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Wheelman (2017)
Small but cool thriller
10 October 2017
I expected a movie in the vein of Transporter but was delighted to see a very character driven suspense filled ride where the camera hardly leaves the car. Fans of Frank Grillo will love this one. It's just him driving around, swearing the entire time, trying to to survive and sort out a huge mess he's found himself in as a getaway driver. It's simple but that makes the surprising bursts of violence and cameos that much better.
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John Wick (2014)
Smoothest action film to come around in a long time
22 October 2014
John Wick is something special. It takes as much time setting up elaborate action sequences as it does the world with which it all takes place in. And what a world it is. It reminds me of Millers Crossing and it is cooler than any other recent attempt at noir. We are shown a criminal underworld where, if you are connected, many powerful people know who you are and show you respect. John Wick was connected but he got out. He is the rare killer who has found peace, and he is grateful for that peace. Some young kids steal that from him and he does what he does best, he wages a one man war against the Russian Mafia. It might sound like the film takes quite a leap but it all makes sense. The motives of John and the people who get in the way of his bullets are all very clear, even if it does come across as rather simple. That's the plot at it's most basic. Then there's the action. The film is directed by Reeve's stuntman from The Matrix, so this guy knows action. There are sequences that flow so smoothly it puts other action films and their quick cuts to shame. Keaunu moves so fluidly throughout the film and comes across as such a natural that the only disappointment is that we have not seen him like this before. Along the way are plenty of character actors, fans of The Matrix and The Wire will recognize a few people then there are more obvious ones like Ian McShane and Willem Dafoe. Everyone seems to be having a good time. That is another plus for this movie. It get's dark at times but overall it is quite fun, not very chipper, but fun. I cannot recommend this movie enough. I believe it is a must see for action fans and for anyone looking for something a bit different from the usual fare.
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City Island (2009)
the kind of move you start and have to finish
21 December 2010
There are so many family dramadies out there that an original one is very welcome. The title refers to the island where the family resides, it puts them close to NYC but far enough away that you can't already predict their issues. The issues the family faces are many, but they are original and entertaining. Without saying too much, you have an ex con entering the house, a son with a strange desire, a daughter with a job that she does not tell anyone about, a mom who is bored with life and a father who has a secret desire that is not too terrible but he is too embarrassed to tell anyone. That being said it may seem like any ordinary family with issues movie, but meet the parents and its sequels it is not. Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies lead this wonderful movies and all of the characters that fill it are fantastically portrayed the the actors playing them, especially the ex con who disrupts the families secret lives. Steven Strait needs to be in more movies, he kicked ass in Sky High and he was great in this. The humor in this movie feels real and never forced, there are some awkward moments but it helps the films flow. From someone who appreciates a good, creative, non studio ruined film I recommend this one.
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Ah a film for the lovers
30 October 2009
If you liked or loved the first one this one will definitely entertain. Even if you haven't seen the first one this one will still be entertaining, but you might not understand all of the in-jokes, which there are several of but they do not take anything away from the film. This one is a whole lot like the first one in that the two greatest Irish catholic killers of bad men are doing what they do best: killing bad men. We find the brothers living a quiet bearded life in Ireland, the beards are little silly but it gives you the idea that many years of no killing has taken a toll on the brothers and their looks. After getting a quick view of their simple lives they are quickly brought right back into action after news that a priest has been killed back in hometown Boston. This killing in particular upsets the brother because it is done in the same exact fashion that the brothers execute their big targets. Whilst on the way back home they pick up a new partner, a humorous Hispanic replacement for Rocco from the first one, who is their new contact into Bostons criminal underworld. Willem Dafoe is also replaced by a female FBI agent who does her job just like Willems character does because she is his protégé and she is very good at her job. Returning characters include the three cops that worked with Dafoes character in the first one and they are all hysterical and make a nice little side characters, their bar owning friend F#$% A$$ is also back and gives them shelter and drinks. While on their quest for revenge their are many laughs and many shoot outs, the violence is fun and stylish. Recommended for lovers of the first and anyone in the mood for a fun stylish action movie.
