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Watch it again...
29 October 2002
Right i'm not having you on - check my user profile if you don't think i give considered well structured reviews - but this film gets better every single time you watch it. The script is witty enough to keep you interested, the story, whilst fairly obvious has a few good changes of pace and there are lots of very enjoyable sub plot elements (such as the relationship between chase and his dad, or what alicia is trying to get for herself). It is also a film that you can put on and watch the whole way through and pay attention to or have on in the background as you talk to your friends or read a newspaper, dipping in and out of the story at will. Plus there is a scene where Melissa Joan-Hart wakes up wearing only a bra. Damn! My review was going so well! What a giveaway. Anyway I enjoyed it.
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Space Zombie Bingo!!! (1993 Video)
I now cannot sleep for fear of the zombie death car
9 September 2002
This budget had a budget of about five cents, and its a wonder they could even afford enough film to keep the cameras running. I think it lasts for about eight hours but throughout you will not look at your watch. I only know because I turned it on at 1am and just after it finished my boss phoned me to tell me I was late for work. In fact it is so engrossing I would not be surprised if it was 32 hours long.
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Clearly the funniest movie ever.
21 March 2002
This is one of those movies that most people will never get to see which is a damn shame because this movie is similar to, but better than Waynes World. The film is about two guys, Hubbs and Joe on a quest to get drunk stoned and laid. If I lived in the USA every night of my life would be like this. There are plenty of moments in this film that will have first time viewers crying with laughter and also more than enough hilarious pieces of dialogue to make this worth watching over and over. This deserves to be watched by anyone who likes Dazed and Confused, any of the Porkys style comedy films or just about any film fan. Awesome.
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See Spot Run (2001)
Oh now come on its a good film.
18 March 2002
Hey will people leave David Arquette alone? Your petty jealousy at him being married to Courtney Cox and you being a bunch of losers doesnt mean that you nerds should try to stop his blossoming film career from becoming more successful and critically acclaimed than Kevin Spacey who pales in comparison. Okay this is the best dog/paul sorvino/postman/woman out of popular/that black guy out of exit wounds and other stuff film that i have seen this week. Thats good enough for me. As for that tall chap out of the green miles involvement? Heartbreaking. Give that man an oscar. Im going to include a couple of witty puns at the bottom to justify myself giving this 7 out of ten.

"First Class"

"Top Dog"

"Better than watching Memento because that film really bites".
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Hell Swarm (2000 TV Movie)
13 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Any film which has a guy executed at the start only to be brought back to fight against alien type life forms who are planning to unleash a swarm of killer bees only to have sex with his wife who turns out to be an alien who has their son and then the excecuted dude gets all angry and stuff and kills his wife and SHOCK his son and then he goes off with the nice piece at the end gets my vote.
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Memento (2000)
Wow. This truly bites.
13 March 2002
I think that the people who gave this a decent vote must have been watching the wrong film. May I suggest you go back and have another look. If they told this story fowards it would have received about 3.0 and although it may be "clever" to tell the story in this backwards forwards whatever format I think the film would have benefitted greatly from being set in space or possibly under the sea.
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Hellraiser: Inferno (2000 Video)
Id love to know why they made this.
11 March 2002
This film really does stink quite badly. Wow theres an attempt at a storyline but then some other crap happens then you fall asleep then you see that he has his face ripped off and then you return the video to the video store and get out a proper movie like Creepozoids.
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The Dreaming (1988)
An emotional rollercoaster
11 March 2002
This film is one of the most impressive films ive ever bought for less than £3. It really shocks on all levels then spirals towards an incredibly tense finale which will leave you wishing to take stock of what is important to you in life.

And theres a bit where an X-ray starts screaming. Genius.
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