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Fireproof (2008)
Pure Garbage and Nonsense
14 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all if you're thinking of watching this film I would strongly urge you to reconsider. This movie does not portray marriage in a realistic way for a number of reasons; first of all Kirk Cameron who plays the husband Caleb is portrayed as the bad guy and he alone tries to fix his marriage when in reality marriage is a two way lane and both parties need to work together for a marriage to work. My biggest issue in this film was Kirk Cameron's ass kissing/suck up please forgive me attitude toward his wife, it was irritating and sickening and on top of that it's an insult to men - just what's the director trying to say anyway? In a real marriage the Husband and the wife need to work together to make their marriage work and that's the truth; but it seems that the director wanted to portray the husband as a desperate man with no dignity who tries to restore his marriage on his own and throughout the movie his wife made no effort to save their marriage and on top of that she flirted with her co worker and she never apologized while he was on his knees begging for forgiveness like a first class moron - Does this make any sense? - The desperate/needy porn addicted/naked chic loving and idiot husband and the flirting and innocent/guiltless wife? Any movie director with real common sense would know that in a real marriage both parties make mistakes but in the end they both have to realize their mistakes and try to work together to achieve a common goal and that is to save their marriage. There are deeper reasons and issues why many married couples usually consider a divorce such as infidelity, financial reasons, deep secrets, boredom, sex, lack of excitement and depression just to name a few but unfortunately the story lacked the major elements that could've made the movie more interesting. Not only was the story not deep enough but it just didn't have the essential elements to reach out to its audience more realistically and aside from that the acting was also terrible.

As I watched this movie there is one thing that I know to be true and that is no woman is worth all this attention, time and energy; if the chic wants a divorce just give to her and move on. The world is big and it's full of beautiful and gorgeous and open minded women all around us and there's always hope of finding a million more women just as beautiful and intelligent and capable of being an even better spouse than the last loser - and that is something to always remember.

On a final note, regarding the whole religious Christian message it really did not belong in the story and I have no idea why it was added and it's very offensive to non Christians such as myself; You really don't need to be a Christian to have a successful marriage; it almost felt like the movie was advertising religion as a form of recruitment. There are many good movies which talk about love and marriage on a deeper level; movies such as the Notebook (2004) and Love Actually(2003)-starring Liam Neeson and HughGrant which I highly recommend but you'd be smart to stay away from this piece of garbage.
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Knight Rider: Knight Rider (2008)
Season 1, Episode 0
Not Worthy of the name Knight Rider
15 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As a long time fan of Knight Rider I for one must say that this show is an absolute Joke. It lacks a great deal of character development and on top of that it has no real quality compared to the original Knight Rider. First of all the main lead character played by Justin Bruening lacks the manly aggressiveness and charm that his predecessor David Hassellhoff had. As for the new KITT, aside from transforming into different vehicles the new KITT (a Ford Mustang) lacks any real ability compare the original KITT (a Pontiac Trans Am) featured more action and more gadgets from lasers to grappling hooks to the ever famous turbo boost which would allow KITT to jump over just about anything. David Hassellhoff's version of Michael Knight was a lady's man because he always took charge, never took crap from them and was very charming and just about in every episode got with a different girl but Justin Buening's version is portrayed more as a soap opera pretty boy who lacks real manliness when it comes to handling women. Aside from that the original Michael Knight and KITT were more self reliant than dependent when solving a case as it only took one man and one car to get the job done but this show proves to be the opposite which destroys the original concept and theme of Knight Rider which is "One Man can make a difference" The relationship between the characters is extremely sickening, especially between Justin Buening and Deanna Russo, reminds you more of a low budget soap opera. This show is nothing more than garbage and the only advice I can give is don't waste your time on this piece of crap.
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G.I. Joe (1990–1992)
YO JOE !!! The best GI Joe Cartoon Ever Made !!!
30 July 2008
The new GI Joe series aired in the fall of 1990 and it lasted 2 seasons with a total of 35 episodes. It was actually the continuation to GI Joe: Operation Dragon Fire which was a five part mini series and is a follow up to GI Joe the Movie. Although some of the old characters did return, a large majority of the original GI Joes were completely dropped and did not return in the new series as Hasbro and the show's producers wanted the show to mainly and primarily focus on new characters. Captain Grid Iron became the new GI Joe leader with General Hawk and Sgt Slaughter as field commanders. This new GI Joe Series would introduce an abundance of new characters and many new GI Joes were introduced such as Bulletproof, Sky Dive, Drop Zone, Airwave, Rampart, Ambush, Stretcher, Big Bear, Heavy Duty, Scoop, Sub Zero, Clean Sweep, Bullhorn, Ozone, Major Altitude and Pathfinder just to name a few. But the show would also reintroduce many returning GI Joes such as General Hawk, Duke, Flint, Lady Jaye, Rock N Roll, Low Light, Roadblock, Mercer, Sgt Mutt and his sidekick dog Junkyard, Grunt, Sci-Fi, Dusty, Wet Suit, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Lt. Falcon and the all time favorite Sgt Slaughter. With Captain Grid Iron as their new leader the Joes continued to battle against Cobra. Flint became the leader of the new GI Joe Echo Warriors, while Duke remained absent for the entire first season and only made short guest and cameo appearances in only about 8 episodes during the second season--again this was due to the fact that Hasbro wanted to focus primarily on new characters. After Serpentor's defeat and mutation Cobra Commander would retake command of the Cobra organization. Among Cobra's returning characters were Destro, Major Bludd, The Baronness and Zaranna while the rest of the original Cobra characters were completely dropped in this new series. Cobra also introduced new characters such as Metalhead, Cesspool, a new dreadknock called Gnagahyde, Overkill and a new Cobra ninja master was introduced called Night Creeper Leader, who was actually Snake Eyes' second ninja nemesis after Storm Shadow. Night Creeper Leader was the leader of the Night Creeper cobra ninjas as Storm Shadow was now a GI Joe. The show had limited character development due to the fact that there were so many new characters in order to sell toys for Hasbro. Due to budgetary reasons and Hasbro's financial issues the show was produced by DIC Entertainment which was a much smaller production company compared to Sunbow which produced the original. This show's story lines were very much the same to the original as far as GI Joe's endless battle against Cobra but I think that the battle scenes were better and the military battle vehicles were more up to date. In my opinion this was probably the best GI Joe cartoon every made, the animation was great, the battle scenes were excellent and the show had a lot of humor and it even introduced a brand new GI Joe theme song titled "Got To Get Tough, Yo Joe !!" and the most important thing to remember is that this series stayed true to GI Joe's traditional military and patriotic roots just as the original did and although the story lines were very similar to the original and repetitive the show still managed to be very enjoyable. It's just disappointing that it never had a lasting memory among die hard GI Joe fans such as myself as a classic GI Joe Cartoon, however, it was a great addition to the GI Joe saga. I do hope that this show will be released on DVD.
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This Movie is a big joke - Don't waste your time
17 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film on it's opening day, I was curious as to what kind of a deep love story it was but after the ending I raced out of the movie theater very upset and disappointed. First of all this is not a romantic film period, this movie is a comedic stalker flick with no real story. There was no real bond to develop between the characters that made them have any feelings for each other. A young and delusional Florentino sees a pretty face and a nice body and thinks that he's in love when he's really in lust. She rejects him shortly after and whether than just moving on he decides to waste 50 years of his life while Femina has moved on with her life and married.