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fun simple VIOLENT
26 October 2009
Ridiculous action is not necessarily taken to a new level but it is certainly taken to a rather fun level in this straight up action flick. It's been done before, see The Condemned, Death Race or Mean Guns. They all feature people killing other people for a large sum of money and or freedom and the protagonist, except in the case of Mean Guns, is an innocent man. Robert Carlyle is the innocent man caught up in a violent game where the best assassins in the world meet up and kill each other while rich folk watch safely from a massive room on computer monitors. Instead of having the killers in an isolated place like an island or a prison the action all takes place in an everyday ordinary town, and the explosions and gunshots are then covered up by the million dollar corporation that runs it to look like terrorist attacks. This makes it more interesting but at the same time a little more macabre which could be better or worst depending on the viewer because there are lots and lots of innocent victims being gunned down here. Carlyle is the star and he is a fine actor but he does not do action like Rhames and Hu do. Somerhalder also is crazy fun as an over the top killer who just loves to kill, he chews up the scenery as his ridiculous over the top assassin, representing America here along with Rhames. The other assassins get some screen time but only up until they are killed off. The action is constant and very fun, the drama is here but not too much to pull away from the action and the characters that have more than several minutes of screen time are all very fun to watch some have some cool skills but for the most part it's all gun play. This is recommended for anyone who likes to watch stuff blow up and Ving Rhames do his thing. Any fan of Somerhalder should see this too because it seems like he does something totally different here and it is very cool. Nothing perfect, but definitely worth seeing for entertainment purposes.
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An exciting film for the patient viewer
27 August 2009
Inglorious Basterds is Tarantinos book. The storyline is told in chapter format so that each scene builds tension through the use of dialogue, that only Tarantino could create, and leads to a fantastic finish. The film itself builds to an incredible ending but at a slower pace, much like many of his other films. Sharp witty lines and references to other films keep the viewer engaged. Rather than having bullets do the talking, the actors do the talking, enough so that the viewer can become emotionally invested in nearly everyone with a speaking part. But after the actors have done enough talking the bullets do there thing and it is quite pleasing. The three lead actors are all incredible and entertaining, the dramatic acting is great and you can find the humor in nearly everything that is said and done. Also Eli Roth is awesome. Go see the movie.
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12 Rounds (2009)
borrows a whole lot but uses it well
15 July 2009
An action fan will enjoy the one liners, the clichés, the borrowed material. it doesn't feel like too much of a steal, it seems a whole lot like a movie that wants to shows its appreciation to its predecessors. I felt like i was watching the love child of die hard, die hard 3 (in a BIG way), speed (in a MUCH BIGGER way), bad boys, i even felt a little desperate measures and backdraft at points. the action is over the top and fun, the violence is pretty much pg-13 material but the writer shows he likes his old school action movies and renny harlin knows his 90's action movies. this is the man that made long kiss goodnight, cliff hanger and die hard 2, he knows how to make a 90's action movie and he does a decent job getting down to what hes good at. his recent doesn't have the same appeal as the old stuff and i'm glad he got back to his old games. the writer's a newbie, at least according to the site, but he is an action fan who likes his action movies, and i'm pretty sure that any other action fan, who can turn the brain off for a little while, will appreciate it too.
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very cool show, gonna be a good miniseries!
22 July 2007
ironically this and the negotiator were on the same night, both written by the same writer and both kick ass, dialog between Donnie

