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Grey's Anatomy: What I Did For Love (2019)
Season 15, Episode 23
One of the shows worse episodes
11 May 2019

So a few weeks ago to my surprise, I was pushed to write a review for the episode where Jo goes on a road trip. I was forced to write my first review because that episode was beautiful, intelligent and well performed. Now, today, I'm forced to ventilate my complete and utter disappointment with this show.

It isn't the first time Grey's has blurted out some politically fueled episodes and not a single time has it been any good. I had hoped they would actually learn from their mistakes but it doesn't look like it. What makes this one even worse is that it is very poorly written, it seems chaotic and hurried in a very irritating way. The Jo story arch was a very welcome and interesting turn, as it finally took us away from the constant repetitiveness of love triangles, medical trials, and awards. Now a few episodes later I'm afraid they've blown this whole storyline to bits.
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Grey's Anatomy: Silent All These Years (2019)
Season 15, Episode 19
One of the greatest episodes.
31 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This show has put out alot of garbage in the past, there are entire seasons of pure nonsense if you ask me. But once in a while they get it right and when they do they get it all right. This episode is a great example of that. Exploring Jo's character more and more is a very good choice and I don't feel they are overdoing it in any way. She is again the standout in this episode and delivers an excellent performance.
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