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Day of the Dead (2008 Video)
3 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this last night and I couldn't believe what I was watching. Here are some of the major problems I found with it:

1. Zombie infection only affects people randomly. The excuse, the scientist says some people have a natural immunity but once bitten they're infected. We find this out later in the movie.

2. Ving Rhames eating his eyeball made me laugh.

3. A zombie hides under a corpse.

4. A zombie crawls on the ceiling.

5. Mena has no bullets in her gun. When asked why her response is "It's complicated."

6. Nick Cannon can not act.

7. The zombies move weird.

8. Zombies disintegrate when lit on fire.

9. The Mother of Mena and her brother can understand the radio, even though she's a zombie.

10. Zombies use mops and other objects to hit ventilation shaft. Since when can zombies use tools?

11. There is vegetarian zombie that they keep around after.

12. Zombies use machine guns.

13. A zombie climbs a fire escape ladder.

14. Nose bleeds, random nose bleeds, why? See my first point.

I gave this 2 because of the production value and set. Apparently, they could afford costumes, make-up, special effects, CGI, and military vehicles and set locations. But apparently they couldn't get script writing or directing or editing. I hated some of those shaky camera shots.

I liked the locations: Military facility, Hospital, Radio station, etc. Only if Snyder had directed this along with the writers of Dawn of the Dead 2004. (Which rocked), things could have been better. The locations could have worked if they set it back in Milwaukee and had this at the Day of the outbreak or the following day. We could have seen some survivors at Fort Pastor, or the Hospital where Ana worked. They then could have added the radio station and maybe some people trapped in their houses and even some still on the street.

This movie was a disgrace.
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Memento (2000)
One of my favorites-Excellent!!!
2 August 2007
I was totally blown away by this movie. I think this is a total masterpiece. I wish I could have thought of something as ingenious as this. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good mystery, acting, editing, directing, plot. I can and have watched it over and over again. This should have won for best picture the year it came out. Go out and rent it. Go and watch it. Go out and buy it. you will not be disappointed. This movie is about a guy who loses his short term memory and tries to hunt down his wife's rapist and killer. I won't say anything else. It is a masterpiece, thought not perfect it probably should be about a 9.8 on the IMDb but I'll give it a 10 out of 10.
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What was the point of this movie?
26 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What was the plot of this wretched movie? Uwe Boll can not direct traffic, it would only cause an accident. I don't think we needed that stupid introduction. I realized this was going to be bad just by how this was narrated. As someone who majored in Archeaology, I can't believe this crap. Tara Retard, Christian Slater as Carnby or CornedBeef and Stephen dork. I saw BloodRayne, Ouch and could not get thru House of the Dead. Why is this *sshole allowed to make movies? I just do understand it. I have read several comments pertaining to Uwe Boll and he needs to be stopped. I agree. What was the purpose of bringing in the idea of the "sleepers"? What on Earth would they open this doorway to another world? why not keep it locked shut?
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