and john is very cool sounding and enjoyable, also the action is pretty fun, kinda has a heat feel to it and point break but u really seem to get to know and understand the robbers and the police and feel for them i don't get the feeling of a generic back robber movie, maybe thats because this is a TV movie, and they can suck, but who knows they seem to have improved with TV (anyone catch burn notice THAT SHOW ROCKS) and action TV seems to be on a rise, thank god,so for good action and good characters watch this while its still on, for it is a limited series
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The Hard Corps (2006 Video)
A step above generic and a LOT better than Second In Command
25 August 2006
The plot is simple, a soldier returning from Afhganistan becomes a body guard for a well known boxer who is loved by the community he restored, and hated by the man he put behind bars.

It begins typically with plot development and whatnot but where other straight to video movies fail this one succeeds, if you give the movie a chance you will feel the difference between this and anything else that has been released recently. The plot has more to it, the action pieces deliver what is expected but it is entertaining none the less and the humor and rap beats thrown in add what is needed to make this movie more entertaining than what i was expecting. treat yourself and get a hold of this for lazy nights where you just want to kick back and see Jean Claude do his best.
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Stealth (2005)
pretty wild movie
16 August 2006
so from the trailer i figured this was like some action packed take on 2001: Space Oddysey but man was i wrong. in a sense it truly is influenced by 2001 but the story takes some crazy twists that i never expected and really could not have assumed from just watching the trailer. the craziness that the movie holds can interest any one looking for an awesome over the top action adventure experience. high octane action, plenty of explosions and fast moving sequence and even a surprise twist or two, not bad for a movie that i though was just going to have a bunch of fast jets flying around blowing stuff up. so yeah if you want some fun times go get this movie i don't think it will let you down, just do not expect perfection, because nothing is especially these days (speaking strictly of pg-13 action flicks).
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Bongwater (1998)
don't watch it stoned, don't watch it at all
7 July 2006
The title leads viewers to believe that this is a fun movie to watch and probably much better when watched under the influence, but it is not good at all. One 15 minute sequence with Jack Black beautifully playing one of his songs and tripping on acid while venturing through the woods does not save this movie at all. Every actor in this movie has gone on to do better things, except for the main girls I could not think of one movie where I had seen them before. I hate to bash movies but I also hate not being able to find something decent in movies. The film is sad, not very funny and had such potential with its awesome cast. If it were redone and written over it could be awesome. If you want a good movie to see stoned, watch Grandma's Boy, or Half Baked or Dazed and Confused, but this is not a movie to be seen at all.
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one of the most intense movies ever
15 June 2006
I'm talking about widely released, recent movies here, not old school movies and not foreign films. This movie is hard core, entertaining and flat out awesome. It has elements that I never saw coming and stuff mixed into it that is just plain incredible. Edge of your seat excitement awaits you if you watch this movie, it just keeps getting better and better. Anyone who talks down to this movie might have legit reasons, like the grittiness or the whole fact that there's children mixed up in such gruesomeness, but that makes it so cool. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something over the top, not meaning ridiculous,over the top as in stuff that normally is not included in movies that you can easily find. If you are looking for a movie that will really get your blood pumping and really get you energized then you have to see this. On the cover is a statement from Maxim magazine, that states "Makes Kill Bill look like Sesame Street," I thought that was a strong statement but after viewing this I do not disagree. The plot is this: a low level mob worker has to dispose of a "hot" gun, but the gun ends up the wrong hands and we get to see the guns adventure around wonderful New Jersey and Paul Walkers' Joey venture around with anyone who tags along searching for the gun. The mess he gets himself in has him in too deep with Russian mobsters, Italian mobsters and corrupt cops and it will rely on the integrity of anyone he encounters and his own wits to get him out of one hell of a mess. Go see this now. 10/10
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The Hidden (1987)
greatest genre bending film ever made
21 January 2005
action/science fiction/comedy/horror/thriller/mystery/romance everything is in this movie it is so amazing. The greatest alien ever is featured in this movie: a male alien who likes sick cars, hot women, big guns, loud rock and lots of money. the alien goes on a rampage just for kicks and has plans to take over the earth. To stop him another alien poses as an F.B.I. agent and teams up with local police to destroy the alien. Plenty of action, awesome weaponry, awesome opening sequence with a bank robbery / car chase and a great story. Awesome guy flick and a great movie to just chill out and watch go rent it now you will not be disappointed.
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Cellular (2004)
great film!
18 January 2005
fast, fun, action packed, never ever boring!! the plot was a little ridiculous but who cares its a fun movie! great performances by anyone and Eric Christian Olsen almost completely makes up for taking part in dumb and dumberer in his funny as hell few minutes, Chris Evans is great as the true lead even though Kim Basinger was listed first, for obvious reasons, more people know the name Kim Basinger than Chris Evans. and i am a huge personal fan of both William h. Macy and Jason statham and they are both great in their polar opposite roles in this movie. Lots of fun and kind of like die hard with the whole relationship of Kim and Chris very similar to john mclanes and al's relationship.
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Saw (2004)
8/10 amazing freaking movie
31 October 2004
Opening the way this film does it has a lot of explaining to do and it fulfills that, every question you may have is answered in this film. With two men chained at opposite ends of a filthy bathroom and a suicide victim in the middle any movie goer knows they are in for a surprise, and they are. It is more of a psychological thriller than it is a horror but it's all good, the only downside is Danny Glover is put to waste and it's all too relative to seven, but the plot twists and an amazing twist at the end make up for all of that. The best part about everything in this film is that it all fits together beautifully, I know that all I am doing is promoting this movie and how amazing it is but I do not want to give anything away, see this movie!
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action comedy musical what more could you want?
23 October 2004
action comedy musical what more could you want? THE GUYS FROM SOUTH PARK! thats what! and this movie has it all!

