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TURN: Washington's Spies (2014–2017)
New York burned by Washington?
29 December 2016
I just watched Episode 1, Season 1. There is a reference to Washington burning New York City to the ground. Everything that I read about American History says that our side never controlled New York City. It remained a Tory stronghold throughout the war. Washington "withdrew" to White Plains and never regained the city until his return - after the war had been over for some time - in 1783. To imply that Washington was anything other than on the run after the battle of Long Island seems to me a re-writing of history. And I feel that filmmakers have an obligation if they are purporting to relay history, to stick to the facts. And Washington burning NYC to the ground is not one of them. Washington lost far more battles than he won. Without looking it up I really can only think of one win.
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