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The dogs were more interesting than the human characters
18 March 2009
Despite how I did like Hotel for dogs,the human characters were boring.I only liked Andi(Emma Roberts)because she was smart and likable in a mature way,but that was it. The dogs were the show stealers because the scenes with the trick performing and how they lived in a hotel were clever and well performed. What I have gotton tired of is the potty humour because it's been done in so many kids films before that I find it gross and unfunny(for example,a scene with the parents that fell into a dumpster with dog poo by saying "we're in deep doo doo.").

6 stars for the dogs and the female character Andi,but the rest were a waste of time.
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Pokémon (1997–2018)
Pokemon:review of the show and merchandise
29 November 2008
I was one of those kids when Pokemon use to be so popular that I was OBSESSED with it.I watched every episode of Pokemon,got trading cards,toys,I even had Pokemon cereal for breakfast once,I went to see all of the Pokemon movies.But then when I was 9,I stopped liking Pokemon when the character Misty left the show for good and the Pokemon got too cute and cuddly. The only good character that didn't change too much and was mature was Brock because Ash just annoyed me so much,he was really immature and clueless for a 10-year-old(or so he LOOKS 10 or may be a teenager with a mind of a kid). The only thing I still like about Pokemon is the old games it had(I have silver version on Gameboy colour),the games were really great because it was more about battling and imagination with the pocket monsters instead of characters spewing out dumb quotes and being so up them selves. I'm surprised the show Pokemon is still alive and showing but the whole craze and popularity it once had is now dated and a thing of the past. I'm not gonna be these people that say Pokemon is gay or something like that because Pokemon was really a good idea about having creative monsters you can put in your pocket,but the issue is the show that was made.If the show never existed,the games would've made the Pokemon fad last longer with more beastly and brutal monsters than cutesy-pie bugs and fat creatures.
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Monster House (2006)
Finally,something for the older crowd.
11 November 2008
At first,I was thinking it was gonna be another stupid CGI-animated kids film,but when I went to see it,it was so great! The characters weren't cutesy-pie or dumb,just normal and quite hilarious teenage characters. Have you noticed how some computer animated movies have always been boring and nothing to it for the adults to enjoy but the kids only like it?Yeah,it's a pity how every animated movie nowadays have sucked,but Monster House is a different story. The idea about a scary house that comes to life is exciting for kids and mind-blowing for the adults because of its suspense and fright,and I was glad to see that. Monster House is not an average brainless kiddie movie,it was edgy,jokes that little kids wouldn't get,intelligent and hilarious characters make this animated movie nearly perfect. The only disadvantage was the computer animation that looked like it was still incomplete(a reviewer here said that it takes time to get use to the look of the animation because of how stiff it was),but that's just ONE problem,the rest of the movie was brilliant.

Monster House is great to watch on Halloween or if you feel like getting away from irritating kids movies that today's kids are into nowadays instead of watching movies that are decent and humorous like this movie.
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MADtv (1995–2016)
Intelligent sketch comedies like Mad are what we need for this world of worthless Television
26 June 2008
I have to say,Mad TV is so bloody hilarious,especially with physical comedy.Yes,it was offensive(and still is),but at least it's not the cheesy Fast Forward Show or the so-called comedian Will Ferrall(no offense to the fans of him,but this is what I really think of him)and Mike Myers does pathetic kids movies now like Shrek,though the only movies I ever liked were Austin Powers(they were all comically classic).

The greatest things about this show was how over-the-top it was in oh-so-funny ways.The mockery and satirical parodies from music,movies,TV shows,video games,toys,real-life problems,bathroom humour,to practically everything,and I MEAN EVERYTHING.When watching the show,it was like reading Mad magazine put on television virtually,it was fun.

There isn't anything else to talk about this show because of how genius everything is in this show.One more thing,I thank the show so much for doing a take off of the High school musical film in a humorous version.That film was campy.
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CatDog (1998–2005)
Excellent show I grew up on.
30 May 2008
I use to watched Catdog every afternoon years ago and frankly I still love it.Later on,I read peoples comments on IMDb for how underrated the show was,which I agreed with.

But the problem is that it's mostly the Americans who hated Catdog and claim that it was the reason Nickelodeon was doomed,which is actually far from the truth.Catdog was a very creative,original and humorous type of animated show in good ways.It wasn't dark or gross,but it was decent and watchable.The characters like Cat and Dog had interesting and hilarious adventures(Dog was my most favourite character and still is),but there were times when the other characters in the cartoon were plain annoying sometimes,like the Greasers and the Lola bird,but that doesn't mean that I hated the show,there was just too much of them in some episodes. I mean,what the bloody hell has America come to?First they bashed Catdog,and then they protested Borat.Come on,Borat was a smart comedy,and as a matter of fact,the actor,Sascha Baron Cohen is a Jew himself,so really just chill out,Borat's not real,just like Catdog.

But I do understand how bad Nickelodeon has gotten ever since Rugrats came along,and then new shows started airing and then I had to rely on reruns of Catdog and Rocko's Modern Life(also a brilliant cartoon I use to watch)and tape them as possible before they're off the air.