The characters of Florentino and Femina barely knew each other and throughout most of the film he spends his time writing poetry and having sex with other women. This film is degrading and unrealistic in different ways, Florentino's character was empty and completely delusional about the concept of love. The truth is that in any good love story you see two people begin to grow a friendship and that friendship grows into intimacy and the intimacy grows into love, it is a mutual feeling between two people that turns into a strong bond, and the characters continue to grow and love each other throughout the film and their love is so strong that they begin to overcome many obstacles but none of the elements that I just mentioned were in the film. In the beginning they start exchanging love notes but Femina later realizes that it was just a phase. Florentino's character could've moved on and married a good woman, there's plenty of fish in the sea and there will never be a shortage of women. The two characters did not love each other, Femina did not love Florentino, she rejected him to pursue a life of stability and security and married a doctor and started a family and although they were at a rough start she began to love the doctor while Florentino wastes 50 years of his life in a delusional dream world of senseless poetry and sexual encounters all at the expense of a married woman who did not love him - and this is what you call a love story ?

The fact of the matter is that there is no time table on love, it's not about waiting for 50 years, 5 years or even 100 years. Love has no time table, loves comes from the heart and it is a mutual bond between two people. In all honesty if you really want to see good love stories I highly recommend the Notebook (starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams) and the Holiday (With Jude Law and Cameron Diaz) but this is a terrible and degrading film and sends out the wrong message to the audience and if you're thinking about seeing this film I strongly urge and advise you to reconsider.
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Terrible Film -- A Man needs to be a man and not a "pussywhip"
9 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The only message I think this film really project is that the woman dominates the relationship and not the man. Chris Rock's role was portrayed as this wishy washy nice guy who gets constantly ordered and bullied around by his wife (shown in several scenes) while being taken advantage of by another woman. The whole movie was not about him lacking sex but the fact of the matter is that he was not a real man. A real man is suppose to take charge and authority and suppose to be the dominant part of the relationship and not take crap or let his wife bully him around but she should respect his authority but nowadays if a man shows himself too much of a pussy and not aggressive he is easily taken advantage of as you see in this film. Had he been aggressive and dominant as a real man should be the whole sex thing would not have been an issue. Chris Rock's character was weak and pitiful, A man needs to be a man and he needs to exercise his dominance and authority especially in a marriage. It's just sad that a lot of men are "Pussywhip".
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The Batman (2004–2008)
A Piece of Carp -- Don't waste your time.
7 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When this cartoon first aired I was under the impression that it would be at least half way descent, boy was I wrong. I must admit watching this cartoon is almost as painful as watching Batman and Robin with George Clooney all those years ago. I watched a few episodes and two of them had Batman literally get his ass kicked left and right by the Penguin who fought like Jet Li and beat the crap out of Batman and I watched another episode where Batman got his butt kicked again by the Joker, who apparently was using Jackie Chan moves while flipping in the air like a ninja. Since when were the Joker or the Penguin ever a match for Batman ? and worse yet when were Joker and Penguin Kung Fu counterparts of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It's truly embarrassing, depressing and sad the way the image of Batman is portrayed in this show. The animation is awful and the dialog is terrible. Being a Batman fan since my boyhood I can honestly and strongly advise you to stay away and avoid this show at all cost, because it doesn't project the true image of Batman. This cartoon is more like a wannabe Kung Fu Flick and if you really wanna see a classic Batman cartoon I strongly recommend Batman the Animated Series, but this cartoon is nothing more than a piece of S---T! Get Batman: The Animates Series and don't waste your time with this cartoon.
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