Amazing movie with great action sequences, awesome one liners and hysterical music numbers! No holds barred in this flick they attack people around the world and in our own country, destroying everything its path. Insane action sequences lead to the downfall of huge cities as Team America tries to save the world from terrorist scum, which you just can't do anymore with put pissing everyone off. Only downside is they do not make fun of either presidential candidate but if they did they would probably get sued and in a few months the jokes may not be too funny so maybe its for the better. All in all amazing movie everyone go see it 10/10

contains bloody action sequences, brutal language and sex scenes not for the weak of heart - all involving puppets
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funny yet frightening documentary
27 September 2004
There is violence in America that is a known fact but writer, director and star of this documentary Michael Moore goes and shows just how violent. He takes viewers on a trip around the country, and a little stop in Canada, to talk about violence in the US. He goes to the schools where a shooting incident has occurred and talks to faculty, students, some who had been harmed and those who live in the community around the schools. These scenes are the most dramatic parts of the film, but there are lighter, funnier parts of the film yet they are just as important. He talks to Marilyn Manson and Matt Stone to discuss their views on the violence in schools and they are both very humorous segments but both Manson and Stone make important points. Moore takes us on a trip to Canada where he is amazed to find out that there are people there who do not lock their houses, he even walks into some houses to see if this is common in Canada, which as far as the film shows, it is. While in Canada the similarities between US and Canada are shown, both have kids who listen to hard rock, cut school, watch violent movies and play violent video games, both have many citizens who own guns. Because of these similarities the question of why is there so much violence in the US is brought up and no one can answer this, but this film gives us a lot of ideas.

All in all this is a great film that will leave you wondering 'Are we a nation of gun nuts or are we just nuts?' (the films tagline). Only downside is it does not do too much to answer that but that may just be the point.
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Paparazzi (2004)
fun, ruthless, revenge flick
25 September 2004
So the premise is not too promising and the star of the movie is not someone you may have heard of before, but give this film a chance. Cole Hauser, who some may recognize but might not know where from (he was the bad guy from 2 fast 2 furious), is a hot new celeb who knows that the new world he has entered as an action star is not real. He knows that the only reason people pay attention to him is because of his sudden popularity and he never lets stardom go to his head. He likes having photos taken of him while he's on the red carpet, but when people begin taking pictures of him while he is with his family he gets p***ed. Then they harm his family, and thats where they crossed the line, now its pay back time......

