2 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Both Viggo Mortensen and Ali's performances were Oscar-worthy. The character arcs are superb with the initially down-to-earth, uneducated Italian descent escort of effete, world famous pianist Don Shirley not only forming a fast friendship, but taking that friendship to another level in the motel scene, as evidenced by Viggo's final statement to his wife upon his return home.

The music, comedy and drama are all excellent. Not to be missed, especially by the Academy Awards.
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This movie took me to a better place
7 June 2014
The casting of this highly complex, imaginative film is spot on. Hemingway, Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker, Dali charm me into their world of literary and artistic wonder. I bought the film and have watched it several times; I realize that it's actually about the philosophy of living your best life at the best time, which seems perhaps narcissistic, but I personally wouldn't mind going back to the twenties in Paris. At least the traffic would be manageable. :) When Owen Wilson quotes Faulkner, "The past isn't past; it's still important and affecting us," (paraphrase), I began to see the philosophy of this important film, which Owen Wilson self-effacing charm adds volumes to. I see this as an important statement about living life to the fullest with the right people at the right time, face-to-face. It's a challenge to the cellphone, computer absorption of our current 2014, which erodes the significance of human emotions, encounters and literature. I love this movie!
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A paean to the invincibility of the human spirit
29 September 2012
A film full of such delightful twists, surprises and fun-poking at societal norms that I came out refreshed and ready to embrace humanity with all its frailties once again! The acting, above all, is superb. Not a detail is overlooked; it's a life-affirming film. If you miss this, you're a boor! :)

Phillipe and his surprise choice for a caregiver, Driss, have the time of their lives and take us with them. Every preconceived idea about people with special challenges and those from difficult backgrounds is blown to bits by the dynamics of this gem of a film. It's been an international hit! Don't miss it because you're too unadventurous to go to a movie that isn't in English. :)
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Bright Star (2009)
This film is a masterpiece.
5 October 2009
Each scene, every word uttered by the characters was so beautifully and often wittily crafted that I couldn't help but wish I lived in such a lush world, full of idealism and love of literature, not to mention people who cared about one another with such kindness and unabashed concern. Many of the scenes evoked the sixteenth century Dutch masters, whom Jane Campion may have used to set an authentic tone for her masterpiece. John Keats, the most intensely romantic of the Romantic poets (although Shelley and Lord Byron did their best) could not have received a fairer treatment, plus he was superbly acted by Ben Whislaw; I fell in love with the entire cast. This film lives up to its potential, and if you know anything about the life of Keats, you realize that it is a Titanic sort of plot, because the ship must go down. Yet my sadness was only that I have to live in the current world so dominated by name brands and nonsense rather than the fine stitchery and wit of Fanny Brawne. Drag your husband, significant other and everyone you know to see this film!! I've seen it twice!!
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