It's a pity Catdog is not being produced anymore,since it was always a marvellous show(to me).
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To me,it was hilarious.I don't know why everyone hated it.
27 March 2008
I've read loads of comments on IMDb that hated the movie for its strong crude humour,discrimination of Jews and Gypsies,and grossness. I don't care if lots of Americans didn't like it,I actually thought Borat,who was played by Sasha Baron Cohen,was a hilarious scream who was trying to prove to America that we all need to have a good laugh at something every now and then and learn to not take everything so seriously ALL THE TIME.

Don't get me wrong,even I thought Borat was a freak at first when the movie came out in theaters.But when I got the film on DVD,I laughed so hard because everything in the movie throughout was brilliant though not intelligent.

Borat was better than Jackass.The stunt guys in Jackass were,well,jackasses.Sasha Baren Cohen has incredible comedic talent, he's the funniest actor I've seen in years,though I liked Jim Carrey as well,I think the actor who played Borat was pure genius in comedy. The American characters in the movie weren't that amusingly funny,but so far Borat made the movie funnier.

One thing that surprised me was Sasha Baren Cohen got hundreds of lawsuits from people in the movie for being filmed unexpectedly and humiliation of Kazacstan,and there's also been a controversy about Borats comment in the movie about the war in Iraq.

But Borat is a character who in the story is politically incorrect in a hilarious way.So I say it's okay to laugh at an un-PC movie.
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Chris Lilley is a comedic genius.
8 March 2008
We can be Heroes:Finding the Australian of the year is without a doubt the funniest,reasonably realistic and best show on Australian Television.

Ja'mie King was so hilarious and even my favourite character because some of her opinions about everything makes you think about what it can really be inside the surface.The skateboarder blond twins were funny,the Chinese man(played by Chris Lilley)wasn't an exaggerated stereotype,he was accurately natural and also pretty hilarious,and the guide to Ja'mie's bedroom,school,house and lifestyle was amusing to watch.And the part where Ja'mie has a meltdown when she hears the African people she sponsored in Africa were 90% killed by a flood was funny as hell and even true to how a teenage girl would act if she was upset.

We can be heroes will always be my favourite show to enjoy when there's nothing else to find on TV anymore,except for Summer Heights High. Really hilarious show.
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Extremely down-to-earth and undeniably hilarious.
14 December 2007
When I've heard about this when it first appeared,I was thinking it was going to be as pathetic and dumb like 'Neighbours' on TV(if you're a foreinger who hasn't seen the TV show Neighbours,don't watch it anyway, it's very horrible),but when I got Summer Heights High on DVD,I was completely wrong,it was excellent.

Reasons why: 1.The main characters,Jonah,a delinquent break dancing problem child, Mr.Gee,an ego-driven gay Drama teacher with delusional showbiz dreams,and Ja'mie,a high-class bitchy private school girl on a student exchange were VERY clever,witty and laugh-out-loud funny.Non of their talents in the show have declined,they were just perfect.

2.The humour.Greatly hilarious.The jokes never got old,they were modern.

I definitely recommend this show to anyone who loves Australian comedy and something realistic.
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It's classic laugh-out-loud Mr.Bean at his best from beginning to end!
18 October 2007
I thought it was just terrific!I was looking forward to seeing it in theaters and after that I was stunned by how great and really hilarious it was.Mr.Bean has always been my favorite show ever since I was little and although the jokes in his first movie weren't as funny as the show, this sequel to the first was hilariously brilliant.

The story with Mr.Bean's holiday in France,Paris was incredible.Every bit of the scenes with Mr.Bean and a french kid were really funny.

I recommend this to fans of Mr.Bean and people who have a strange but great sense of humour with a twist of oddity and mild gross-out weird expressions!
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The cheekiest and funniest movie ever!10 out of 10!
19 August 2007
Drop Dead Fred was an extremely hilarious film,Lizzie(Elizabeth) was a perfectly rational character,and the way the character Drop Dead Fred was obnoxious,energetic and a bit crazy was laugh-out-loud brilliant and really well-played.

The beginning was hilarious(when Elizabeth as a little girl in bed didn't believe the fairytale about a princess rescued by a prince told by her mum and said to her mum "What a pile of s***").The movie started to get funnier and more interesting when Drop Dead Fred followed Elizebeth(the character who was the little girl in bed who was the only one who saw Drop dead Fred),who is grown up as a lady, all throughout the movie and causing chaos with her situations.But he also saved her life because her boyfriend was cheating on her,so Elizabeth leaves her boyfriend. It was a bit sad at the end of the movie when Drop Dead Fred couldn't stay with Elizabeth any more,but the thing was he was an imaginary person who was most of the times off the wall but a hero as well.My favourite scene is where Lizzie meets up with her old friend from childhood and then Drop dead Fred shows up sitting on the table and saying "Oh no,Mickey Fartpants!Let him grow up!God,he's still talking about love!I always said you should be a girl!".That was so hilarious I always laugh to death on the couch.

All in all,the film was side-splitting and touching as well.I'll always watch this movie on DVD whenever I want a real good laugh of Drop Dead Fred and his explosion of chaos and laughter!
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