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One Day (2011)
I know why I hate Nicholas Spark stories....
4 January 2012
Yeeeees, I admit it: I AM one of those people who watches a movie or reads a book to escape reality, and maybe hopes to find something better than reality in it. Ironically I just realized that I listed my 'location' as 'reality'. Huh. But that's actually the reason why I don't think this movie is anything better than a 6.5 . I love the initial story, that two people are mad for each other but don't understand/realize/act on it. But I hate how it ends. Probably, because I also believe that there is only one person out there for everyone, and if you have so many feelings, and so many romantic-feelings-related encounters or situations with only one person, then yes, that's the one and yes, it should all work out. So I guess what I'm saying is that it shouldn't be this hard and it maybe actually isn't in real life. And even if it is, I don't think anyone will watch this movie or read this book more than twice in their life, because it makes you feel like crap coming out of that theater room, no matter how much you simultaneously think about how great love can be...
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Agatha Christie's Marple: The Moving Finger (2006)
Season 2, Episode 2
such a disappointment!
6 July 2011
I have only thought once in the entire 90 minutes of the film that a scene out of the book was in it - and even then it wasn't REALLY the way it was written by Christie. Needless to say, I didn't like it. One watches the movie to a book to find the story depicted by actors the way it was written, or at the very least CLOSELY to what was written. The screenplay for this movie is rubbish. Someone watching the movie without having read the book would get an ENTIRELY different idea about what happened! Granted it's supposed to be an adaptation, but for god's sake, if there was ever a book that was written so you could take only the scenes it describes (maybe leave some out, but definitely not create new ones) it was this book, but I guess it's not flashy enough! Very, very sad - the book is so good, you could make such a good movie with/from it... I didn't think the previous movie ('85) could compare much to the book. It still can't, but if I had to choose between watching this adaptation and the one from '85, I would take the one from '85 any time. No dice.

The characters are messed up, the storyline is messed up, the relations between certain characters (Owen and Joanna, cough) - the only good thing I have to say about this movie, is that D'Arcy, Riley and the actress playing Aimée Griffith did a pretty good job. They resembled their original characters the most (in D'Arcy's case with a few minor *literal* hick-ups due to the screenplay) and gave me the feeling of the book at least a little bit. Though Aimée did not look at all as I pictured her - but that is entirely my imagination anyways.
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August Rush (2007)
Hooked from the first to the last minute, became my favourite movie in an instant!
30 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the preview (and finding out that Alex O'Loughlin has a role in it), I just had to see this movie. So about an hour before I wanted to go to sleep, I put the movie in, and I watched it all the way through, exceeding said bedtime by an hour, but it was more than worth it.

It started out with a voice-over from Evan, and this is when (if you're a music lover, whether classical or in general) you get hooked. YOu just feel that certain something pulling you into the movie, you feel how you're connected to the music and his story, and I am no orphan or grew up in an orphanage.

Highmore plays his character very well, he comes across as a damaged young boy, who wants one thing in the world desperately: to find his parents and be with them. His gift for music (undoubtedly inherited from both his parents) helps him tremendously and is a treat to watch develop. Some reviews stated his performance to be weak, because he isn't all happy and giddy all the time, but I find this a perfect depiction of the boy he's supposed to play. 10/10

Rhys Meyers also proves his money's worth: In love or heartbroken, as a businessman or a rock band member, he can play it all. He played out his character exactly as you would imagine a person like that to be. I cannot say any more about him.

Russel hasn't done anything deserving less than a praise: She looks so avidly for her son, it's heartbreaking to see how much she cares. You can just feel and see so much going on in between the lines with all three actors, it's ridiculous to try and explain it with words.

Yes, the ending may have left me wanting a bit. But the truth is, if you can't see what's going to happen after the final scene, you wouldn't get it if it was played out for you in all its details.

