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The List (I) (2007)
Enjoyable Movie
24 August 2007
My wife and I and son stayed at the Ballentine Resort in Charlotte. We saw the film. And I have to say I enjoyed this film from start to finish. Malcolm McDowell is an amazing actor. I sure would not want him mad at me. Tim Ware (I think he was in Remember the Titans) and Hillary Burton (she is cute) are outstanding. I liked the plot, and the camera work is really good. How about that section of Will Patton at the church near the graveyard? Could that have been done any better? Will Patton did a super job. I love the film cuts in the church. I also enjoyed the opening scenes back in the 1800's; I think it said it was in Georgetown South Carolina. Overall, a really good movie, with good acting, good editing, and good music.
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