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Dorian Gray (2009)
What a disappointment!
6 January 2010
When I first heard about the Picture of Dorian Gray becoming a movie I was excited and overjoyed. I thought with this new technology the 21st century has, The Picture of Dorian Gray will receive the justice it deserves. However, I was very wrong. I just finished watching the movie and I felt compelled to write a review about it.The movie was horrible. A grand disappointment which had such potential to be great. Firstly, the movie should have claimed to be inspired by the novel not based on it. I say this because the movie was very different from the novel. All of Oscar Wilde's wit and beauty which truly made the novel classic was ruined and overshadowed by the changes the movie made. I understand that there can be biased when reading a novel before seeing the movie adaption, but this movie adaption was appalling. I wont give anything away but the movie seriously ruined Oscar Wilde's vision and above all his memorable characters. Once the movie changed aspects in the novel the whole thing became horrible. Trust me, you'll agree if you've read the novel first.

Ben Barnes is simply gorgeous but he hardly brought any character development. I never felt pity for him throughout the movie compared to the novel. The novel brought the characters to life and described the reality of London life. The movie made the classic novel very shallow. I must add that as much as I love Colin Firth he was not convincing as Lord Henry. The character was someone who was vindictive and unchanging. He drained Dorian and was never affected by the consequences of his own evil; Colin Firth failed at reincarnating the abhorred character. Whats worse is that the whole ending is changed, which ruins the whole message of the novel. In the end, Oscar Wilde's masterpiece remains legendary in its pages as opposed to its film adaption. Seriously, I think my rate of 4 is being to generous.
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Real Wuthering Heights fans will be disappointed
12 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I have to commend the amazing actor Ralph Fiennes who did a great job for the portrayal of Heathcliff. His acting was brilliant, making the viewers create catharsis for the character, even when Heathcliff was 'Evil'. Juliette Binoche also played Catherine very well, depicting the characters childish manner and selfish embodiment. The supporting cast also assisted well to the two lead characters process.

But, there were problems that contributed to the movies downfall. The script was poorly put together and the continuity of the scenes were abhorrent. For example, as we see Catherine dying, we do not notice the supposed pregnancy bump. Even earlier in the movie, Catherine was suppose to be pregnant, but the viewers seem to be oblivious to its existence. Also, the movie moves on to briskly. The film also makes it challenging for non-readers of Wuthering Heights to comprehend the actions of Heathcliff and the years that so ardently pass by. And the make-up on the actors were horrid. There seemed to be no effort put forth to make Heathcliff or Nelly look older after the eighteen years.

There were too many errors in the film and too many problems of consistency. If you enjoy the dark romance of Heathcliff and Catherine then you will be sourly disappointed after watching this film. The actors prospered wonderfully, but the direction and screenplay was poorly done.
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Becoming Jane (2007)
Great Movie!
29 August 2007
Becoming Jane is an excellent movie, that tugs at your heart and makes you eager to have an enormous love like theirs. The actors are tremendously fantastic, and the love story is a lasting one, unable to forget. All the actors should be commended by there talents, especially James McAvoy, who plays the lead male character. He is simply great and unknowingly steals ever scene he embarks in.

If you are a person that appreciates beautiful scenery and real unforgettable love stories, than this is the movie for you. An if you don't appreciate love stories and not a hopeless romantic, then I suggest, "Becoming Jane" is not the film for you. This movie keeps you on the edge, guessing and rooting for the main characters love to last. Its sweet and well acted, and will probably become a classic in the near future of great love stories of all time. "Becoming Jane" is a tearjerker you hopeless romantics can't miss!
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