YOu should definitely watch the movie. Especially if you're a music- enthusiast. Especially if you like the kind of movie without high school drama. AND with good music!
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Dear John (I) (2010)
It started out really good, but went downhill about 80 minutes in.
27 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of: I usually give side comments about the movies I watch when I watch them. Like when the mean character does something mean, I sometimes say "Bitch!" or "asshole!" out of nowhere, totally in sync with the movie. During the 100 minutes of screen time this movie has, I spoke out once, about 75 or 80 minutes in and it was this: "Whaaat. no. way." And honestly, for me this movie turned into a so-so movie about ten minutes earlier.

I won't recap or summarize the movie here, because seriously, watch it yourself if you want that, I'm just reviewing it. So, ever since I saw the trailer, I had to see the movie. I almost cried just watching the trailer, how could I not cry during the movie? But I only *nearly* cried once, and that was when John reconciled with his dad. And I wanted to shove something down Savannah's throat by the end, because no one should be so selfish as to harm someone else they love. If she really only married Tim for Alan and Tim's best interest, she should have explained that to John when she told him she was engaged. Because making others (who by the way love you as epically as he loved her and are as damaged as he is) suffer like that without a real explanation, aren't good people. And they aren't people who care for others it seems, because then they would think first about the person they claim to love the most. So I guess to me the characters didn't fit their storyline. Then again, that's probably not the movie's fault, but the author's, so no blame on the movie. The movie (the actors, the acting, the stage, etc) was really good, but the storyline went downhill for me. It's about a 7 out of 10, but I think it'd be better to donate that vote to the author instead of the movie, which probably is a good portrait of the book. What the movie should have showed though (If the book did, I don't know because I haven't and won't ever read the book), is what happened in the very end with them. I mean, they met and they hugged old style and seemed oh-so-close again, but did they end up married? Is he still in the army? I DON'T KNOW!!! AND IT BOTHERS ME!!! grrr... All I'm gonna say.
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great movie =]
11 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
it's a great movie,but not as good as the first one i still think - but mostly because i don't really like the story line with Andie's crew and that idiotic crew-leader...and the idiotic crew itself.not being able to do anything in life,and not even being able to dance that well.really typicall for the gang members in America...sorry. It's also better than the first one,in the way of dancing.there's more dancing in it than in the first,and it's cool dancing as well =] and the story with andie and chase is very funny.Always just laughing. That Andie really can't dance anything else except Street-Style is really stupid,because when you dance street style alone,it looks idiotic,but hey,it's he story,right? chase is like so H O T.and an incredible dancer.perfect.Andie is a talent and looks hot too.perfect again,i guess. The movie is great! But not as good as the first one,inspite of more dancing ;]
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Step Up (2006)
It is so awesome!
11 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
this movie is incredible:the dancing that's done is unbelievably well,the story line is like very,very sweet and (though not really realistic)nice. The way Tyler changes is of course what everybody wants and the way he is,is just what every girls wants in a guy.And he can dance so great=] Nora is of course a little princess-like and has a lot of talent,and attends a school,with all the options.And the scenes from when they practice are so funny =] All-in-all,this movie is just's my favorite and i didn't even want to watch the 2nd,because i thought it couldn't even get near the greatness of the first.'Cause this movie,gets 10 out of 10! it's amazing =]
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kinda great but not the best
25 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"John Tucker must die" is a really great movie,not the best of course,but good.The story is funny and easy to relate to in this age,and if everybody liked "Mean Girls" so much,why not this? when there was no real plot line in "Mean Girls" there kinda is a hidden one in this movie - if you really,really look for it ;]. some things are (as in most movies) way too much.some things again are better than in most movies and the cast is of course a big,fat + if you give points. Kate really being in love with Scott and still breaking John's heart (which,with what I think is only thanks to her and not Beth,Heather or Carries work) is a good story, kinda like "10 things I hate about you" (R.I.P Heath Ledgers) only no one was paid for it and Kate doesn't fall in love with him at the end.but she falls in love with "the other Tucker". still,I'd say it's a great movie,better than "mean girls" and just as good as "10 things I hate about you". Even though it might be a typicall Hollywood-story or something, I'd say it's still great and better than other versions of that kind, and as a total,100 % hater of typicall Hollywood-"ooh,I hate you,you hate me"-Ending's-like-"ooh,I love you,you love me"-movies, i have to say - I really love this movie =]
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