All in all Paparazzi is a fun flick, the story is not too bad and the random cameos in the film make it fun. The ruthless acts of vengeance be releases upon those who were responsible for the accident had me and half the theater clapping. At one point a girl looked at me horridly after I laughed at one of the acts of vengeance and i said "Hey, I'm a guy I'm supposed to find this funny" not to make it sound like a guy flick but that's pretty much what it is, although it truly is for everyone. IF you want to get some decent entertainment go see this movie.
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a whole lotta fun!
21 September 2004
This movie is so entertaining, it's a lot of dumb fun. Dolph plays the hulking mass of a martial artist cop and Brandon Lee (Bruce's son) is hysterical as the young wise ass martial artist cop. Every scene between them is priceless with the wise cracks they each make. Also Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is great as the hated, ruthless villain and Tia Carrere is hot. The action scenes are cool, the film is sold as a martial arts film but it's really a shoot em' up but with plenty of kicking around.

Dumb? yes silly? yes

action packed, entertaining and funny? also yes
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Pop Rocks (2004 TV Movie)
great made for TV movie
12 September 2004
A very entertaining movie about an old school one hit wonder band from the 80's that everyone forgot about. The movie opens explaining the origin of one of the great rock bands Toxic Rock who has been broken up for about 20 years. The rest of the band still does drugs, smokes and drinks too much, but Jerry (awesomely played by Gary Cole)has decided to play it straight. Of course his past comes back to haunt him and he is forced by his old band members (and a new one who's after his daughter) so join the band again, he agrees and complications ensue.

All around funny movie and a good morality tale of putting your priorities first, movie for the family go watch it if it is on.
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Crossworlds (1996 Video)
rutger hauer, josh charles, jack black in basically the original matrix, what more could ya ask for?
9 August 2004
This movie is not well known and I never heard of it until I saw that it was on T.V. at midnight, since I am normally up channel surfing at midnight I did a search on this movie and it looked interesting.

The movie stars Josh Charles (ports night, S.W.A.T.), Rutger Hauer (Surviving The Game, Nighthawks) and Jack Black (Orange County, The Jackal).

Josh Charles stars as Joe a young man who just hangs out at parties with his buddies and tries to pick up chicks. Joe the meets Laura who gets him involved in a battle against enemies from different universes that his father once fought. Then comes Rutger Hauer as A.T. who assists Joe and Laura in the battle between the Crossworlds.

The writing is fun and a lot like "The Matrix" with the whole alternate universe idea, also there are agents in this movie who come in with their machine guns trying to take out Joe, Laura and A.T.
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The Village (2004)
trilling, intriguing, confusing
30 July 2004
this is an M. Night Shyamalan movie there is no other way of describing it, a word to the wise is to not watch this movie without seeing at least one of this odd mans works.

The village is about a town quarantined from the rest of the world due to various reasons that the elders share with the young inhabitants of the village. Everyone has taken a sacred oath not to leave the village because the outside world is not the place to be and if you do leave the village you may come across the creatures that lurk in the surrounding forest. The creatures have had a truce with the villagers and neither steps on the others land but something is about to change.....

The story telling is creative, fun, thrilling and keeps you interested but the dialogue is just annoying, it attempts to be the English language of the late 1800's and it did not make much sense. Also sometimes the story leaves you sitting there wondering what the hell is going on and keeps in you in that state of mind for too long, which is a problem because it can lose you.

If you have patience and are a fan of M. Night Shyamalan then see this movie 5/10
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Ashton takes on a serious role and does it very well SEE IT NOW
30 January 2004
I have just seen The Butterfly Effect and i must say i was amazed. I went into the movie not knowing much about it, just that Ashton was playing a serious role and he tries to change the past to fix the future. As long as a viewer goes in knowing just that they will be amazed at the writing of the story, I do not want to say much but i will say that the creativity of the writing was awesome. Performances by Amy Smart(Road Trip, Outside Providence), Ethan Suplee(Mallrats, Remember the Titans), William Lee Scott (Gone in 60 Seconds, Pearl Harbor), Eldon Henson as(Mighty Ducks, Idle Hands) and Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction, Anaconda) all had great realistic characters to portray which was done well. Ashton looked like he was having a good time while doing this movie because he was able to be serious and at some points where his character was meant to be confused he was his usual foolish, hysterical self. A great group of actors, an amazing story, and Ashton Kutcher being serious and there is one hell of a great film 7/10 go see it as soon as possible
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