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Army Wives (2007–2013)
great show and great characters !
6 August 2007
I love this show and have watched each week. the characters are each great and the diff personality's make it so fun-

my only concern is instead of going in direction of --just sex !

i would like to see more family direction- the kids - what is happening with son that went away to join military - no one even talks about missing him or how he is - the daughter that was in love with him and had sex before he left for military - the little kids that some have -- all the wives go thru trying to do everything and keep the family solid - the program last week was like all they each do is have sex or talk about sex- we want to see this program make it to the leading show - so just give us a little more real life struggles and concerns and issues- because this show -is A WINNER !
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